Cooperating with Home Invasion

Amy's POV-

"Well... The best way to cover a lot of land in a short time is by flying." Gertrude said like it was the simplest thing in the world. "We'll find this little speech quicker this way."

"Another problem... I don't know how to fly." I huffed. Gertrude just smiled. "You have a bird morph, all you have to do is learn how to use it, I'm thinking old fashioned-toss-outta-the-nest kinda learning."

"I feel like you shouldn't be a teacher." I glared. Kate sighed, bemused. "Alright, since you can't fly, why don't you shift into a dog and try to sniff out the biggest throng of people; where there's a big crowd of people something exciting is bound to be happening. Meanwhile Gertrude and I will be birds and try looking from the sky. We can even make it a challenge; whoever finds it first wins."

"What's the prize?" I crossed my arms over my chest.

Kate looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, "Whatever you like to keep as treasure I'll give to you if you win, but if I win I get to stick around to help take care of you."

"Why would you ask that as a winning favor?"

"Because you're family and family doesn't deserve to be alone." She patted my head comfortingly and after checking around to make sure nobody was watching shifted into to a white, red and black bird with a shiny grey beak made for eating seeds.

"Ok, so Amy I'm gonna shift and then you, as soon as you shift the challenge is on,Ok?" Gertrude said and I just nodded. Gertrude shifted into her green feathered bird and as soon as she did I changed into my dog form; I hadn't even shifted all the way I took off running.

Most of the people I followed just led to their houses or a gruff kick to the which I responded with a harsh growl back. I trailed a mix of scents that overlapped and twisted with each other. Some of the times it they bundled and there were just too much that it was an overload of scenes that a thumping headache started to work its way up my skull; at that point I'd turn away.

               Think, where is a businessman most likely going to hold a speech were everyone can gather and here him?

              Not the bar where I've been hanging out obviously because he's not here.

             No, you twit, the Town Square...

I could practically feel the eyeroll as well as embarrassment from myself from not thinking of that sooner. I sprinted towards the Town Square and as I got closer the more people started to roam the sidewalks; I had to dodge and squeeze between their legs.

The hot, spicy scent of anger clouded the air and only got stronger as I trotted towards the center of the group of humans. No longer were there any supporting opinions towards the president, only malicious thoughts and emotions in the town of Miaskoa.

The shrieking feedback of a mic being tapped hurt my sensitive ears. I looked towards the sound past all the legs and saw a makeshift wooden stage, one that could be dismantled later.... Or burned.

               I like the latter, let's get Katie to burn it.

              How about no? And isn't her name Kate not Katie.

There was a derisive snort but nothing else was said and as if we summoned her, Kate in a swooping divebomb of red and white feathers flew past my head before twirling like a torpedo in the air and making a U-turn and landing back in front of me. There were shrieks in the crowd as ladies and men tried to bat what looked like a flying bloody puff ball away from their skirts and shirts.

Gertrude landed more gracefully next to me and gestured with a wing to go to the outskirts of the crowd where we would be less likely to make a scene or be seen.

The 'seen' part was kind of too late though, already people were nudging me out of the way with their legs or shooting dirty glare; so I trotted over to the edge of the crowd were no one noticed us huddled together. Kate was perched on my head standing proudly, swiveling her head from side to side looking for any danger and Gertrude sat comfortably on my shoulder; simply watching.

The microphone screeched again and I followed the wire to find it was hooked up to what looked like a small box that was probably providing it energy. A man was fiddling with the box and he looked extremely frustrated at the moment. The strange thing was that I could feel the faint electricity coming from the box. It was a power source. I could feel more sources- stronger ones- scattered sparsely. I was confused, it was knowing where all the furniture in a room was when you close your eyes, the feeling was simply there.

                      That's the power generators all over town your senses and your just sensing their electricity. You can do it with heartbeats and humans too, but I wouldn't suggest it, this early on you might go insane.

               Well thanks for the advice... I guess.

The man who was messing with the box seemed to finally fix it because he got up-the disgruntled look on his face stayed- and walked behind the makeshift stage. A moment later a male that made me growl with recognition climbed on stage with a friendly smile. The familiar silver necklace caught the sunlight and shone for a brief moment before it slipped back under his suit shirt. It was the Jeweler that had nearly strangled me. He had on red tinted glasses that seemed to have a double layer on them. They were funny looking a blocky if anything but I remembered his face and let out a low quite hiss.

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