Fantastic Mr. Fox

Amy's POV-


The shaggy carpet was a comfortable place to lay down on, so it was the spot I chose to lay and actually start and finish my history packet. I flipped through the papers and groaned.

Might as well start. I only have today to do it before school starts tomorrow.

The carpet was warm and fuzzy and with sunlight streaming through the window, tinting everything in a soft, warm, glow made me just want to rip the packet apart and sleep. Nevertheless, I was almost done with accursed thing when my phone rang. The ringtone was Poppy's. "Fuck the paper, hello phone."

I tripped over to my nightstand and answered on the second ring. As soon as I picked up she started talking. "Can I come over, please?" Her voice had a bit of urgency to it and some desperation. "And I need a friend, even if it's just to sit down and watch a movie." I could tell on the other line that she was making puppy-dog eyes.

"You know the drill then. Make sure my mom doesn't see you." I let out a sigh, more worried about Poppy. "Yaaa! Eric is watching Cocoa; he loves her. He always wanted a dog but is just as happy with a pet pig."

Eric was Poppy's little brother; a more subdued version of her that was for sure. "I'll be there soon." She hung up. I decided to waste time until Poppy got here by reading. Going over to my dressing where the case I kept my reading glasses in rested on; I glanced up into the oval mirror and noticed for the first time that there was no sickly blue and black bruise around my neck.

Tentatively, I reached up and poked around my neck; there was no pain or soreness.

Well I'm not taking this for granted.

I shook my glasses out from the case, grabbed my book and walked back to shaggy carpet to read and wait for Poppy.

Time passed slowly before the bedroom door creaked open slowly and the grinning face of Poppy poked in followed by the rest of her body. She silently closed the light wooden door behind her; it shut with a soft click.

"Anyone notice you?" I asked, noticing the fact that she had a small red and white backpack slung across her back. I looked quizzically at her. I meant for her to explain why she had a backpack, but she misinterpreted the look. "Nope! At least I don't think so."

"But guess what I have." She traveled over and plopped down in front of me; pulling off the bag and placing it in her lap. It bulged as she took it off and under the unexpected weight Poppy almost dropped what every was in it.

"Money? Did you rob a bank, Poppy?" I pointed an accusing finger at her, "Because I can help you hide the cash, plus we can split the cash."

Poppy wrinkled her forehead in horror. "I wouldn't rob a bank!" then the backpack chirped and wriggled.

"Birds? Did you put birds in there? Poppy If you put birds in there we have to return them to wherever nature place snatched them from and stuffed them in your backpack."

"Jesus fuck! There are no birds!" She rolled her eyes in exasperation

"You can't fuck Jesus either." I patted her shoulder. Poppy closed her eyes and took a deep breath in through her nose.

The latch that kept the backpack closed popped open and was nudged aside by a russet red snout, then the red masked face of a fox popped out.

"You found a fox... and put him in your backpack... for... reasons?" I said slowly. The fox crawled out covered it rippling rust-red fur which had long swirling marks of a darker red along his back, white chest in contrast, black paws as if dipped in ink and a stripped bushy tail. Amber eyes like honey gazed around the room. There were two crescent black marks under each eye. "Oh, you kidnapped Fantastic Mr. Fox." I said quickly "Poppy where did you get a fox and how did you get it in a backpack?!"

"Well I was walking to your house and I heard the clicking of claws so deciding to turn around to check what source of the noise, I found a fox. I thought the best course of action was to ignore it, but then it kept following me. So, then I just told it to get in my backpack and it just hopped in!"

"Like that I walked the rest of the way to your house" Poppy replied scratching it under the chin; the fox chirped again.

"There are so many things wrong with this picture." I shook my head. Poppy gave me a smile and reached back into her bag, "Anyways I brought games. "Poppy sang pulling out an assortment of card decks and board games.

"Damn, how much stuff can you stuff in there, a fox, board games, cards?! Anyways I don't want to play games, let's watch a movie." I got up and switched on my old boxy TV and began to look through the channels to see if there were any movies on.

"Coraline. Is playing."

Poppy groaned. "That ones creepy! We can look for another movie!"

"It's perfect!"

"Fine! We'll watch it! And I'll get creepy nightmares!"

Half way through the movie and Poppy was cowering behind me with the fox sitting in her lap like a cat when a panting Lisa and Ivy burst in. "Watch the door!" I yelled at them.

"Amy, turn on the news!"

"You're obsessed with the news, go watch it down stairs." I retorted; scowling at them from the side. "The football game is on and Dad won't let us change the channel." Ivy's hair was dyed a violent shade of purple at the ends that gradually blended back to her dirty blonde hair and I had to admit it looked nice. "That's not my fault." I rolled my eyes.

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