Deception and secrets

All about Natalia

Natalia started hyperventilating, she touched her chest, as she walked into her office, heavily breathing, she started seeing things in her mind, dark things, and then she passed out, Natalia laying beside her desk,


"I have to get back to the office, Ivan said Kissing his beloved Carlos. "Now?" Carlos asked.

Ivan smiled and said, "Yes"He puts on his Jacket on and gets dressed. "Don't you have a, Boris to guard?" Ivan asked. "Yeah, yeah", Carlos reluctantly gets out of the bed and drags himself of the bed.

The two share one last kiss before Ivan leaves the hotel room, first Ivan leaves first and Carlos minutes later.


"Natalia!?"A panicked Laura tries to check on Natalia on the floor when she noticed Natalia is unconscious her assistant quickly runs to the front desk and calls for the paramedics. "It's my Boss" Laura said. "I-i-i just found her like this"  A panicked Laura explains she had forgotten she left Natalia's office door wide open. "What the.." Dimitri says as he walks by, and notices his sister's on the floor out cold.

Dimitri in his very older brother way starts taking charge like he usually does Dimitri and Natalia might have not had gotten along but the heart in him will not leave his sister like that. "Laura!" Dimitri calls Laura comes running in. "Leave the paramedics, I'll take her" He quickly picks up Natalia from the floor.  " Get the the elevator!" Dimitri instructed.

He has Natalia in his arms and takes her all the way to the hospital Dimitri just reacted and wasn't thinking straight.


"Have you seen?" Ivan cuts himself off, noticing, how nervous Laura was. "Are you ok?" Ivan asked.

"Yeah just" Laura stuttered a little. "You might want to know" She said. "Dimitri took Natalia to the hospital" She finished. "What" the hell Happened?" Ivan asked.

 "Uhm she was passed out on the floor" Laura nervously explains.

Ivan rushes off without letting Laura finish.


Natalia seems to be waking up she's groggy and as she opens her eyes she notices that is she attached to an IV Drip her eyes trails down to the needle in her arm she looks over and sees Dimitri  standing over her, and watching her.

"What happened? Natalia?" Dimitri diving into the questions immediately.
Ivan shook his head, indicating, not now.

Dimitri diving into the questions immediately. "It"s Ok Natalia, you'll be ok" Ivan says gently.

Natalia's curls were messy, but somewhat beautifully messy. Dimitri wondered why Ivan was protecting Natalia today Natalia was always mean to them.

" I think you should tell him" Ivan said. Natalia's face turned into fear her eyes were almost Asif they were glass. "Tell me what?" Dimitri asked curiously.

"Uhm no, no" She stuttered.

"Natalia, this thing is killing you, Speak!" Ivan insisted.

"You remember when, you first met me?"  Natalia looked over at Dimitri. "Sure, what were you about six?" Dimitri said.

"Yeah, when my Mom just, dumped me there and never came back" Natalia recalls. "You know how Dad never paid attention to me right?" Natalia rubbing her hands together.

"Well, when I was Nine Dad he was downstairs, and I remember my Nanny she put me to bed, and well...I was asleep..and I heard the door creak, and well I uhm, thought it might be one of you, but this person, a grown man" Natalia she pulled her shoulders, and tweedled her thumbs she nervously explains.

"It's ok, sweetie" Ivan was patient with Natalia he put his hand on her shoulder.

"I uhm, felt him he's heavy body on-top of mine" She was starting to choke while saying this. "I could smell the alcohol on his breath, he would" Natalia stuttered, and let out a tear Ivan pulled her closer. "Sorry" She said.

" No, look at me, it's time you let it out" Ivan held her shoulders while saying this."I felt him" She cried. "I remember I woke up the next morning and there was blood, my night gown" She stuttered. And looked down at her hospital gown. "I was bleeding I started walking to Dad's room, he saw me he looked down, and,  before I could say a word he said "We will never speak of this" Natalia explained.

It was Asif Dimitri grew sad in that moment he then asked her.

"Are you saying that Da..?" Dimitri was about to ask

"No, no, no" Natalia cuts him off.

"Dad could barely hug me" She said wiping her tears.

"Tell him who it was" Ivan said.

"It was" She stuttered again. "When I was 12 he would come and get me Early at school, and he would do whatever he wanted with me In Dad's Limo, discusting things!" Natalia held the hospital blanket so close Asif she was holding on for dear life.

"And when I was thirteen, I remember I got sick., So sick I kept vomiting at school i was sent home. Dad asked the nanny to take me to a doctor" Natalia cried.

 " I was pregnant, Dimi I had that monsters baby! Inside me" She kept crying.

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