Damaged Beyond Repair

Bonus Chapter II

Note*- This is a prequel, the incidences in this chapter takes place before the actual novel. It is entirely written in third person. 


"Rowan, stop it!" Lauren shrieked as she watched Rowan punch the wall.

He wasn't going to stop. The fury in Lauren's eyes didn't stop him from reaching the nearest flower vase and pushing it down on the floor with a crashing thud. Rowan had almost damaged each and everything that was breakable.

"I SAID STOP IT!" Lauren shrieked as Rowan cowered down and sobbed which only fueled her anger. "I swear to you, Rowan, if you don't cut this shit. I'm going to call on the rehabilitation and lock you in and make sure you stay there for a long fucking time. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Rowan sobbed loudly, pulling the bottle of alcohol close to him and crying like a little boy wanting to be in his mommy's arms. Maybe he needed just that, but his mom was too busy attending her charity shows with his father to pay attention to her grown up mentally ill, alcoholic son. He loved his girlfriend, he loved her so much and thought that maybe she was his future. He'd been dead wrong.

"Please don't leave me, Lauren." Rowan pleaded, the tears wouldn't stop. "I love you, baby."

"You don't love me, this is just your sick obsession." The disgusted look on her face broke his heart.

Darkness. He saw people laughing at him; everyone hated him including his family, his girlfriend too. Rowan pulled the bottle of Chivas closer. He felt like a four year old rather than twenty-three. The only woman he ever loved said she hated him, the tears began spilling again.

"Would you stop crying already?" Lauren asked.

"Lauren, please baby. Don't do this to us." Rowan pleaded. His eyes were bloodshot, hair in an array. If he was in a better state of mind, he would've looked better. That was a given. Rowan had always been a bright student, but somehow his mental health never agreed with that particular fact. His inner demons caused most of the problems in his life. He wished he knew how to stop it, but he couldn't.

"I tried to love you, but you..." Lauren couldn't find the right word, she pointed an accusing finger at him, "You've become a monster. I thought you'd pull you're act together after you spent six months in that godforsaken mental asylum, I thought you'd find a good job, instead you're repeating it again. I don't have the patience for your nonsense. I need to live my life, not sit here and look after your drunk ass."

"You cheated on me..." Rowan whispered, "Why did you have to cheat?"

"It was your goddamn mistake." Lauren spat. She was going to throw the It's you not me line again. "I tried to handle you for four years in hopes that you'd be fine again, I thought you'd stop drinking eventually and get a hang of your life. Take over your father's company the way you told me you would. The CEO position was going to be yours, instead your father is training your brothers for that one. I asked that old man why and you know what he tells me, that you're too sick to take over."

Rowan shook his head frantically. "No. No. Dad would never say that. I'm not sick."

"BULLSHIT!" Lauren said, "Your father is right, you are never going to be right in the head, and you're going to take down every other person that comes near you. Your family thinks I'm your nanny or something. I'm not going to stay with you and throw away my life. If I stay here for another second, I might end up like you. In a mental institute."

By the time Lauren was done making sure Rowan had drowned in self hate, the walls had already started to cave in on him. He knew he was good for nothing, and everyone was right. He was bat-shit crazy. His body shook violently.

"Stay." He whispered. Pity was written all over his face. He hated how pathetic he sounded, but his heart always took over his mind. Lauren had cheated on him and yet, he was trying to forgive her because he was convinced that it was his fault. "Please stay. I love you. I'll be fine again, I promise."

"I can't." Lauren said firmly. "I've had enough."

"Are you breaking up with me?" Rowan asked. The thought made the hollow in his chest larger.

Lauren sighed, "Yes."

"NOOOOOO.." Rowan climbed to his feet, ready to stop her from bolting out of the door. She couldn't leave him. If Lauren left, Rowan would be left with nothing. She was his only ticket to a family of his own. She could never leave him, she said she loved him.

Lauren took a few steps back. "Stay right there or I swear I'll tie you up and sedate you."

Rowan's breathing was erratic. He hated to sound like a whinny guy, wanting his girlfriend's pity but she had turned the wrong wheels in him. "Please."

She grasped her designer purse tighter, one that was gifted by Rowan and started to make her way towards the door when he stumbled but made sure he blocked her way. He looked straight at her, "You can't go. I need you."

There was nothing that was between them that she could use, Lauren used all her strength and pushed him onto the couch. She retrieved her phone and dialed his older brother.

"Drew. Your brother is having one of his latest episodes. I can't stay here for another minute; I'm just doing my job and letting you know." She hung up the phone and turned her glare towards Rowan, "Be a good boy until your brother comes."

Rowan was a blur of tears, he coughed as he spoke. "I love you. Please, don't leave me baby."

"I don't." Lauren insisted, her silhouettes made the annoying sound as she bolted out of the door, locking the apartment door with the spare key. The last words she heard were 'I love you, Lauren.'


Andrew knew what he could find behind the closed door. He'd told Lauren to stay until he turned up but that bitch turned out to be the worst skank he'd ever come across. If Lauren could, she would kill Rowan without batting an eye. The only person who'd ever looked out for his baby brother was Drew because he understood Rowan on a different level. He knew the type of demons Rowan battled with and Lauren had only made situations worse. Last time, there was a major episode and Rowan had tried to kill himself.

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