Dangerous Love

Danger 15

Mythion annoyingly gave me his helmet as I stared at him grinning. Who would ever know that a four-eyed girl like me can make him take his words back and forth

"Will you stop grinning like a freak and ride the bike with me?"

"I thought you were going to company your girl? What happened? Change of plans?"

"Just shut up okay?" He sneered making me ride the bike with him.

"Hold on tight if you want to live missy."

Rolling my eyes I snaked my arms around his waist earning an uncomfortable feeling as he started the engine driving fast making me hold to him tight.

What the heck!

I wanted to scream at him or even take off his head. I know he was doing it intentionally.

"Mythion slow down my glasses!" I screamed at him but he was only smiling.

I had no other choice but to hold him tight till we stopped at the park where we were both kidnapped. He helped me get down and when I had the chance I smack down his stomach.

"What's that for?!"

"That is for being an asshole!"

"What did I do this time?" He innocently asked.

"You were riding the bike so fast you moron! Did you ever think of risking the only heir of David Ton?!"

Smirking at me he folded his arms.

"Well, I kind of enjoyed your hands on my waist..talk about turn on babe."

My eyes went wide at his statement. I couldn't believe myself I came this far with this guy.

I glare at him and pointed a finger.

"You Perv! I'm going to call Clark! You're unbelievable!"

Taking a grab of my hand he pulled me closer looking in my eyes. He was smiling like an idiot and all I do was to return a glare without giving up.

He brought his hands to my cheeks and after that, he pinched me so hard.

"I really like you so pissed off Rosaline." He says which I irritatedly tried pulling off his hands out of my face.

This is torture!

"Come on you have to treat me, babe..remember you're hurting my ego." He said after he finishes pinching my cheeks.

"You really think I am going to treat you huh?"

He smiled and nodded.

"Yes, babe absolutely sure."

"Will you stop calling me babe?"

"No, I can't babe."

"You--" I was going to hit him again when he backed away from me.

"Fine fine Rosaline!"

I asked Mythion where should we go when he said he wanted ice cream. For me, he seemed to have an image of a bad boy but in the inside, he was more like a kid. Like Jake, it was a new side for me to deal with since I knew Mythion as a very mature person. He was smart and well..thoughtful? Yes, he is thoughtful towards his friends and well sometimes he could be a jerk. But he'll pass in my list.. maybe.

We both seated on a bench having ice cream. As I watch the kids play he asked me a question.

"When did you learn hacking personal kinds of stuff Rosaline?"

"When my dad left us completely for his business. I got curious so I thought of a job that I can make useful regarding getting to my dad and yeah apparently it didn't turn out well."

"Are you plotting revenge against him before?"

I nodded my head.

"Yeah, but it didn't work since my conscience was too innocent."

"Did you know among the group Jake was the real hacker? I used to think of him as a wizard but seeing you in your dad's lab taking his information..my thoughts changed."

"What can I say? I'm all weird and genius." I smiled at him playfully as he did so.

"Wanna play skateboard? I never played since I got busy with you'" He said finishing his ice cream.

"Nah I don't do skateboards..maybe I'll be standing there watching you impress those girls."

"Are you sure? Are you going to be impressed too?"

Seriously? This guy is really flattering his self.

"That depends."

Taking my hand he quickly drags me to a group of boys playing skateboards. He chose to place with a bunch of girls watching which I assumed are now checking him out.

"Stay here okay? I don't want to see you flirt with those guys." He says pointing out the other guys playing skateboards.

"Seriously? Me flirting eh? The last time--"

He put his finger between my lip shutting me off.

"Sssh just watch me okay?" Then he started showing off with the other guys.

Not bad. I thought to myself.

Mythion was enjoying the play and in fact, he was the one gaining more attention with girls. I couldn't blame them..well Mythion is handsome..a bab boy look is a plus..he got skills which is all in all he has an image of a popular guy. No wonder girls would die hard going after him.

He was busy showing some tricks with the other when I got a message from Clark telling me that I need to get back because of some plans. Watching at Mythion his smile were so beautiful. I admit he was so happy playing with the others. He is such a friendly guy.

After his show, off with the skateboard guys, Mythion and I decided to go back. He was having this smile on his face that I seem to notice much.

"Tell me this wasn't about the skateboard game right?" I asked as he slowly snapped at me.

"What do you mean?"

"You're smiling like an idiot which freaks me out honestly."

"Does my smiling look charming?"

Rolling my eyes I smacked his shoulders.


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