Debt Repaid

Poppy's POV-

I was currently in my living room with Amy, Evelyn, and my younger brother, Eric; playing a game titled Rattle Bones. We had invited Lily to play but her family was holding her hostage for a family-day-out or somethingWe were on game two, round ten. Amy was winning, her wooden blue rat was only twelve spaces away from Rattle Bones; twelve spaces from winning the second game. I decided at that moment that I loathed that wooden blue rat.

Hated it so much I wanted to chuck it into a molten vat of lava. "I think you're cheating." I said accusingly and crossed my arms over my chest. "I'm just playing by the rules!" She laughed.

"You land on all the auspicious spaces! And you choose the same dice every time!"

"It's my dice! I formed it! Just like you formed yours. Besides you can pick to roll with my dice if you want, it's not my fault you're unlucky." She stuck her tongue out at me.

"If you're both going to fight about a game, I'm outa' here." Eric said with a shake of his head and a small sigh. His hair was red, but it was a darker shade than mine and rolled and his brown eyes. Cocoa oinked and followed him to his room.

"Poppy don't be a sore loser." Evelyn teased

"Evelyn you're the farthest behind!" I glared at her.

"I like to see it that I'm just six spaces ahead of Rattle Bones."

Amy decided to cut between our little feud "Eric's right! Last day we have before going back to school-"

"Because you blew up Mr. Curtain's Classroom." I added.

Amy rolled her eyes, "So, let's go outside. I won anyways!"


"So, Evelyn, what did you do at the Fair?" Amy nudged her. The sky stripped overhead with a few lazy fluffy clouds to fill it. We made of change of plans as well. Amy still owed me a new pair of shoes, so we were going to a store to buy them.

"Chemical warfare."

"WHAT!" We both said simultaneously with shocked looks. The wind blew a breeze past the emerald leafy branched trees that lined the sidewalk we walked upon. Evelyn through her head back and laughed at both our shocked faces and her dark hair which down in two loose braids, swung as she laughed.

"No! I was joking! I snakes in people's purse, handbags or bags. They were non-poisons of course." Evelyn said after her laughter. "I went to go pick them up later once they were flung out... And brought them back to the woods."

" How righteous of you, you brought the snakes back to their home." Amy nodded. Evelyn sent Amy a fake glare.

We passed an electronic store were some of their wares were on display. "Ohh, the news." Evelyn made both of us stop. "Oh come on! What's so important about the news?" Amy whined.

"Amy, this town is a snooze. Nothing new happens here. The News is our gossip feed!" Evelyn made exaggerated motions with her hands. "It's our connection to the outside world!" Amy rolled her eyes at the teenage-girl's dramatics.

"Ok, is there a cult I don't know about that worships the news around here?" I said "And, Evelyn are you part of it?"

"Not that I'm aware of." Her nut-brown eyes fell back to the screens on display. The screen switched from a gameplay recording to a shot of a man behind a desk with three people situated around him however the camera is focused on him.

With slicked back hair, a pearly white smile. He was dressed in a navy-blue suit with a red tie. "Watch out for a strange woman wandering out in the woods suspected of killing four people as well a sketchy character that we don't have a picture for. This woman is seen to have green hair and eyes and is wearing a brown fur coat and boots, black leggings, and black undershirt, and emerald green shorts."

The screen blurred out only to show a picture of a frightened woman who looked about as old as my mother. Her vivid green eyes were wide with fright and on closer inspection looked to have flecks of gold swimming in them, and her features looked to be etched with shock. Waves of green hair fell around her pale face.

The picture shrunk down and moved to left bottom corner of the screen. "Authorities think she along with another accomplice have been responsible for some recent murders around the areas. The other partner hasn't been identified or a current photo hasn't been found, but we're sure the authorities will find and arrest these criminals. For any news on the matter call the police or the local law station."

He flashed a toothy white smile, the picture of the woman dissipated into air and the man said, "Now no more of this gloomy mess. Diana has a more cheerful disposition on the weather." He looked to the left were a woman sat

The camera slipped over to focus on a dirty blonde woman with a pixie cut; her face looked to be frozen in a permanent smile.

Amy's POV- (Just for a second)-

There I noticed something I probably should have spotted from the beginning. The man had a bracelet; a silver chain bracelet. On the side, almost out of view was a silver crest engraved with a rose, a sword stabbing the middle and in the background a book flipped to the middle of its pages. Almost identical to the Jeweler's, the only difference was a pair of wings stenciled at the bottom of crest. The sleeve of his navy-blue suit slipped over to cover it just as the camera moved views.

Ariadne Black

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