I'm Not Baking Cookies

Amy's POV-

     There was a throbbing pain in my arm, an ache in my head, and an uncomfortable growing heat in my belly. A bright light flashed behind my eyelids. Someone shook me. I groaned and pushed them away. A warbled voice sounded around,

     "Amy, wake up."

      I cracked one eye open and let out another groan.

     "Come on wake up, please don't be dead." The voice dipped and became clearer. I opened both eyes and squinted, "I'm not dead you dumbass." I pushed myself up and cringed. Glancing down I noticed the small section of my arm that was poorly bandaged with medical tape.

     As I shakily ran a hand through my pale hair, I noticed that all the glass had been cleaned up by the window. The window itself had a beige cardboard-like cover it and was edged up with scotch tape. What sent a bolt astonishment through me was the person sitting near the window.

     "We'll need to get a new window, but at least no one was majorly injured, or almost killed, "Those grey eyes turned to look at me, this time they didn't look as hard and as cold as shards of stone.

     My mother shook her head, she cleared her throat, "No matter, life must go on, and so must your education. Despite your "-she paused as if searching for the right words- " ...upsetting experience, school starts in an hour."

     "But Mom-"I started to speak, she waved to cut me off, "No 'buts' I don't understand you teenagers and your deep irrational loathing hatred for Mondays, but that's no excuse to skip school."

     Zane spoke up then, up until then I had forgotten that he was even here, "Monday isn't the reason why, you said before, we went through a traumatic experience, almost got killed." He waved his arms frantically, almost looked like he was trying to fly.

     "Well I almost I got killed." I said under my breath. I tuned them out, and recalled what had happened, before I had passed the Thing had disappeared under my bed leaving behind the putrid smell. I bent down and checked beneath the bed. Nothing.

     Sighing I sat up and tapped back into the conversation, "... school and that's final, now go to your room and get ready." I let out another sigh. I waited for them to leave before heaving myself up and trudged towards the closet that sat against the wall adjacent the door. It was made of polished wood and opened smoothly when I yanked on the shiny brass handle. The only school in our blink-of-an-eye town, you would have to actively be searching for Miaskoa (Which was the name of our town in the middle of nowhere) or you would miss it completely.

     The uniform was basically black and white. You had the option of a shirt, which had to be white, a pain when you were trying to eat, pants, a skirt, which could black or white, a dress which mostly black, a tie and it was optional if you wanted to where a jacket.

     I stared blankly at everything. After a moment of burning a hole through my clothes I grabbed a black skirt, leggings, shirt and jacket, for the weather was being bipolar, before heading to the bathroom to take a shower.

     The shower didn't help to wake me up, even when I shifted the nozzle all the way to freezing... Stepping out of the shower I tried myself off with a fuzzy towel and ran a brush through my wet hair and assembled it into a pulled back braid, it was still slightly damp when I changed into the school uniform.

     Heading back into my room a slung my backpack over my shoulder before lazily taking the stairs down, there was still plenty of time before school started. I could hear the chattering of the news anchors from the TV, the aroma of toast and eggs wafted over, I could make out the sizzling of oil in a pan, and a new redolence spice, yet the sent seemed annoyingly familiar, and for a brief moment I stopped on the last step of the stairs, I breathed in deeply through my nose...that smell wasn't there anymore... Just the smell of eggs, of toast and butter, of sizzling oil on a frying pan.

     I took that final step into the living room, it was connected to the kitchen which had an island that had a stove, pots and pans, a wooden table and chairs, a small class vase held wilting yellow flowers in desperate need of water. There was a pantry a little was away from counter tops. By the stairs a broom closet.

     The TV blared on in the living room, Todd was sitting on the leather couch among the cushions as if he himself were trying to merge with them. He had stubble along his chin and nicks from a razor. The hair on his head was a dirty blonde but looked surprisingly clean and combed to the side. His brown eyes were glued to the glowing screen. To everyone else he would be called 'Dad' he wasn't mine, that much was obvious.

     Melissa was my biological mother, whenever I brought up the subject, she would ignore me, or pretend I had never said anything at all, she'd change the topic with a flash of guilt that would disappear as quickly as it came, so fast I doubted I had even seen it. But that was before Todd came along, I'm not an only child any more, Lisa is my half-sister, with light curly brown hair and grey eyes. Ivy was the least liked on my list, green eyes and dirty blonde hair, all clothing in her closet were 2 sizes too small.

    I grabbed an apple and dumped my bag near a chair before plopping down to eat it, I bit in through the red skin with a crunch. "Mom, can I dye my hair?" Ivy whined.

Ariadne Black

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