Tiny Bit of Havoc

Amy's POV-

               Due to the murder that accrued school was canceled for three days. Evelyn was dramatic about the whole thing over the phone. "That's ALL THREE DAYS" she sighed dramatically. "But the event was SO distressing, I mean I was close to fainting, we should get at least a WEEK no A MONTH OFF" I could just imagine her draped across her bed in some pose. "Calm down." I told her. Evelyn sniffed, "Amy, I say we gather the group and march over to the head office and demand they give more absence from school!"

               "Evelyn, just make the most out of the three days that we do have. I hear there's a small fair being set up. Go enjoy your time there, we haven't had one in forever." There was a long uninterrupted groan that last 15 seconds before she finally complied, "Fine. I'll 'enjoy myself' and cause maybe a tiny bit of havoc."

             "Actually, maybe I'll go to."

              "Just don't blow up the fair, Amy."

               "Says the person who said that she'd cause havoc at the fair." I snorted and turned off the phone before she could say anymore. I changed my clothes for the weather was feeling unusually cold. Feeling more brazen today I decided to take a different exit, one of my windows. The that faced the alleyway to be more exact. For some reason I didn't feel like walking down the stairs, past everyone, only to have to alert them to where I was going.

               So, I chose my only usable window. I stuffed some money in my back pocket before running over and unlatching the window sill. It wasn't my first time sneaking in or out so the window didn't creak. My bedroom door was suddenly bashed open with a great ferocity.

My poor door...

               "Hey, Amy there's a Fair in town, Mom wants to know if you want to come with us" Ivy leaned against my door frame.

                "Yes, I was quite aware of the Fair, no I don't want to go. Did you have to abuse my door?"

               She ignored my question. "Why are you next to the window?"

                 "Getting some fresh air." I kept my voice low and narrowed my eyes that the dirty blonde-haired girl. She didn't back down, "Bullshit Amy, I'm a teenager too, your sneaking out, and I can tell mom."

                 "What if I give you money to dye your hair?" I bargained remembering the money in my back pocket and the conversation at breakfast. Ivy considered it. "Fine." She reached her hand out, palm up to accept the deal.

               "You just can't say it's from me." I added. She sniffed. I took the cash from my back pocket and placed it in her hand. Ivy took it and left the room. "Bitch." I mumbled under breath. Turning my attention back to the window, I put my foot on the window's ledge, braced myself, then pushed off so now I was falling, then landing like a cat on the floor of the alley.

                Brushing myself off I made my over to the Fair to have a little fun, or in the words of Evelyn, 'Cause maybe a tiny bit of havoc.'


                 On the way I tried to avoid the roads to decreases my chances of being seen. There were trees planted along the road and their emerald leaves swayed in the breeze, glinting like their own jewels. I slowed down my run until I was just walking at a slow pace.

It's a nice day out. I love it outside.

                 I took a deep breath in of the fresh air. I've been out of the town before when we went out on a Holiday trip to see some of Mom's family. We had gone to the city, where the buildings looked to be made of glass and reached out to touch the sky as if wanting to join it. There were cars everywhere and people walking along the sidewalks in their fancy suits or dresses or walking dogs. It all looked so new and exciting. The air however, didn't seem new or exciting...

                 "Watcha'doin" a voice hissed in my ear. Letting out a screech I jumped back, lost by balance and fell on my butt. "Poppy, what the HELL!" I yelled the red head who was now besides me. She was in a fit of giggles and wearing a bright cherry red hoodie. "It was worth it!" She laughed. "You looked so spaced out, I had to do it!" She said in-between giggles. "Glad I could be your center of amusement." I retorted, getting up and dusting myself off.

                  "What are you doing here anyway?" I asked. After she had properly composed herself she simply said, "Oh, it was getting cold, so I went to go buy a sweater, but I bought this hoodie instead." She gestured to the sweater she was currently sporting. "Miss. Tunker gave it to me for half-off since I'm so nice."

Ariadne Black

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