Deadly Relations


"Maybe it was a bad idea to sneak out after all." I nervously stated to no one in particular. Gazing out across the darkened path in front of me my thoughts of my dad's repeated warnings sprang into my head. I knew it was stupid of me to take such a huge risk and sneak out to see the fairies welcoming in the new offspring, but I couldn't help it. I had never seen a fairy up close as they always hide at the sight of humans. Tonight was the one day that they would be out for all to see as they welcomed in the birth of one of their own. It only happens every 100 years so I wanted to go. I did ask my dad if I could attend, even just for a few minutes, but he wouldn't hear of it. Apparently, although the fairies are out for all to see, if even one of them spots a human during their celebration they will kill them. I promised him I would be careful but he put his foot down and sent me to my room. So what else was I supposed to do? This celebration only ever happens once in a lifetime. So... I snuck out. I know it was stupid but honestly they are the same size as my thumb. How dangerous could a tiny little creature such as these really be?

I shivered as a strong gust of wind blew past me sending goosebumps up and down my arms. Wrapping my red cloak tighter around myself I picked up the pace as I headed deeper into the forest. I paused as the soft sound of laughter reached my ears. Crouching low to the ground, I inched my way over to a rose bush overlooking the meadow. Once behind it I carefully peeked out over top of the leaves blocking me from view. I watched in wonder as one by one the fairies flew up into the air forming a circle around a tiny baby no bigger than my pinkie finger. The child was wrapped snuggly in what appeared to be a blanket made of pure gold. The blanket gave off a soft yellow glow as the fairies dancing above it sprinkled pink and gold dust upon the child. Their golden hair sparkled in the light of the moon as they twirled and leaped beneath its magnificent light.

It was so enchanting that I found it hard to look away even for a second. I wanted to stay and watch forever, but I knew my dad wouldn't stay oblivious to my absence for much longer. So making sure to stay low to the ground I slowly began to back away, retreating back to the safety of the forest. I froze in fear at the horrible crunching sound beneath my feet as I stepped on a branch. Curse my clumsyness. The fairies, furious, spun toward me their eyes flaming. I squeaked in fear as I turned tail and ran. I could hear their tiny wings beating in anger behind me as they gave chase.

The branches of the nearby trees scraped against my arms as I ran causing the leaves to turn crimson as drops of blood oozed out of my cuts onto the ground. My side ached with every step I took, my lungs refusing to expand as I quickly neared my limit. I feared that I may not make it to the safety of my home before the fairies caught up to me. As my legs were already shaking from running so hard. Yet I forced myself onward. Pushing myself to keep going as images of my dad's crumpled miserable form came into my mind. I couldn't let him lose another child. Not after losing Scythia last year to the plaque. So forcing my exhausted legs to move I pushed myself to keep going. I laughed in relief, my heart filling with hope, as I saw the opening to the forest just up a head. I was almost there. Pushing myself forward I made a mad dash for the clearing where I knew they couldn't follow. I breathed a sigh of relief as my foot made contact with the grass just outside of the trees. I was certain I was safe now. I just needed to get out of the trees and they wouldn't come after me, but before I could fully escape to safety. I felt something grab ahold of my cloak and yank me back. Falling backwards onto the forest ground, I gazed up at the furious flaming eyes of the fairies that now surrounded me. I gulped in dread listening to the angry indistinguishable ramblings as they inched ever closer. I was certain this was the end. I was going to die. Suddenly…

"Knock, Knock Knock." I groaned internally. Silently wishing harm on the fool who dared interrupt my reading, and at the best part too. Maybe if I just ignore them they will get the hint and scurry away. Snuggling deeper in my nest of blankets I attempted in vain to block out the insistent pounding on my door. Yet it only seemed to get louder the longer I resisted it's call. Sighing angrily I relecuntly placed my book back down on my bed, before heading for the door. Swinging it open, I glared hatefully at the young dark haired knight staring wide eyed back at me. Raising an eyebrow to indicate he should speak I waited for him to open his mouth. When he just continued to stared at my annoyed face I sighed in frustration.

"Speak Roger. What is it you need?" As if coming out of a stupor he rapidly shook himself. Sheepishly lowering his raised hand and answering my question.

"Um yes right. The Queen requests your presence in the dinning hall for dinner princess." I groaned wondering if I could possibly get away with barricading myself in my room again. Roger seeming to hear my silent musings chuckled a small smile playing delicately on his pale pink lips.

"And no you can not barricade yourself in your room again. You don't want her to punish you do you." Biting my bottom lip I stared calculatingly back at my book which still lay discarded on my bed. Wondering if the punishment would be worth it to find out what happens next in my story. Rolling his eyes Roger gently snapped his fingers in front of my face to get my attention.

"Princess, the queen is still waiting. You know how temperamental she tends to get when she is kept waiting."

"Everything makes her temperamental." I mumbled crossing my arms and refusing to meet his gaze. Sighing he gently grabbed my chin. Raising my face up so my baby blues had no choice but to meet his puppy dog brown orbs.

Veronica S. Lawson

Edited: 02.10.2020

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