Amy's POV-

It was cold and dark when I awoke. The sour smell of antiseptics stung my nose and metal bars pressed in around me. I was in a cage, and as I tried to stand to see what was outside the bars my legs gave out from under me; they felt like jelly. And I felt hollow and empty, I couldn't feel the usual buzz of electricity under my skin, instead there was just the faint jump of a pulse.

I couldn't go to see where we were but looking to the left and right of myself I could only see more rows of cages.

I laid on the base of the cage and I noticed that it was covered in a mat of rubber. My eyes were growing heavy and I soon couldn't fight off sleep any longer. For the second time, I fell into darkness.


This time when I woke up there was light. A dim flickering light that wasn't exceedingly bright but shed enough light that I could now make out where I was. I dragged myself to the edge of the cage and looked out. The room I was in was large and white. It looked like it hadn't been used for years. A dusty counter was piled with beeping equipment and unique looking gadgets. In front of the counter was a chair, like the ones at school. Above the counter was a wide screen that was running through equations and formulas too fast for me to make out.

The screen was connected to a bunch of looping wires that ran down along the pale walls and connected to an electrical outlet. There was a smaller screen mounted next to the large one and I realized that it was displaying the cages, I could see myself move in grainy pixelated bits on the T.V's screen. There was another figure- below me to the right- that sat curled up in the corner of the cage. Jack.

I was about to yip out to him when the door to the room opened. A disheveled man in a lab coat walked in with a slight limp to his gait and I noticed his breathing was off as well. He dragged behind him a sack that clearly held something moving inside of it. The movement was frantic, it pushed and stretched the fabric of the sack, yet it never ripped.

The man sighed, scratched his head, before pulling out a gun. He aimed it and fired it right through the bag. The movement died down. I looked to see if there was any blood, if that was a bullet then there would have to be something!

Putting the gun down the man reached inside the sack and pulled out a ball of lime green scales. He walked over to one of the cages and shoved the creature into the jail of steel bars.

They uncurled once they were in the cage and I saw a tiny red feathered dart stuck in their stomach.

               So they're just asleep.... Good, that means they'll wake up and we can decide on how we're getting out of here.

The man sank with a sigh into the old chair in front of the counter of gadget and didn't once turn around to look at us again My father in the bottom corner groaned- which was more of a growing hissing sound- and tried to stand up but ended up smashing into cage walls. His spiral horn jammed stuck. After a serious of frantic bashing growing he managed to unlodge it and just sat down with a blank look.

The man didn't get up or seem bother by all the noise.

If we wanted to get out of here we'd have to communicate, but I couldn't communicate by mouth I'd just have to do it with a mindlink. I felt Jack's mindlink in my mind, it was next to Kate's but didn't feel as intense as hers.

I touched it and felt flooded with a sensation of coldness, I didn't let it freeze me over and quickly said into mindlink.

"How do you think we're gonna get out of here?"

There wasn't any reply for a short while and I was wondering if maybe he passed out when it came.

"Honestly I don't know, but we have to get out of these cages first. Do you think that man has a key?"

I pressed my face against the cage's steel bars and looked the man up and down from where he was sitting. He was tinkering with one of the gadget, screwing something into place. I glanced at the coat pockets of his lab coat to see if there was a bulge that would indicate a ring of keys or even just one key. There wasn't.

"I don't think so.. I mean I don't see anything." I mindlinked. I moved away from the front of the cage and curled up in the back.

Nothing was 'spoken' anymore and I nestled my head between my paws. The man suddenly slammed his fist down on the counter with a growl making me jump. He tossed the gadget he was working on away; it clattered to the floor. He stood up abruptly and it looked like he was shaking with anger.

"Idiots... They wouldn't have anything without me..." He hissed lowly. He clutched his hand and pounded it on the metallic surface again. "Then they go and break everything I work on!... Dumbass don't know how to work anything!" His voice was tense and cold as the ice that Jack froze the ground with.

Shaking with anger he swiped off everything on the counter and furiously left the room. The fur on my back bristled and what little energy I had was started to pulse in weak waves under my skin.

                "You need to calm down, you don't have any energy left. If you use it now you'll pass out again." Jack said in my head.

I shrunk down in my cage and huddled in the corner trying to calm down. A few moments a short man quite different from the first one stormed in and with a start I recognized his face. It was Richard from the speech and who almost strangled me. With an angry grunt he picked up a broom and swept everything under the counter.

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