"Backup Plans are Always Violent"

Amy's POV-

After arriving home, Gertrude left me alone and I spent most of the day reading books and generally goofing off. The heat wasn't that bad without the A.C; I'm sure in some places it was much worse.

I tried checking my phone just for fun and was surprised to see one bar of data from the cell towers' and their backup power. What surprised me even more was when the old phone started ringing the familiar ringtone I knew as Poppy. I picked it up almost instantly but the hurt feelings I had flickered briefly in my gut reminding me of our last encounter but I pushed those aside for the moment.

"Hey, Poppy."

"I'M BOOORRREEED" She droned loudly on the receiving end. I had to pull my phone away from my ear for a second. "Thank you for bursting my eardrums, do you need anything?"

"I just wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out for he last remainders of the day." She said sweetly. "I've got nothing to do so why not." There was a loud squeal on the other end of the phone before Poppy said, "Meet me at the cafe" with that she hung up.

I slid out off of my bed and ran outside towards the Cafe; it wasn't too far away and a few minutes later my eyes picked up Poppy walking in the distance. I waved her down which resulted in the girl speeding up her pace until she was standing directly in front of me.

She gave me a quick hug before pulling away and saying, "It's like the town sort of reverted back to old days, I mean they are more kids out now."

"Well some don't have generators but the cell towers still work apparently so I guess you could still play games on your phone but it would just cost data." I reminded myself that I had to stop leaving my phone at home, I mean what if an emergency happened? "And this didn't really affect us because we're always outside right?" Poppy tied up her hair into a tight ponytail with a hairband that I hadn't seen on her wrist.

"Speak for yourself I want my A.C."I panted, "It's supposed to be getting colder not hotter."

Poppy just snickered at my antics as we started to walk away from the Cafe and meandered around the streets, that was until the hurt feeling came back. It was starting to annoy me.I hadn't noticed i stopped until Poppy commented on it. "Why did you stop walking?"

I decided that now was a good a time as any and that feeling probably wasn't going to go away until I did, "Poppy, you kinda hurt my feelings with your comment about my affinity...."

Poppy paused with a faint look of shock, "I thought it took more than that to hurt your ego." She playfully punched my shoulder, "Well I'm sorry.... " Scuffing the ground with her boot she continued "You were spending a lot of time with Gertrude and others, I guess I thought I was losing my best friend."

"Awww, well what do you want to do now?" At that point we passed by one of the new 'security measures' the President taken in his goal to 'keep the town safe'. Two humans in dark suits rigidly standing a few feet away from the alleyway's walls. One was a shorter woman the brown hair pulled into a severe looking bun the other a male with slightly more laid back features but that didn't stop the idea from forming in my head and a sneaky smirl from spreading across my lips. "Actually why don't we show this outsiders who this town really belongs to."

"Oh no not another prank." Poppy groaned. "What?! Isn't that how you got Hamlet?" I said once were out of earshot.

"Her name isn't Hamlet! It's Cocoa!" Poppy huffed. Now it was my turn to snicker. "Back to awesome plan-" Poppy interrupted with a groan "If it has to do with those agents, you know we'll be in big trouble if we're caught!"I simply patted her head and tutted, "That is why we won't get caught and I will be distracting them while you paint their backs."

"WHAT! WAIT HUH?!" Poppy shook her head to clear her mind, "Oh Jesus, how are you gonna distract them anyway, and what do you mean by painting?"

"By painting I mean just that!" I first my thought was regular room paint but all the shops that sold that I was banned from so another idea morphed into my brain, "OK, actually we'll use something different, spray paint; should dry fast enough too!" At my words Poppy looked skeptical "Alright now explain you being the distraction." I smirked, "No one can resist a doggy." Poppy's look grew more severe "You're your whole plan hinges on you hoping that two stick ups won't be able to be resist a dog- which might I remind you- has two inch long fangs, is bigger than a toddler and has teeth sharper than a knife... The security of this is bulletproof..." The girl rolled her silver eyes and I flicked her forehead.

"I've got a back-up plan don't worry."

"Uuhhhgg, your backup plans are 9/10 always violent!" Poppy groaned while I just chuckled at her exaggeration.


We agreed to meet back here in 20 minutes, that time frame was now up and Poppy was back- dressed mostly in a camouflaging black that would hide her well in the shadows of the streets- meanwhile I had gone to get the spray can; the color being a bright and vivid red and handed it to Poppy who shuffled in the darkness. "This is sooo tight, I feel like I'm being strangled!"

"It's not my fault the only black shirt you have is a size too small."

"Why don't you have to dress in suffocating clothes again?"

Ariadne Black

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