Whatever being a Demon Entitled

Amy's POV-


Gertrude leaned against the wall, a small smirk on her face, "I knew something was up with you; your scent was all over the place, going absolutely bonkers."

I just stared at the female, completely clueless to what she was talking about. Gertrude pushed herself off the wall stepped over to me. She took in my puzzled face and cocked head. "You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"

I continued to stare at her until she dropped down into a crossed leg sitting position before me. I took a few steps back while Gertrude just gave me a warm smile, "You must be scared, you don't know what's happening do you, frightened, alone. Guess by those nasty scratches, you were attacked."

I stared at Gertrude with a mixture of shock and apprehension. Gertrude smile and colored eyes contained nothing but understanding along with sympathy however when she tried to get to approach closer, I bared my teeth and started growling lowly.

"Amy, you need to calm down, and we need to clean your wounds. Just let me teach you, please." She held out her hands as if trying to tame a wild dog which she kind of was.

When she got close enough I stopped growling, but not for the reason that I wasn't feeling threatened anymore. Something in me snapped, I lunged out for her exposed arm and pearly white fangs sunk easily into her pale flesh. I felt something release and saw dark black veins slowly march up her arm; star-bursting out from where I had bitten her.

"OK, that was my fault, mostly." Gertrude winced, "I can probably dig it out, it's slow; but damn it hurts." She cursed and pried my jaws out of her skin, blood leaked from the holes and splattered onto the floor making audible sounds; at least to me.

"Priority number one, get you back to human form." Gertrude hissed not unkindly, more focused on cradling her injured arm.

My head was hurting, everything made no sense, this shouldn't be possible; yet it was. I was back here probably in shock from my night out in the body of a dog, Gertrude was hissing and spitting, cursing and spouting profanities like I'd never seen as she dug a wicked claw-like nail under her skin and drew more blood and fizzing black ooze onto the floor.

I looked away; feeling my stomach reel and the sight, normally I wasn't that queasy. "OK, back to changing, Amy imagine yourself human again." Gertrude had a weird glimmer in her eye that made me slightly uneasy to do so. And what did she mean by 'imagine me as human?' aren't I human? Thinking about it made my head pound even worse so I pushed the thoughts away, closed my eyes and thought about myself.

The white hair that always got me teased, the purple eyes that always got me ostracized in schools and by the other kids. Being average height, but not tall, I couldn't reach high shelves. And I heard the popping and cracking of joints and bones; this time I knew it wasn't in head and a wave of dizziness crashed of me. I opened my eyes and saw that I had hands, all five fingers. I gave a sigh of relief, hugging them to myself and said, "I am never going to cut these off."

"Creepy, but to each their own." Gertrude's glimmer in her eyes had grown until they sparkled. I tried to stand up, but white-hot pain shot down my back causing me to collapse back down to the floor. I then noticed that all my injuries had followed with me and that I was wearing different clothes than before I had strangely morphed into a dog. At the moment they seemed glued to my skin. I felt a twinge in my stomach before coughing up a spittle of blood. A shiver crawled down my spine.

"That happens after the first couple changes, good thing you didn't actually vomit a barrel of blood. Now will you not bite me and let me help tend to your wounds, cause' they are quite bad." Gertrude raised an eyebrow at me on the ground and I looked disgustingly away from the blood spot and rolled my eyes. "Fine."


By the time everything was bandaged up pre-morning light was seeping into the window and I could sit up fairly well. I grumbled and hissed when Gertrude applied a bit too much pressure on the gash on my arm as she bandaged it.

"Don't be such a baby." Gertrude muttered under her breath which received a death glare from me. She snipped off the bandaged, tying it off and gave me a look up and down while giving a pensive hum. "Maybe you should stay home; skip school today. People will ask questions."

I just shook my confused. "Can't I just come up with an excuse? What happened to me anyway?"

"Gertrude shifted to sit in front of me; eyes gazing into my own with emotion flickering passing through them so fast I couldn't make them out.

The green-haired lady hesitated before taking a breath. "You're what many would refer to as a Demons, many tongues call us different things, but most would all refer to us as evil despicable. Causing trouble and pure chaos" Here her voice became hurried and rushed, "But that's not really what we, Amy. We aren't fabricated of entirely vile fibers! An-"

"Wait, wait, wait, wait!" I waved my hands to intercept Gertrude and cut her off; "Stop talking, that's not true, it can't be true!" I cried.

Gertrude looked at me empathetically. "Then how would you explain last night, Amy? How would you explain everything that's been happening to you in the last couple days? I bet you've feeling pain, soreness, migraines, a voice, weird symptoms, random ones."

I looked at her in a mixture of bafflement and amazement.

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