Damaged Beyond Repair

Chapter 47


      "Alana, do you realize this is not your engagement party? It's a kid's birthday party." Nina reminded me as she threw my clothes from the wardrobe, and picked a black short dress. "Can I wear this?"

   "Go ahead." I said. "And, I know it's a birthday party, but do you realize that a lot of posh people are going to be there at that party bringing along their posh kids because it's Gary Masters' granddaughter's party. They won't be there dressed like they are going for grocery shopping."

Nina gave me that sarcastic look. "You are already starting to look like Minnie's step-mother."

  "Who said I was going to marry Rowan?" I gave her the 'are you crazy look?'

   "It's written all over your face babe." Nina teased me, applying a thick coat of my lipstick. "You get wet when Rowan even looks at you."

    "What, were you checking my panties?"

    "With that dress, I can just say that you're asking for Rowan's attention. And I feel pity for him. He won't get this booty tonight even if he tried right?"

    I applied some lip gloss. "Nope. Not a chance."

   "I feel so sorry for him." She said.

   "He left me horny for two years, remember? It's revenge time."

      I glanced into the full length mirror to check my appearance. I did look kinda hot in the long elegant red evening gown that was mermaid off shoulder and a major part of my back was bare. I chose a nice tall pair of killer heels which made me taller than my five feet three. My dark hair fell around my back in lovely curls. I'd spent an hour to get them done.

   "He sent you a enormous bouquet of roses and a beautiful apology card. Isn't he such a gentleman?" Nina batted her eyes at me.

   "Whose side are you really on?" I glared at her.

   "Chez is supposed to be here in ten minutes. Where the hell is he?"  Nina quickly changed the subject.

    There was a knock at the door. "That must be him."


        We rode in Chez's mustang, the speakers blasting in full volume. My ears were bleeding. I tried to calm my nerves thinking about seeing Rowan again, but my heart always betrayed my mind. Suddenly Selena Gomez started singing on the radio 'The heart wants what it wants'.

   "Can you change the fucking station?" I asked Chez.

    He frowned at me. "What's gotten into you?"

    The car maneuvered slowly on street that was now infested with cars. Chez told us to join the party while he parked the car across the street. If there were drinks, I knew these two were going to drink like there was no tomorrow and every liquor company was going out of production which meant, I would be the designated driver.

    Nina and I stepped into the lawn that was now decorated completely with multicolored balloons, lights decorating the trees and the entrance of the house. The doors were wide open. A few eyes turned in our direction, a few married men gave me a once over.

    There were individual pink tables and chairs where a lot of parents were lounging in. Almost all the tables were taken, children running and goofing around. I noticed a large screen in a corner, a lot of girls were watching a movie. Elsa singing let it go...let it go.

  Everything looked so perfect. Rowan had made sure of it.

   Two people dressed in Elsa and Dora were parading around, some kids stalking them like they were Paris Hilton and Gigi Hadid. I spotted Minnie dressed in a pink freely princess like dress accepting presents from someone. A small glimmering crown holding her curls. She looked like a princess. A teenage geeky looking guy was talking on the mike in the center stage.

    Dwight and Gary were nowhere in view. Rachel seemed busy with making conversations with the guests.

   Claire spotted us from across the lawn and she jogged towards us. "Hey!"

    She wrapped me in a hug. "How are you doing? It's been so long."

    "I'm fine. It's so good to see you." I said giving her my signature sweet smile. "I'll introduce you to my friends."

      After some small talk, Claire said. "Can I talk to you in private for a moment?"

      This is the part where I ran for the hills. Instead, I said. "Of course."

     She led me away from my friends. "None of Rowan's bullshit is supposed to come between us. Dwight is especially upset with the way you've been acting."

    I remained silent. I'd deliberately avoided the pair of siblings because I knew they liked to talk about their brother and they had made it their mission in life to put us together. 

     Claire took my hand in hers. "He still loves you."

    "Claire, I don't want to talk about Rowan."

     Uncertainty gleamed in her dark eyes. She glanced around and then said. "Do you like Troy?"

    "Of course not!" I snapped. "He is just a friend."

   She patted my back. "Talk it out with Rowan, because he's been upset and you know what happens when he is upset, right?"

   Something told me that Claire was giving me a fair warning that making Rowan mad could complicate things more. She was his sister, so obviously she was Team Rowan, what she didn't understand was how badly my heart he had wounded.

    Nina and I stood by the buffet tables awkwardly, the waiters eyeing us as if to say 'We are not serving dinner yet.'

   A waiter walked towards us holding tall flutes of shimmering golden liquid. The glim in Nina's eyes did not go unnoticed. "Is this champagne?"

    "It's apple fizz."

    I smiled to myself thinking I didn't need to drive these drunkards tonight.

    Nina's smile faded, yet she accepted the glass and took a sip. I picked up a glass along with a cheese ball. I saw Minnie making her way towards us, her smile radiated the sheer glee, especially when she saw the presents we had placed on an empty chair.

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