Deadly Relations

Chapter 6 Sasha

"Are you ok Sasha." Roger worriedly asked brushing a wet strand of hair out of my face. 

"Y...yeah. I'm ok. But what just happened.  Why did that water try to drag me into the w...well." I stammered staring back at the well as I trembled in Roger's arms. 

"If I had to venture a guess. I would say your step mom has delved into the world of dark magic. She probably did something to make the water attack you." He sighed holding me gently against his chest as he calmed my fear. 

"But if that's the case why did it let me go? Why didn't it finish what it set out to do." Roger turned pink at my question. 

"Um well you see. Darkness can't stand where light or love is." He awkwardly replied pulling away from me and nervously scratching the back of his head. I stared at him confused. What did he mean? I was about to ask him when he suddenly turned toward the house and coughing awkwardly began walking toward the front door. 

"W...well we should head back inside. Otherwise my mom will be back to critize us." 

"Roger?" I began only to stop short as i saw Angel storming toward me steam pouring out of her ears. Before I had a chance to ask what was wrong I felt his hand connecting with my face as she slapped me. Bringing my hand up to my stinging cheek I frowned up at angel confusion and anger clear on my face as Roger raced over to stand in between me and his furious mother.

"Mom what is wrong with you? Why did you hit Sasha like that?" He demanded glaring up at his mom.

"I knew you were nothing but trouble. From the moment I saw you I knew." She spat ignoring her sons question.

"Because of you everyone is in danger. The queen has just declared you as a traitor to the kingdom and has issued your exucution. She has declared that everyday that you are allowed to roam free she will kill 50 people in your place." My eyes widened in horror at that. Covering my mouth with my hand i stared up at her shocked. Roger gaped at his mom to surprised and horrified to stop her from racing around him and slapping me once more before turning toward the house.

"I don't know where you are going to run now but from here on out you are on your own." She spat marching furiously inside slamming the door behind her. Roger swallowing the lump in his throat turned toward me dread written across his face.  

"Sasha..." Holding a finger to his lips I stopped him mid sentence as I shook my head sadly at him.

"Roger don't I know what you are going to say. You want me to run. Your going to tell me that the queen wouldn't possibly carry out her threat as she won't have anyone to abuse and threaten if she kills everyone. That my life is more important. But let me just stop you there. I am not going to run and hide well my people sit and die."

"But Sasha..." He began only to stop as I held up a hand for silence.

"Roger I know you are scared, I am too. I know that if I go back I will die but what about my people Roger. They need me. I am their future queen. If I run what will happen to them. I know it may seem foolish to go back but as a princess I have to stand up for my people. It's my job to bring them hope and ignite the flame within them. I love them Roger. They are not just my people they are my family too. I can't just sit back and watch as they all die for me. I would never be able to forgive myself if that happens. After all a queen and king is nothing without their people. I am going back." I firmly stated holding Rogers worried gaze. Frowning in concern Roger siwftly walked over to me and taking my hands in his he gazed down at me tears in his eyes, a pleading expression on his face.

"At least wait until morning. I will go with you and we can find another better way. Maybe we can convice the people to fight back." He begged a tear sliding down his cheek. I didn't respond as I sadly gazed up at him. we both knew the people would never do that. They had tried to kill me on multiple occasions. Not counting the time his sister had been killed. They would rather see me dead than fight for me. Taking my silence as a promise he gave me one last hug before heading toward the house. Stopping in the entrance he gazed back at me pleading once more for me to wait before heading inside. 


Pulling my cloak over my shoulders. I swiftly fastened it around my neck before pulling on my shoes. I could hear the crickets quietly chirping outside my window as the light of the full moon cast it's brilliant beam acorss the meadow. It was around midnight by this point. The perfect time to set my plan into motion. I knew Roger would have found another reason to keep me here if I waited till morning So I knew if I wanted to save my people I would have to sneak out. Carefully opening my bedroom door I peeked out into the silent hallway searching for signs of life. Seeing no one I opened my door more and stepped out nearly stepping on Rogers sleeping form. From the sword in his hand I guessed he had been sitting outside my room all night in the hopes of stopping me from doing this very thing. He knew me so well. croaching down I placed my hand silently on his cheek smiling sadly at his sleepign form. 

"I'm sorry Roger. I wish I had the courage to tell you before how I felt, but I guess this will be the last time I ever see you. I love you." I whispered leaning forward to plant a light kiss on his lips before getting up and turning toward the door. A tear slid down my cheek as I walked away. I just hope my sacrifice tonight will be enough to convince the people that they hold their own destinys in their hand and to fight back. If not though at least they will be alive. Pausing at the edge of the meadow outside their cottage I sadly gazed back at their house one last time.

Veronica S. Lawson

Edited: 02.10.2020

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