Pig #2

Amy's POV

               We didn't come across Evelyn, but we did come across someone else and we weren't even at the Fair yet. My plan included pigs, three of them, I hadn't told Poppy this yet, and I didn't know when the stand would close at the Fair, so I suggested we run.

               "Sure, but run as in at a medium pace, because there is no way in hell I can keep with you at a maximum pace."

              "Just don't go to slow."

               5 minutes later we were could see the entrance to the Fair, swarming with the limited people of Miaskoa I had smelled the scent of cider and cinnamon before I saw the owner, so I managed to stop, Poppy however, didn't and crashed into him.

               I winced. "Poppy it's generally not polite to crash into people." I pointed out. "I know that." She snapped. She looked apologetically to Keon who she had fallen over. "Sorry."

               "It's fine."

               An idea popped up. "Hey, you want help us with a plan?"

               "What is it?" He asked.

               "That's what I want to know." Poppy muttered. They were both on their feet know. "Well it depends on how many pigs the vender has, but we need a minimum of three. But since we have more people we can have more pigs."

               "Are you gonna tell us more, or are you just gonna get us caught for theft of swine?" Poppy said huffed.

               "Well if we do it correctly we won't get caught for theft. There's a forest right next to the vender, we'll book it there."

               "You obviously thought this through and that scares me the most. Did you look up pictures of the Fair?" She added. I just gave her a 'duh' look.

               "And once we're there are you going to tell us more about this 'master plan'?" Keon crossed his arm cross his chest.


              Walking through, the crowds, we made twists and turns, making our way towards the vender who was doing the "Guess the Weight of the Pig" he was on a raised platform near the front of the pen with a cane in his hand, talking to the crowd in a loud carny voice "Guess their weight and take them home! These little piggies won't be hard! Only 5$ to guess!" He called out and tossed his cane from one hand to the other.

               Little pigs snuffled in the hay all around him, "Awww, they're so cute." Poppy cooed. "Fawn over them later Poppy." I whispered to her. A boy dragged his mother over to the stand and tried to guess the weight, he handed the man 5$. He didn't guess correctly, and the child left with a doleful look on his face. "This place is a scam." Poppy muttered. "See that's why we aren't doing any harm." I patted her shoulder.

               "To the back." I whispered. We tried to casually walk around to the back of the pen. A few of the pigs stopped their snuffing and eyed us curiously. They were teacup pigs and ranged in size. "Amy, I don't think you accounted for the fact that a group of unsupervised teenagers is bound to draw at least a bit of suspicion." Keon hissed he had stayed quiet up until this point.

                "Well, yes I hadn't factored for that." A few people were eyeing our little group wearily now. "Nothing we can do about it, only get the pigs and run to the forest."

               Poppy groaned. "Oh, we're running now."

               "No, not running, just stealthy, speed walking." To this Poppy only groaned again. "Ok we each at least gab one, then go straight to the big oak tree directly across in the forest, near the borderline."

               "The one with all the hearts and names etched into it?" Poppy questioned.

                "Yes, that one."

               "Alright got it." Poppy nodded.

               "See you at the oak tree." I ran off towards the pen.

This is going to be fun.

               Reaching in I coaxed one of the teacup pigs over while the man was busy trying to get someone to come over and guess the weight. I could see Poppy and Keon doing the same as well. Once the pig was close enough I gently lifted it out of the pen and onto the ground.

               "You, young man, come up, step up, and guess the weight of these fine young piggies!"


                 My eyes widened and darted over to where the carnival man was pointing his cane to a sheepish looking boy who was approaching closer. I looked over to Poppy and she met my eyes, I gestured with my head to 'go'. She nodded and went over to drag Keon by his collar, who let out a yelp.

Ariadne Black

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Story about: supernatural, secrets, teen

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