A Bad Feeling

Amy's POV-


The moment I woke up to my alarm clock blaring I was about to reach over to turn it off when I saw I emerald feathered hand, the fingers hooked into jagged green claws, emerge from underneath my bed. They reached out to crush my alarm clock; the pieces bending easily between their claws. I let out a pitiful yelp and fell off the bed landing with thump only to spot a disgruntled Gertrude under the bed. Her eyes didn't have the contacts on them and irises glowed an eerie green in the dark dust.

"50 shades of fuck that is what child predators do! Hide under the bed! And now I have to buy a new alarm clock!" I glanced to the shattered pieces across the floor.

The feathered hand turned normal, the green feathers retracting back slowly, and the claws morphed back into fingers, "That's the least of your worries right now, something's wrong; I can feel it." She murmured and curled around herself under the bed. I gave the green-haired woman a worried look and didn't feel like making a sardonic comment about it obviously whatever was happening the elder women didn't like it.

"Stay home from school today." Gertrude turned over emerald eyes blazing in the dark, "Maybe I can teach you a few things instead while you miss it.... At least until this feeling goes away."

I frowned at the curled-up ball beneath my bed. Missing a few days of school actually shed light on the fact that it was boring at home most of the time and that there was nothing to do unless I could call a friend to come and hang out with me or we could go wonder around the town but then people would question why we weren't in school.

Gertrude looked to be highly upset about something; couldn't tell what though. Although she teaching me Demon things was probably beneficial. I couldn't learn those things at school and it would probably be helpful not to morph right in front of the entire class. I le out a sigh, "Alright, I'll stay home, the administration isn't going to like though.... I need some kind of accuse to stay home, a note signed by a parent, or a doctor's note, which I don't have so they think I'm playing hooky right now..." I wrinkled my nose in disapproval, I technically wasn't ditching school, I was still learning.

"Well they're going to have think you're playing 'hooky' for right now, because we don't have an excuse." Gertrude at last crawled out from beneath by bed and dusted my bed. I slouched forward and gave a groan. Gertrude took in my posture before saying "And sit up straight, you'll get a bad back if you haunch over all the time." She lightly tapped her foot to the base of my back and I straightened my spine.

"But I slouch all the time! This is the first time I've done it!" I cried.

"All it takes is one go to start a habit." She proclaimed. I just scowled at her. 'Now you're acting like a mother." To that she just smiled in return to that. "Now back to skipping school, you need to start going!" She yanked me up by the hand and pushed me towards my closet door. "You have a audience to fool!" Gertrude giggled. "OK fine but I need to text Poppy to let her now I'm skipping." I said reaching over for my phone, Gertrude intercepted my hand, "I'll do it; you get ready."

"What are you going to do?" I asked

"I'll come find you after a while." She smiled and gave me a final stronger push. I turned to look at her before searching for my clothes. "You do owe be an alarm clock."

I got my school uniform and did my daily routine, showering, brushing my hair and changing clothes. I exited the bathroom, ran down stairs and yanked open the front door to fake heading to school. The morning air tickled across my skin although it felt great a feeling of apprehension stirred in my belly.

I probably wouldn't be able to find a way out of school so that meant I would have to find I moment where everyone else was distracted. I slowed down my gait allowing Zane and Ivy to pass me. The perfect moment arose when they stopped to glance down at their phones; I zipped behind a couple of steel trashcans in an alleyway where I waited until their footsteps faded away.

Unfortunately, the smell of garbage didn't fade away and the rotten putrid stench of it wafted to me. My stomach rolled in revolt and I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I darted out from behind the trashcans to a darker part of the alley; the school uniform blended in perfectly. I slid down the cool stone wall to sit on the floor and took some breathes. I could still smell the trash even if it was fainter, I could smell the three people-two males one female- walking down the sidewalk, the freshly mowed grass on some lawns, the chlorine and bleach smell of a pool that some person who was wealthy enough owned; it was just like the hallway at school! I could scent everything

               Too many smells! Too many smells!

A migraine was marching its way up my skull to the front of my brain and I kicked at the concrete ground in frustration. I bit down on my bottom lip to focus on some other sense, but all I got was pain as something sharp sliced into my lower lip. A hiss left my lips at the sharp sting.

               This went from a semi-good day to horrible in a few seconds!

Something landed on my shoulder and I tensed up waiting to feel the dagger like claws of Things sink into my flesh or brutal teeth tear out my throat to leave me bleeding out on the ground. When it didn't happen, I looked up to see it was just a small bird on my shoulder. Embarrassment and anger bubbled in me now and chased away some of the pain.

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