Lunch Room Black Out

Amy's POV

                Mr. Curtain had given us Homework passes, ten of them, useable in any grade of his. "However, do that again and I'll make your parents have to pay for the damages dealt." He cleared he throat."

                 I grinned like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, " Do that again and I'll tell the principal, no... I'll tell the school district that you let minors handle sulfuric acid, a chemical might I add that's poisonous."

               "OK now no need to get hasty!"

               "Wonderful! Glad we can we see eye to eye on the situation!"


               Since going back into the classroom wasn't an option at the time we were shuffled along to the cafeteria and told to sit down at one of the tables until the bell rang. Lunch was next anyway, so no need to move. I puffed out my cheeks as Poppy plopped down next to me.

               "This isn't fair." Not just that, I was starting to feel that prickly pain raising again, this time it didn't feel like being ignored. I locked my jaw forced the sensation back.

I am going to have a good day god dammit.

              "That's what you get for setting fire to half the classroom." She pointed out. I sighed, and she gave me a toothy grin. "We get to eat when the bell rings, so we can just stay situated here."

               The lunchroom smelled like disinfectant and some weird air freshener, it was one of the largest rooms in the school with tiled floors and rows of long tables. There where cameras in the corners and two cops in red that traversed around in their padded chalky blue uniforms. They eyed us as we sat down and went over to talk to Mr. Curtain, obviously wondering why a classroom worth of kids was suddenly in the cafeteria.

               Mr. Curtain was saved by the bell, its screeching sound rang. "Well I've got to eat my lunch so see you nice officers later." He zipped out of the lunchroom. It wasn't long after that kids started to file in chattering and gossiping.

              For a moment and a brief one at that, the lights seemed to flicker, or did I have something in my eye? I blinked. I saw Lily and Evelyn enter through the double doors of the lunch room and flagged them down. "Evelyn, Lily, sit here." Poppy shouted over the conversations of the cafeteria.

               The very first words out of Lily's mouth was not 'hello' or 'How's your day been going' but "Amy, what did you do?!" I smirked at her, "Sorry, Lily but that's confidential." She scoffed while Evelyn narrowed her nut-brown eyes at me. "Yeah, I don't like that look." She pointed a plastic fork at me. Her wavy hair was only a shade darker than her eyes and was so long you could tie it around her waist.

               I shrugged, "Just thank me," Evelyn seemed outraged "For what!" Did the lights seem to flicker again? I rubbed my eyes. "For giving you a whole class period of free time. Plus you absolutely blow in science." I pointed out.

               "Alrighty! Let's change the subject." Poppy suggested.

              "To what? The President? If he knew what went down at night, then I bet he wouldn't be comin' here." Evelyn snorted and launched a pea with her fork like a catapult.

               "I don't know, I wish he wasn't coming at all. He gives me the heebie-jeebies" Lily said taking out her lunch of spaghetti. "I've never heard anyone use the word 'heebie-jeebies' anymore." I said blandly. "Yeah, well maybe I'll start a new trend, Amy." She started to eat her spaghetti. "Like dyed hair?"

               "Anyways, I don't think the President Keragold would even want to come here if he knew someone was killed yesterday." I mumbled.

                 "The news said it was some guy who fell down the stairs and busted his head open. He dead before the ambulance could get to him." Poppy shrugged.

               Evelyn spoke up this time. "That guy wasn't just pushed down the stairs." We turned to look at her. "What?" She rolled her eyes, "You all know my dad is part of the police force in Miaskoa, so he got called down to check out what happened. "

               Poppy leaned forwarded across the table "So what happened." Evelyn lowered her voice, "They didn't want the public to freak out because they've never seen anything like this, so they lied. I found this out because I was eavesdropping. He got home around midnight and I overheard him talking to someone."

Ariadne Black

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