Dog Bites

Chapter 4 : First day at work?

On Monday morning, she was walking to the villa, wearing jeans and a white shirt and a black jacket. at 7 am she stopped in front of the villa and the door started opening then the car went out and stopped in front of her, Kano was sitting next to Clary and Lilly in the back seat, she went next to her and the little kid hugged her

Lilly: Ritaaaaa

Rita: morning princess, how are you? 

Lilly: the princess is fine 😊

Rita: good, (looked at them) good morning.

Clary: good morning Ms. Rita 

Kano: morning.

Rita: "wow he replied"... 

Clary was driving for more than half an hour, he even went out of the city, she wanted to ask but she didn't. After a while the car stopped in front of a building written on it "Lidia holding" they went all out, Kano was leading the way, it was a big building nice inside and outside.

they took the elevator then walked to an office, he opened the door and they went in; it was a beautifully appointed office, there was a big desk full of books and files, behind it was a window with a nice view, right next to the desk was a small desk with drawing books and colored pens, on the right there is a closet and on the left there was a pink curtain when he moved it there was a small bed behind it .

Kano: since she's still a kid she needs to sleep.

Rita nodded 

Kano : (looking at Lilly) so you'll stay with Rita in this room from now on, princess?

Lilly: yes brother!! I like the room!

Kano : (to Rita) my office is in the next corridor, there are two files on the disk study them well then you'll report the issues that may occur because of them. if anything happens you can call or press this button under your desk.. take good care of her. I'll be leaving now.

Clary: have a nice day Mr. Rita!

they went out while both of them (Rita and Lilly) sit on their desks.

Rita: so princess, shall we start working hard *_*

Lilly: yes Mme!! I'll draw many drawings then we stick them in the wall 😁

Rita: that's the spirit!!! 

She started studying the files, checking Lilly and joking with her in between. After some time;

Lilly: em hungry.

Rita: oh.. okay princess it's lunchtime already shall we go eat?

Lilly: no I eat here no people!

Rita: but I can't leave you alone here.

Kano : (was at the door) em glad em not disappointed.

Rita : (turned to him) you.. brought lunch... I thought you're not here!

Clary: we were going but Sir remembered that he didn't tell you to not leave her alone or go to the restaurant.

Rita: it's not like I'd leave her alone even if I wasn't told so.

Clary: those are the keys, you just have to press this button to get in then to lock it. (gave it to her)

Kano: we'll be going now. we may be a bit late so when you finish you call a taxi and it'll be in front of the company in two minutes. go directly to the villa. 

Rita: weren't we supposed to discuss the files?

Kano: I got something else to take care of.

he went out without waiting for her to say anything.

Rita: assw.. (remembered Lilly) a.. "asseyez vous" means sit in French did you know that?? 👩‍🏫

Lilly: no 😮

Rita: well let's sit and eat then haha.

They ate then Lilly slept in her bed while Rita kept on studying the files and writing notes.

At 17pm she put Lilly's drawings in her bag and called a taxi.

Rita: now we're going home 🎶

Lilly: yes! 

She held her hand and went out, the taxi was still not there .. they were waiting for like 4 minutes then it came.

Rita: finally! get in princess.

They got in, in the back seat; and she gave him the address and he started driving. 

Lilly was talking to Rita about her drawings then she slept.  Rita was staring at the window as she always does whenever she's in a car and after a while, she noticed that he noticed that he's going in the opposite direction of the town, the taxi was heading to the capital. She looked at him he was a kind of redhead had very white skin and a light sprinkling of freckles on his nose, clearly a foreigner.

She started panicking, her mind was too busy thinking about the bad stuff that she forgot Lilly is sleeping next to her. She looked at her and started breathing slowly "I gotta calm down... it's not the time to panic, he doesn't know that I noticed ..."

She took her cell turned on the GPS, then sent a msg to Clary "the taxi driver is kidnapping us I turned on the GPS"

Then she put the ear cover on Lilly's ears. She lifted her while panicking 

Rita: omG!! Lilly??! she fainted!! we need to get her out of the car and get the medicines for her I forgot them at the company!! 

The driver: what?? what's wrong with her?

Rita: she is sick and I forgot the medicines at the company can we go back, please? 

the driver: it'd be faster if we take her to a pharmacy there is one close to us, we'll be there in 3 minutes.

she was trying not to wake up Lilly, and pulling herself together so that he doesn't know that she's lying, she checked  her phone , Clary sent a message a minute ago "we're too close try buying some minutes" the driver stopped the car in front of a pharmacy in a not too lively area, she carried Lilly and went out of the taxi but unfortunately Lilly woke up 

Lilly: we're home?

Rita took her and stepped back while he stepped forward and had that mad expression on his face

the man: you really tricked me little...

Lilly: who's

Rita: Lilly get in the pharmacy and wait for me 

Lilly: "panicking " no... no pharmacy ... let's go home...

the man: give me the kid and I'll let you go, you have nothing to do with this

Rita : (pushing Lilly behind her while looking at two men passing by, they were looking without trying to help) "damn it.. this will never change.. no one will help, and em not that free with Lilly with me. where are you guys?" on my dead body!

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