New Schedule

Amy's POV-

The electricity came back on in the middle of the night. I knew because immediately all the lights blared on and shined their illuminecence down on my face which not only woke me up but blinded me momentarily as well.

Samantha was disgruntled as well and clearly didn't enjoy being aroused from her sleep. She sat up sleepily from the pile of blankets that were given to her for slumber and flattened the auburn hair that was akimbo around her face before sliding off of the rarely used mattress that was also given to her to sleep on. She mumbled swear words and threw a pillow at the ground while going to shut the light.

I hissed quietly and buried myself under my blankets, took my pillow and shoved it over my head. Pretty soon any muffled light that was seeping through was darkened as the lightswitch was flicked off my Samantha and I heard her footsteps trail back to the mattress on the floor all the while accompanied with grumbles about lost sleep.

               Since the electricity was on I guess that meant school was back on... But since I didn't get reminded about that yet, I'll wait till the email.

I curled into my covers and fell back asleep.


I woke up to rapid shaking at first I ignored whoever it was but that only made them more persistent and the shaking got rougher, at last I sprang out of a tangle of bed sheets to snarl at whoever had awakened me. Samantha jumped back in surprise, shock and turned her green eyes wide yet a small bit of fear tinged the color of her irises and I could smell the faint pungent smell of it as well.

"It's time to wake up; your mother said so, school emailed, classes are back on starting today... They said students have missed too much school days so just...get ready quickly." Samantha moved further away from me; towards her mattress and sat down.

I growled and stomped down to my closet and changed into my uniform before storming downstairs and out the door with my backpack. I was hoping that they wouldn't email my mother today or at least the school would be too lazy to tell the parents and wait a while longer to get in contact. I grumbled unpleasantries and hunkered into my jacket to block the cold wind that was currently blowing; the temperature didn't bother me but the wind did blow my hair everywhere which was annoying.

When I met with Poppy we stayed in silence until we came to school where one of the staff from the front office came up to us, "You're Amy Thomson? Right?" The question was directed towards me and I nodded, "Excellent, I came to tell you that your schedule has just been changed, one of your electives was removed and replaced with a different class, I can't tell you what at the moment." She handed me a yellow cardstock paper which had my new schedule on it before hurrying away, I noticed in her arms a bunch of the same color cardstock paper peeking out of a manilla envelope. I watched her clip away on high heels to another student and saw her hand that student one of the cardstock papers.

"That's strange, your schedule shouldn't be changing this late in the year."

"Yeah... But also it wasn't like I was doing any well in art class." I glanced over the sheet of paper and found the class that was replaced was just called 'Study Hall' I looked more over and found the teacher was Mr. Snow, my math teacher. I tilted my head back and groaned. "Oh, what's wrong?" Poppy looked over my shoulder after hearing my groan.

"This new class has Mr. Snow has the teacher. " I huffed and shoved the paper into my bag. "Well your life is getting mixed up." She giggled. "I think he's a fine teacher."

"That's because he doesn't actively have it out for you! Now I have him two times a day! He's gonna definitely gonna be begging to embarass me!" I hissed just as the bell rang and Poppy and I split ways to our first period class.

Things were radged from there on, since we had the power out for awhile there was some work that was piled up and in some classes the A.C wasn't hadn't turned on yet so we had to rely on the windows. It was hot when that happened and the agitation seeped into me all throughout that class.

When finally the 'Study Hall' period came around I trudged over to the room. When I got there I was ambushed by Angie who wrapped me in a hug. I shrieked and almost shocked her before she backed away and smiled at me. I just huffed at her and calmed myself down with some effort. Mia was huddled behind her friend and offered me a shy smile which I returned.

"So you guys got this schedule change as well?" I asked them both.

"Yep!" Angie shrugged and pulled out the yellow cardstock paper. I briefly looked over her paper and nodded. More kids were starting to crowd around the room yet the still hadn't opened even after the bell had already rang a few minutes ago.

"Do you even know what this class is?" I asked. Angie just shook her heard, a response that said she didn't, while Mia whispered, "I don't... But so far everyone who's here smells like a Demon."

"Oh great a class full of unstable teenagers." I sighed just as the room's door finally opened and everybody cautiously filed in. I passed Mr.Snow on my way in and kept my head down not glancing at him at all. Everybody took their seats and Mr. Snow walked up to the chalkboard in the front of the class.

"So! Your schedules were changed!" Mr. Snow rocked back and forth on his heels and his voice boomed in the classroom. The desks were in little groups like a pod, Angie and Mia were sitting with me;there was one desk left. "I bet you wanna know why." Mr. Snow continued. "Well, we removed you from one of your electives- most of you weren't doing that great anyway- and we put you in here... why? Because we've got concered parents that they can't teach you everything you all need to know about how not to expose and cause the next armageddon with the amount of teenage angst in your each and everyone of you." Mr. Snow's eyes moved over the class, "Some of you are gonna be more trouble than others." His eyes narrowed on my pod of desks and I wrinkled my nose at him and bared my teeth. Angie snickered and pinched my leg from underneath the group of desks.

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