Amy's POV-


When the second period bell rang signaling the beginning of lunch I was startled by the sudden sound and had to force extra hard to keep down the prickling. Walking with the rest of the flow of children I made my way to the cafeteria.

Along the way someone ran into me and wrapped their arms around me. I looked and saw teal blue eyes and greyish-blue hair. "What's with people hugging me today?" I mumbled wriggling out of Gertrude's hold. "How many people are hugging you today?....Nevermind. I'm keeping an eye on you. You already shocked me in the short span of that hug." Gertrude looked down and brushed imaginary dust and lint off her uniform. "What's with these uniforms too." She pulled at the hem of her skirt as we were squished into the cafeteria.

I looked around to realize that there were more people located in the silent corners of the lunchroom. Dark suits adorned their bodies, black sunglasses with dark crimson red tips covered their eyes and their hands were folded in front of their bodies.

"Creepy." I mumbled as I sat down at our usual table. "They were fist here Friday." Evelyn explained through a mouthful of ham sandwich. Her hair was let down in waves today and shined in the glossy lights mounted in the ceiling.

"To bad you weren't here to see them." Lily added in into the conversation after sitting down and opening her lunchbox to reveal food. She crinkled her nose at the nearest suited guy before stabbing her lunch with a plastic fork.

Gertrude slipped into the seat next to me.

"I heard you're new, so what's your name?" Evelyn aimed her question at Gertrude who at the moment was looking for her credit was blending in pretty well.

"Name's Gertrude."

"Oh, cool, so why did your family move to this dead-end town?"

I zoned out of Evelyn's interrogation of Gertrude after that and focused on keeping the growing energy down. The humans in the corner of the room were like statues... They didn't move at all. "Why are the people in the suits here?"

Poppy answered for me, "President Keragold put them in, he says it's to 'install a sense of security and saftey'" She used air quotes before going back to eating her lunch. "Honestly it would just make someone more aware of the situation."

I just hummed and continued to look around. I felt unnerved, the people probably weren't watching me but it felt like their gazes were crawling over my skin; searching around for any weakness. I squirmed around in my seat before Gertrude jabbed me in the ribs from under the table. She was talking to Evelyn but apparently Gertrude was still paying attention to me. I leaned my head on the table and focused on the pounding waves.

When the lunch bell rang and third period began I hardly noticed that the time fly by before fourth period.

For fourth period which was Language Arts we often went to the media center to use the rows of computers that were hooked up to wires and sat on tables in the back corner of the large room, so that is where I headed now as instructed by the note taped to the door all the while anxiety was building higher.

When I got the media center I walked over to one of the computers and sat down in the hard metal chair that had chips of dull grey paint flaking off. A girl a recognized chose to sit next to me. She had straight hazel hair that was darker at the top and roots with matching hazel eyes. Smelled like citrus oranges.

"You're Angie, right?"

"Yeah." She gave a cheerful smile while logging into her computer. The teacher paced between the rows making sure that the students were doing what they where suppose to. The instructions were written in a black expo marker on a white board that sat in front of all the rows.

I grabbed the mouse to start logging in as well only to fell a jolt run through me. I yanked my hand back and muttered a curse which the girl besides me heard.

"Hey you alright? You look stressed out." Angie asked looking up from her monitor; she was already three steps ahead of most of the class now that I looked around.

"Just school." I replied. "Oh I understand that, this place leaves me feeling shoddy on the best of days." She snickered under her breath. "And I feel bad enough." Angie let out a sigh but her mind seemed to have wandered from me back to her computer work; which I have left to do.

I grabbed hold of the mouse again, this time there was no shock, and actually managed to log in. Now it just felt like I was playing Russian Roulette, only there was just one player and that was me. I tried to take a calming breathe in but instead I felt the electric pulse jump to my fingers and again I yanked my hands away.

This time Angie looked at me more suspiciously, "Are you sure that you're Ok?"

"Yeah, just fine..."

Angie cocked an eye brow obviously not believing me. "Can I ask a question?" She asked after a moment of silence. "If it's about the classwork I don't think I'll be able to help you." I told her with a nervous chuckle.

The light-haired girl laughed, "Ok, no, it's not about school work. I'm done already. Anyway I wanted to ask..." She leaned in closer and the amount of heat wafting from her body seemed unusual as well as made me slightly uncomfortable. "Are you non-human?"

"Why do you ask?"

The girl suddenly backed up and did a fist pump in the air "I knew it!"

"WAIT, hold on, I didn't say anything!" I grew panicked and slightly unnerved.

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