Dark Descendants Book 1: City of Domes

CHAPTER 3:The Raven Legion


I WOKE up on a bed. My head still slightly hurts but now more bearable. I looked for Alexiese and found him sleeping beside my bed, head resting just beside my arm. I studied his figure and found some dirt still on his face, his clothes still dirty and his hair was messy. I remembered what happened earlier before I went to a blackout, werewolves attacked a nearby market here in dome 12. I patted Alexiese’s shoulder to wake him up and ask him about what I heard through my mind before the attack.

            “You’re awake, thanks god.” He said upon opening his eyes and saw me awake. I sitted on my bed. “I was worried about you. What happened with you Solem? Why did your head eventually hurt?”

            “I don’t know Alexiese. It just came and I heard whispers through my head. It says about a sort of ‘judgment is coming’ and that I was chosen.” He too was bewildered on what I said.

            “Chosen for what? And judgment? That’s no joke Solem. We should tell this to Commander Brick or someone in the Legion.” He was slowly panicking.

            “No, were still not sure about this Alexiese. We can’t just come back to the base shouting that ‘Hey everyone! Solem got a prediction that the judgment is coming!’ just like that. Maybe I was just imagining though. I even saw you with bloodshot eyes.” I told him, his eyes became wide with shock. “See? I think I was having a sort of hallucinations. And I think I should consult to a healer about this tomorrow.”

            “Did you really saw me with red eyes, Solem?” he asked while looking at me straight in the eyes.

            “I’m just hallucinating Alexiese. Not if you’re a vampire.” I mock on him. “C’mon tell me, are you a vampire?” I tested him. Ofcourse I know he’s not.

            “Of-cour-se n-ot!” he stuttered. “That’s ridiculous!” he exclaimed.

            “I know.” I sighed. “Maybe I should seek the old healer. She’s just nearby in alley 17. It was just 10 blocks away from here.” I laid my back to bed again.

            “Maybe that’s because of fatigue or stress. You’re starting to hear and see things.” He’s now annoyed. “You need to rest.”



            I was walking into a land full of dead body; land full of blood scattered everywhere and wrecked homes. I recognized this place. This is Dome 12. I looked above and saw that the dome has a hole. The large fan was now destroyed. Upon continues walking I saw people catch their breaths. I was about to walk and help them when a person walks to them and slashed them the sword he was carrying. He was wearing a red hood cloak that covers his entire body but I know he’s a man with his build. His sword is a double edge bloodshot sword bearing around 31’’ and has a black elongated handle.

            “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!” I shouted to him. He removes his hood and revealed his face. A handsome man with a scar in his right eye, perfect facial features and a tall built. I stepped aback when his eyes became all black. I felt my goosebumps upon looking into his eyes. His sword vanished from his hand.

            “Oh Solem? Why are you stepping back? Do you know me?” he smiled creepily and walked towards me. “Why don’t you try to kill me?” upon hearing that an idea rushed into my mind. I held my sword in my side and attacked towards him, slashing it swiftly to his body but failed. Before my sword even touched an inch of him he vanished infront of me and appeared in my back. When I faced him his hands held my throat hard and brought me up about a foot from the ground. I held his hands to gasp for air. My sword fell from my hands to the ground.

            “I am the nightmare of everyone living Solem, and even you can’t defeat me. Many more like me will emerge from the ground every one of you are walking on, even angels that will fall from the sky will never defeat us. We will bring havoc, misery and death to your beloved homes. And everyone will beg to our knees. Even you…” he smiled again and let go off my throat. I fell to the ground, and I felt weak again for the second time in my lifetime. I looked around me, dead bodies and people struggling to stay alive. The domes are echoing with cries and shouts of terror. I held my sword again and tried to slash it to that man’s body but again he vanished and appeared again.

            “You’re awfully brave, woman, but not enough to stop what’s coming.” With that he vanished again and did not appear around this time. I walked around again limping, stopped everytime I saw someone crying to their family’s bodies. I reached the royal castle of king Alexandrov. They were no guards at the gate so I entered. I was about to enter the castle when I saw something at the peak of the castle roof.


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