Deception and secrets

A Rising Star

"It was getting late Dimitri had been working from his laptop in his bedroom when, suddenly he's disturbed.

 Hey man, what do I do she's just downstairs"Sacha asked.

"You figure it, out I'm tired of cleaning up your messes" Dimitri becoming annoyed.

"Ok, Bro what do I do then?" Sachac seemed confused.

"Just make her comfortable, in the guest room, you know you're lucky Dad's outta town on business, or that woulda been your ass, infact make sure no one sees her....I one!" Dimitri said in a very adamant voice.


Theresa had just gotten to her apartment, as she removed her shoes and takes off her, what looked like a fur coat. She noticed the apartment still empty exactly how she left it, and then She remembered that Diana must still not be home, Theresa looked over at her sowing machine with a dress half done.This time it was for their landlord, Theresa and Diana made a deal with their landlord long ago that, they get to live there and pay half the rent in exchange, for them making her clothes.

Teresa at this point was barefoot, she started taking a shower. Theresa knew that she had to get to making that dress, or else they would be looking for another place to stay, or pay full price which they can't afford right now.

.......... meanwhile...........

Sacha standing over Diana, with paranoia, waiting for her to wake up.

"mmmm ouch! My head!" Diana said as she was just waking up.

 "Hey it's me I'm right here" Sacha said sitting down on the bed beside Diana.

"What happened?"She said confused.

"You passed out, so you're in our guest room"Sacha said pretending to be concerned.

"What!?"Diana asked shockingly.

Diana didn't wanna make it obvious, but in a way she was delighted.She got further than the living room, she looked up and noticed.There was basically what looked like a breakfast Buffay table,it had strawberries, cream, crissonts, Oranges, plus the juice, eggs. It wasn't like their regular tray with dry muffins and cheap coffee like she has with Theresa every morning, Sacha poured her a cup of coffee and handed it to her, the taste was immediately different.

"You like?"Sacha said watching her expression.

 "Yes!!"She said with enthusiasm, Sacha immediately noticed that.

 "It's Cuban, and Roasted" Sacha wasn't one for expensive things, I mean he was the was the badboy of the family, all he cared about was the next cheap thrill, Ohyes Sacha noticed how she enjoyed this.

"I was thinking, you know since you're car was wrecked, maybe I could get you a new one??"Sacha said with a devilish look in his eye.

Diana's coffee nearly fell out of her hand, 

"Shut up! I,mean"Diana stuttering..."uhm oh"

"So I guess that's a yes?"Sacha smirked.

Sacha said with a slight grin on his face, and to Diana, he just became more attractive in her eyes.


Natalia scrolling through her laptop awaiting, to see what it's gonna look like.She was growing impatient.

"What is taking them so long?" She says to herself.

The door slams behind her.

"You know you have a really ugly habit, of not knocking. But I guess now that your gay, it's doesn't really matter does it?" She said snarkingly, wearing a Mugs red silk night gown, and fur slipper that matched.

 "Hey not so loud, someone might hear you"Ivan whispers.

"Oh! Relax, dads outta town, and well Dimi is probably at the office, along with Dad's Favourite snake"Natalia a.

" I assume, you're talking about Shane?" Ivan asked.

Shane had been Boris friend and business partner for years.

Ivan's cellphone rings and it's Tess, his Fiance.

" Tess, calm down I'm sure he's fine, you're Dad is a hardworking man" Ivan trying to be the voice of reason.

Tess, on the other side of the phone, "No! Ivan I'm worried, Daddy is usually, having breakfast with me at this time" Tess sounding worried.

"I'm coming, Just stay calm" Ivan said.

Ivan hangs up the phone.

"Trouble, with trusfund Barbie?" Natalia asked,rolling her eyes.

"Would it kill you to just be nice to her?"Ivan sounded annoyed.

"Actually, yeah! why you're, Marrying such and airheaded dimwit, is beyond me"Natalia putting her hands on her hips.

"Listen! Martin has gone missing..well sortof.. anyway I have to get to Tess", Ivan said with worry in his voice, he quickly leaves Natalia's Room and the house.


Teresa is sowing the dress of her landlord, when she hears a key turning and it's Diana.

"Well morning sunshine, where have you been?!"Theresa seemed delighted to see Diana.

 "You will never guess"Diana says hands while talking and Waving her hands up and down, with a pair of keys jingling.

 "You didn't!" Theresa said, and her jaw dropped.

"Yes I did, and you should see their living room, it's huge and oh! My ! God I had this like imported coffee. I think he said Mexico or something, I don't know"Diana babbles, Anyway I got a new car!!!!! She nearly screamed Theresa's head off.

The visionary

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