Murder of a Flower

Amy's POV-


We ran all the way back home; not stopping even to catch a breath. The scenery zoomed by as Gertrude and I darted past the world back to my house. It was nearly dark when we reached back to my house and I had 50 texts from Poppy all worriedly asking where I was and why I wasn't answering her then exclaiming in dramatic all caps that I wasn't her friend anymore before apologizing and asking to come over. I sighed; my heart was still thumping in my throat as I texted the red head back that she could come over tomorrow since it would Saturday.

Gertrude was huddled in the corner, apparently, she hadn't forgotten the experience yet. Her knees were pulled up to her chest and she was hugging them close while her hair created a curtain over her face, blocking anyone from seeing it. Now I felt bad, I was the one who had dragged her into following the men when she just wanted to go home. But I didn't know how to make it up to her.

               She must have really been rattled by the experience...

"H-hey... Gertrude are you Ok?" I asked. There was no response. I sat down on my bed with a sigh and looked out through the window. Dark clouds rolled over head and blocked the moon. Laying down I pondered over the events that happened.

                What plan where they talking about?... By the context clues of the conversation it sounded like they were going to kill somebody....

A cold sense of dread washed over me, and I buried myself into my blankets and pillows before drifting off into sleep...


I awoke to bright sunlight streaming through my window, finally I got to sleep in. Looking around my room I noticed that Gertrude wasn't there. She was frightened yesterday. I let out a sigh before slipping out of bed and getting ready for the day. Taking a shower and running a brush through my wet, bleach blonde white hair.

I remembered the multiple texts I had sent Poppy last night and that she was coming to hang to with me; I really needed a friend and I knew I hadn't spent much time with her lately which I felt guilty for. Twisting my hair into a braid a exited the bathroom with a sigh; wringing out any excess water. I went back to my phone to text that I'd meet Poppy at the small café that we went to for the science project.

She replied with just a smiley face. I went out the door; exiting to go to the café and meet up with my best friend with a smile on my face, momentarily forgetting about what I heard yesterday. When Poppy finally got to the café her face was bright and eyes were shinnying just like before.

"So what do you wanna' do today." The red-haired girl chuckled and looped her arm with mine as we began to stroll aimlessly down the sidewalk. The day was perfect, the sky was a cerulean hue without a single cloud to mare it and the sun didn't seem too bright or hot today. Looking back at my best friend I just shrugged my shoulders, "I don't really know, but let's stay outside; it's nice out."

"That I can agree with!" Poppy let out another chuckled again before asking "so what were you doing while not in school?"

"Well... I was still learning for your information, just not about school related stuff..." Poppy blinked before realization hit her and her eyes widened, "Oh... That stuff..." She whispered like it was inappropriate gossip. "I don't know why you're whispering, but yes that 'stuff'... But I don't want to talk about it right now." Just thinking about it brought back the small concrete building with those strange men and women.

Poppy must have seen the slightly worried look on my face because she frowned but didn't push any farther. A sudden chill raced down my spine at the moment like a thousand spiders crawling down my back.

                Was this the bad feeling that Gertrude got?

"Hey... Are you OK? You froze for a second there."

I looked to the concerned eyes of my friend and just nodded.


We just ended up walking around town, chatting as we did so; it was fun and relaxing but somehow, we ended up near the library and I could see the huge walls painted with scenes of wildlife and sunsets. The deep chill ran back down my body... Stronger this time and I stared at the building for a while, suspicion, fear, and apprehension all fighting against each other in the pit of my stomach. The feelings boiled and climbed over each other until suspicion and my curiosity won over.

Beforehand we had just gotten ice pops from one of the few places I wasn't banned from and Poppy was just finishing hers and tossing the plain, flat, wooden stick in a nearby trashcan, I kinda just let mine melt onto the ground before tossing the sticky stick away. I grabbed her wrist before she could start walking again.

"Let's go check out the Library... something's off about it."

"Amy, that is exactly why we avoid those places that have 'something off about them'. This is how every horror movie actor gets killed and my friends aren't dying today!" She yanked herself free from my grip and shook her head franticly.

"We won't get killed, it's a library. Besides I just want to see what's going on in there, probably nothing anyways."

"Curiosity killed the cat, Amy-" Poppy began to warn but I cut her off. "And satisfaction brought it back..."

"Come on, Poppy... I have a bad feeling, Gertrude had it too and I just want to make sure that nothing is wrong..." I trailed off. Poppy raised one of her eyebrows before finally giving in with a sigh. "Fine let's go see the Library... But at the first sign of something fishy we're running."

Ariadne Black

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