Damaged Beyond Repair

Chapter 46


It was a little after 11:30 am when my phone on the dresser buzzed. I wondered if it was Nina trying to get me to chat with her in the middle of the night. I grabbed the device reluctantly and swiped the screen only to find a text from that one person who hadn't texted me for the past two years.

   Rowan: Hey! Are you awake?

I stared at the text for a good few seconds, and I decided to respond.

Alana: Hi! Yes, I'm awake.

The reply came within a second. He was online.

Rowan: What are you doing?

Alana: Lying down in bed. You?

Rowan is typing....

Rowan: Thinking about you.

When I read his response, my insides began doing a quick somersault. Stupid heart!

Alana: What were you thinking about me?

Rowan: I'd like to keep my thoughts private 😉

My heart soar. Damn him for making me desperate for that answer.

Alana: Don't be such a spoilt sport and tell me.

Rowan is typing....

Alana: Tell me! 😭

A few seconds passed and it was still 'Rowan is typing' I almost pulled my hair in frustration.

Rowan: I'm lying in my bed in the dark; naked and doing things to myself, thinking about you.

I imagined him without his clothes in bed and I had these weird tingling feeling down below. I giggled under the covers and decided to tease him as I typed.

Alana: What things? I need details😒

Rowan: Things that men do while they are alone under covers. I thought you were smart enough to figure it out.

Alana: Elaborate Plz.

Rowan: I'm touching myself thinking that it's your hands that are touching me.

I had an urge to do that myself, but I was such a coward to admit it. I didn't want to touch myself, I wanted him here, with me, with his masculine hands all over me.

Alana: Hmm, sort of like a Thai massage parlor? 😂

Rowan: Haha. I forgot to laugh. I know that you know what I'm talking about, Alana. You are not so innocent.

Alana: You're trying to do sexting with me, and that's what boyfriends do. You're not even my boyfriend.

I didn't get a response for a good minute and I thought Rowan was offended.

Rowan: Would you rather it be someone else?

Before I could find a better retort, he was typing again.

Rowan: Someone like Troy?

My jaw remained slack open. So, he knew about Troy and me fake dating, yet here he was taunting me with it? Rage took over all of a sudden, any sort of horniness that was building inside me had died down.

I tried to type something, but he beat me to it.

Rowan is typing...

Rowan: What, did I accidentally spill the truth or did you forget the functions of a keyboard on your smart phone?

Now, my nose was flaring like a bull. He wasn't horny or naked under those covers, he was probably faking it so I could spill it. I knew Rowan Masters long enough to understand the shit he could pull to only get things out of my mouth. Always the indirect route.

Alana: Are you sure your therapist prescribed you the right pills? Because you sound like a fucking psycho.  

If the therapists hadn't diagnosed him loony, I'd think he was fucking intelligent and just as manipulative.

Rowan: Watch your damn mouth!

Alana: News flash. I'm talking with my fingers on a keyboard.

Incoming call: Rowan Masters.

I debated and pressed the reject. I didn't want to talk to him.

The phone rang the second time and I pressed the reject again. When it rang the third time, I decided to answer it.

"What's your problem?" I yelled in the phone.

  "So it's true, isn't it?" Rowan asked in the most icy cold voice.

  "What are you talking about?"

   "You slept with Troy." Rowan's tone hiked up.

   I gave out an incredulous laugh, "Is that what Troy told you?"

   "He said you guys hooked up, and I'm not stupid. Tell me, Alana, out of all the men in Carmel, it's just Troy you found to sleep with?"


I was fueled with more rage. "Yes. I slept with him knowing he was your cousin because I wanted my revenge and I got it. And guess what, it was the best fucking sex I could have asked for. Good night!"

I said and hung up. I bet he was going to have a lot of bad nights following today. Rowan had a problem with confrontation. I hadn't done anything other than exchange a kiss with Troy, thinking that it was Rowan all along because my drunk brain had a hard time to register his face.

And what else had I expected from Rowan after two years? For him to suddenly morph into a nice guy and pamper me with sweet sugary words?

Of course not. That wouldn't happen in a million years.

   I was so furious, I wanted to drive to his place and smack the shit out of both of them

   I dialed Troy's number, and as usual he answered on the first ring. "Yo, babe, miss me already?" 

   "What did you tell Rowan about me?" I blasted at him like a woofer in a teenage boys Mustang.

    Troy was silent for a moment.

   "Why would I tell my brother anything about you? Wait, you know him?"

   "Quit pretending, Troy! I know that you knew the fact that I was Rowan's ex-girlfriend." Breathe Alana, breathe. "Tell me what you told him!"

    "I told him the truth, that we are dating and we hooked up when we met at the bar."

    I sighed and rubbed my temples. I'd started to wonder if I was a drama magnet.

    "But, that's a lie!"

   "He doesn't know about it." Troy said. "You're my friend, and I can't lose you. I can't let Rowan just breeze in and steal you away from me."

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash)

Edited: 17.08.2020

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