That's not Normal

Amy's POV-

She blinked before responding, "First telling me your names; since you are both proper young ladies." She tried to make her face look regal and queenly like and it would've worked had it not been for the fact that she was cocooned by blankets.

"Oh no what if she's like Mrs. Rogers, Poppy!" I clasped my hands faking concern and turned to look at my friend that was sitting cross-legged with a small smile upon her face. "I think we should send her back into the freezing, wind that's blowing furiously outside."

The lady in blankets dropped her regal stare and looked with concerned green eyes between us two. After a moment she a sigh, this time it was an exasperated one, "Fine, my name is Gertrude Corelaster, pleasure to meet you." Gertrude cleared her throat probably expecting our names.

"but I bet you already know our names..." I chuckled "You've heard us converse to each other plenty of times."

"Yes, but it's formal and polite in greeting." She retorted putting back on the regal face.

I let out a sigh. "I am Amy Tomson and-"

Gertrude interrupted, "No now your partner speaks for herself." Poppy looked a bit surprised. I was just irritated. Gertrude looked pleased.

"Oh... uh, and I uh am Poppy Smith uh.... Please to meet you." Poppy flustered.

"Very good!"

"I don't want lessons in etiquette." I growled.

"But you apparently need lessons in manners." Gertrude retorted coolly. Poppy giggled. "Besides you never know when you might need them."

"I won't need them." I huffed and decided to change the topic. "If you're going to stay here or in town in you'll have to change your look. It's definitely distinct." I paused before adding "And people are junkies for the News they'll know who you are if you keep your style."

Poppy grabbed a strand of hair that showed from the cocoon of quilts.

"We'll have to dye you're hair a different color maybe."

"And perhaps some contacts for her eyes. My Mom has some colored one; blue I think." I suggested.

"Your sister-"


"Right... Right...She dyed her hair. She might have some left."

I mumbled a 'maybe' in reply to that. If there was any hair dye left it would be simple enough to get it; we shared a bathroom. The contacts lenses not so much for I would have to sneak into my mom's bathroom to get them using the vents which were usually horribly dusty from lack of A.C usage. I didn't mind the cold weather, but I loathed the heat and couldn't stand it when it was boiling outside.

"Come we'll go to my house now." I gestured towards Poppy's door. Poppy seemed a bit worried at the prospect however. "Are you sure about that, Amy? You won't get in trouble?"
"Not if you don't get caught." I flashed a sneaky grin.


"Is there a reason we're in a back alley?" Gertrude shivered. Clouds still clouded above; they apparently hadn't decided yet to open and pour down pelts of rain.

"Yes actually, there is a less likely hood of us being seen if we're here. Very few people come down alleyways, so I doubt that we're not going to bump into someone." I replied. Gertrude fell silent now. I didn't mind; Poppy kept up with me and filled out the silence and I told her about my day, getting detention, the conversation with Mike, and searching for her. I didn't know if I should tell her about the journal though.

               I'll tell her later. She didn't tell me about skipping school, so she can handle not knowing about the journal for a little while.

We reached my house, but I raised my hand indicating for them to halt. We stayed in the back alley and I peered around the corner. All I heard was the sound of the TV blaring the football game; the announcer being very enthusiastic. Somewhere in another backyard a dog barked loudly. I turned back to the two females in the alley.

"Now we have to be very quiet. I'm going through the front door. Poppy you know the back door. Go in a few seconds after me if a meet anyone I'll try to distract them while you bring Gertrude upstairs... I don't think I can blackmail anyone to keep quiet that I have a supposed murderer in my room." I bit my lip in thought.

Gertrude took in a breath, most likely to go into a tirade about how she didn't kill anyone, but I cut her off with a wave of my hand. "Doesn't matter what you say. People don't change their mind easily, especially when it comes to murder."

"Now go." I flicked them away and slinked out of the alley towards the front door. I used the spare keys under the flower pot to unlock it and stepped inside. Todd was passed out on the couch and quietly snoring; the game was still on, it flickered to a commercial.

I saw a flash of red by the back door as I passed the stairs and the slow creak of it opening. I didn't encounter anyone heading up the stairs and apparently neither did Poppy and Gertrude as the followed in a few moments later.

"Oh woah... That was intense..." Poppy pretended to wipe fake sweat off her brow with the back of her hand.

I laughed. "The intense part will be getting the contacts from my Mom's bathroom." Gertrude stayed silent she looked like she wanted, opened her mouth, but thought better of it and closed it. "If you hear someone coming just hide under the bed or in the closet."

Ariadne Black

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