Damaged Beyond Repair

Chapter 17

"So Alana, what do you do for a living?" Dwight asked me, sipping onto the red wine.

"I'm still doing college and..." I cleared my throat; I had to be a calculating bitch if I was going to answer to his questions.

"Does that college happen to be Carmel?"

So much for being a calculating bitch, I just walked right into his trap.

"Uh—yeah." I tried to keep my voice steady.

The contours of Dwight's mouth twitched upward in an amused smile, his next remark was directed towards Rowan, "Whatever happened to teaching economics that you began teaching other subjects..." He snorted to add more spice to his evilness, "How do you manage without getting caught?"

"I resigned." Rowan declared as he forked the spaghetti, all heads turned in his direction.

"You, what?"

"I don't make it a habit of saying things twice." Rowan muttered under his breath, shaking some pepper into his food.

I knew I had to jump into this situation because from what I could notice this was a News Flash to everybody, "It's entirely my fault if Rowan resigned, I would have been expelled out of Carmel if he hadn't taken the step."

Dwight shook his head, "You see, Alana, Rowan could've tackled the problem without losing his standing. He is just lazy enough to try." he smiled coyly, "Resigning is just a fast way out, let me give you a tiny example of how Rowan can screw things up in hopes of making it better."

Rowan's hands balled into fists, and he clenched the fork with too much force almost murdering the poor salad, he was trying so hard to keep his anger at bay. I let my hand slid underneath the table, found his warm hand and squeezed it. He squeezed it back.

"Rowan and I used to work together in our father's company about six years ago, more like learning how stuff worked around and Dad told us about a target we needed to complete within a couple of days." A pause later he said, "And Rowan was an amateur back then, so instead of asking Drew or me for help, he took matters into his own hands and managed to lose around thirty percent of the company profits along with a few clients, all in a day."

"DON'T FUCKING BRING THAT SHIT UP NOW!" Rowan pounded his fist on the table, I flinched at once.

Dwight continued to chomp on his food, ignoring the dragon's lair being blown at him, like they were having the most normal conversation. "ummm, Mom, what's up with these shrimps?"

Can this guy get any weirder?

Rowan's breathing was an erratic rise and fall. He was cracking up again.

"Why don't you just chillax, Rowan. I was giving Alana an example."


"Rowan, sweetheart." Mrs. Masters said softly, I had to strain my ear to hear her speak, "Calm down."

"YOU TELL YOUR SON TO ACT CIVIL AND STOP FUCKING WITH MY HEAD." Tears started to well up as Rowan spoke.

"Language, Rowan." Gary Masters spoke in his authoritative voice.

"How long has it been since you've been off your meds?" Dwight went on.

That was the trigger.

The plate went down with a shattering crash; the half filled flute went next, along with the spoon and the fork. I stood up at once, and took two steps back. Kyo on the other hand, switched to the next vacant seat available.

"You Bastard, stay out of my business," Rowan spat the words at Dwight as he grabbed the antique vase off the table and heaved it down on the floor with a crashing thud. Gary Masters stared into space, the fork in his hand floating in midair, devoid of any emotions while Mrs. Masters had her mouth covered with a hand as she watched her own sons spit at each other.

"Did you know how much that cost?" Dwight spoke in a high pitched menacing voice, "This isn't your house to trash around, fuckin psychopath."

Rowan let out an irritated growl, grabbed the nearest plate he could find and aimed it at Dwight, throwing it with a inhumane force that missed him by inches and landed below with a loud crash, backed away and bolted out the dining area crunching the glass pieces below as he headed upstairs trashing anything and everything that fell in his way.

To say I was angry, would be an understatement. I wanted to rip Dwight's throat out.

"You see that?" The question was directed straight at me, "Is that the man you fell in love with? He acts worse than Norman Bates."

"Who I choose to fall in love with is none of your business. What's your problem anyway?"

"I just wanted to check if he was still on his meds. Turns out I was right." Dwight said, taking a bite of his food. 'Hmm, Mom this is too good."

"You went too far this time, son." Gary Masters left his seat and walked out of the dining room followed by Mrs. Masters who passed me an apologetic smile, grabbing a fistful of tissues before she left us.

Some Great Dinner Party.

I couldn't leave Rowan on his own, not when he was having one of his latest episodes. I climbed to my feet, ready to go upstairs, "where are you going?"

I had almost forgotten Claire was even present in the room, "Upstairs."

"It's not a good idea, Alana." She warned me as she got to her feet, "Just leave him alone for a while."

"I have to be with him."

"Claire-chan." Kyo spoke, when was the last time I heard him speak? "What about dessert?"

Claire passed him an 'are-you-fucking-crazy look', "My brothers were close to ripping their throats just a minute ago, the one who ran upstairs is probably going head-banger on the wall and you ask for dessert?" she turned to me, "sometimes I feel like I'm living the Loony toons show."

"Come on, Alana." Claire began leading me out of the dining area, "let me show you Rowan's room."

"Claire you're leaving too?" Dwight asked to which Claire showed him the middle finger shutting him up for good.

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