Deception and secrets

All about the Santiago's

"You came to my job?"Carlos lectures his little sister Theresa.

"How was I supposed to know you were gonna be here?" Theresa Replied.

"It's my job, I work here", Carlos seemed irritated.

"Lsten! I need to leave, I don't want anyone to see us together"Theresa said with worry in her voice.

"Tell Mama, I'll see her later"Carlos said.

Theresa nods as she walks away from her older Carlos, seems like the Santiago family has more secrets then we thought.


Carlos's phone rings.

"Yeah it's me, did you get it, MR Landi needs that to be taken care immediately"he said.

Carlos seemed like he was giving order on behalf of Boris, how ever the other person's mission was not made clear, but it was obvious that Carlos was good at keeping secrets.

Carlos pulls the car into the Landi drive way, placing his earpeace back into his ear, Carlos looked like his heart was breaking for some reason.


"Yu saw him didn't you?" Paloma asked with a longing in her voice.

"Mama how did you know?" Theresa asked surprisingly.

"Ai, Teresa Chu are my children, you would always go to him for help, I know Chu love your Brother, ai Teresa I am getting old, I want Chu happy", Paloma said.

Theresa leans into her mother's arms on their old but very comfortable couch, even if she was grown, she still needed her mama very much, 

"Do not worry so much, Mama! Little Carlito is my love", Theresa said, softly.


"What do you mean you couldn't finish?" Carlos asked, calm but concerned.

The person on the other side of the phone seemed nervous.

"Ok, ok I'll handle it, This needs to be done" Carlos eagerly said.

Carlos phone rings again, and it's Boris awaiting results.

"Yes Mr Landi?"Carlos asked

Boris on the other side of the phone: "Is it done?"

"Yes MR Landi",Carlos nervously answered, And took a hard swallow and he ended the call with Boris.

Suddenly his phone rings again, and he notices the caller ID, it's Ivan Carlos instantly became guilty, and did not answer.

Carlos in an instant, pulled himself together, and pulled out  his black gloves, he was preparing for the mission Boris had sent him on, Carlos made another important call.

 "Yes, bring it here"Carlos said, you could hear the leather gloves rubbing against his cellphone.

When someone shows up in an old model Honda Accord, after all Carlos wasn't going to use one of Boris's expensive new cars to pull of a job, he was way smarter, Carlos got into the drivers seat, and started driving, he was completely focused.


Carlos was at his location, he left the car, he walked up to the house and he walked right up to the house, he knew they would let them in, so he walked right in Asif he belonged there, when he hears a chipper voice behind him.

 "Carlos?!"Tess, in a very upbeat voice.

"What are you doing here?" Tess asked, walking toward Carlos.

"Just came to pick up something for MR Landi a document"Carlos vaguely said.

"Aaaah here it is", Tess Father Martin showed up.

 "Usually Boris likes me to hand certain things over to him personally" Martin said.

 "Mr Landi is very busy today", Carlos kept it vague.

well he must trust you immensely, then here..he hands over the document over to Carlos.

 "Well I'm off then", Carlos said leaving the house.

"What an odd guy"Martin said.

"Didn't you teach me!?"That they are just the help?"Tess retorted.

Tess says still wearing her tennis outfit, while walking upstairs, leave her Fther's study,.

Martin gets up and decides that he needs to go into the office, and it's starting to get dark out. Martin gets into his car with his driver, in the drivers seat. And Martin in the back, Martin then feels the car stopping when a man with a mask gets into the front seat, and doesn't say anything, he then starts to drive again. The man with the mask starts to pull out a gun, and before Martin could yell for help a bullet hit him right between the eyes. His lifeless body bleeding out on those leather seats.


She brushes her dark wavey hair, puts on red lipstick, puts on her stilletos, Theresa looks over at her son and then kisses him on the forehead, as she leaves the room.


Carlos burned, everything that could lead back to him he watched as Martin Ward's body burnrd he lit up a cigarette and he realised, that in that moment he did not feel a thing, not guilt, not fear, not anything, he just stood as he watched the car and everything in it burn.






The visionary

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