Dancing With My Heart



By J. Lynne Moore


Do not stand long

Beside me…

For I am not the answer,

But...the key.


Do not yearn for me,

For I am not the grey.

I am the shadow... 

          of your breath,

As it takes mine away.


Do not pillage my thoughts,

As I pour them out…

Upon the ground, before 


But cup your hands,

          drink them,

          Swallow them.


Tell me how they taste?


Do not lend me your heart,

For I have my own.

But bleed for me when,

My soul cries out... 

          In the darkness.


Do not capture the stars for me,

For my feet rest upon

          The ground.

But lay your body

Beside mine until,

The earth mingles our



And once eternity calls,


Do not hesitate,

For I will be there.

Not as a fragment,

But as the completion.


Edited: 29.08.2019

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