New Roomate

Amy's POV-

I got home, locked the door behind me and ran into my room to shift back. No one in the house that I could hear of and I ran back downstairs and waited creepily by the door. After a while the door clicked and opened. It had to have been someone with a key and sure enough my mother pushed through the door. A shopping bag weighed down with groceries and other goods in one hand and in the other her purse.

I stepped away from the door as she looked at me in a mixture of surprise and confusion. "Oh... I didn't know you were home, Amy." She smiled, her lips painted a pastel pink. Her hair wrapped in a braided bun.

I stepped further away and held my hands behind my back. "Yep I'm back sooner than expected." I chuckled, "What's that? You got groceries?" I nodded my head towards the bag that was straining against the weight of its contents. "Maybe you should go put all those away in the kitchen before the bag breaks!" I helped carry the heavy bag while Mother trailed slightly confused behind me. After dropping the bag on the dining table I rushed back to the front door to wait like a guard dog.

Then a knock came on the front door. I immediately opened it and found a in an unfamiliar uniform standing at the steps, she was a police officer obviously and I knew why she was here but I slammed the door saying, "sorry we already have a religion."

There was a stuttering response beyond the door before another came. I debated whether or not I should open the door again, but just opened the door anyway.

"Excuse me miss, but can I come in and talk to your parents?"

"No..." I slammed the door again but it didn't close completely. The officer had jammed her foot in the opening of the door before it could close. A yelp of pain emitted from the female and I opened the door again with a sigh. The officer's face was scrunched up in pain and as she tried to continue speaking she stuttered. I glared at her and from the kitchen my mom's voice called out. "Who's at the door?"

"No one!" I called back but she must not have believed me as she came out and saw the officer. She rolled her eyes and pushed me aside as she approached the door. "Be nice, Amy." She scolded before turning her attention to the officer who had managed to smother the scrunched look of pain off her face and put on a smile as well.

"Oh, hello, you must be the owner of this lovely place, may I come in?"

"No." I said just as my mom said "Yes" and waved the police woman inside. I looked between the two and curled my lip up in a silent snarl as they talked, there was no getting rid of her now. She wasn't going to listen to me now an if I tried to make her leave, mom would just intervene so I just marched to the stairs where I listened in on the conversation in the shadows.

"Oh, yes you can stay here, we'd be happy to have you here." My mother said a little to quickly and happily to the cop's question. "In fact you can stay with my daughter, you met her actually, her bedroom is at the top of the stairs really." Mother smiled brightly while I scowled and the lady seemed to sense the piercing negativity that I was glaring at her because she turned and looked at where I was scowling in the darkness but didn't seem to know it was me looking at her.

She turned back to what my mother was saying and I abandoned what the conversation to go back to my room to await the impending moment the stranger would come into my room and try to make it her own. Keyword 'try'.

Just as predicted, around half an hour later, the female cop nervously shuffled through the doorway of my room. A facade of bravery and authority plastered on; I almost believed it until my glare sent the act wavering and I saw through it. Auburn colored hair was pulled up into a sleek, glossy ponytail and dark, vivid, green eyes stood out on the pale freckled skin of the cop's face. "Well, my name is Sammatha, you can call me Sam" She chuckled "Well since I said it I guess you have to call me Sam."

Irritation flared inside me and I vowed to call her Sammatha just out of spite. Sammatha cleared her throat. "I guess we'll be sharing a room... it won't be too weird, just think of me as your sister!"

"I hate my 'sisters'" I scowled.

"Well, there must be someone you can just think of me as someone." I have no full-blooded siblings whose presence that I tolerate." My scowl deepened.

"Ok... Just pretend I'm not here then!" She said too cheerfully. I raised my eyebrow had her and dropped my scowl, "My mom talked to you about me, didn't she? She wants you to watch me as well... Doesn't she.." I glared.

Samantha looked away and I smirked. "Fine, I have my answer."


               I think Mother dearest knows what we are, but not our fullest extent.


             I sense our lovely roommate has some suspicions but we should take caution around her regardless, as not to reveal anything.

          Agreed... Getting rid of her won't be easy either, or around her.

My smirk stayed on my face, ".... Fine we can share a room, but has my dear mother as mentioned my prefered method of retaliation is blackmail?" My smirk grew as Sammantha seemed to struggle with words, "Y-you can't threaten an officer!" She stuttered

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