Dog Bites


Rita put the blanket on and held his right arm while Kareem put the other one in the sling and handed her the medicines. Clary carried Lilly and they went to the car.

Kareem: don't forget to not use your arm and be careful with it, disinfect it and take the antibiotics . and make sure to eat well and rest! 

Kano: and you be careful, you are followed.

Kareem: save your breath and don't underestimate the power of a lively man. young lady bear with that nephew of mine or he'll never get a life.

Rita + Kano : 😑

Clar: I'll call you soon Kareem.

He started driving while Rita made kano lay a bit on her to keep his shoulder safe, while he's barely awake, she got her cell and called her mom.

Rita: mom...

Hala: where are you till now?

Rita: I got a lot of work mom, I won't be able to come back tonight and tomorrow too.

Hala: you're kidding right?

Rita: mom every office has a bed in it, I'll lock it and sleep it's safe, and those will be extra hours don't worry, take care of Rami and sleep well.

Hala: o okay take care too.

Kano: wow .. a good liar.. why would you stay over tonight ? The last thing I need now is  a headache .

Rita: you're barely staying awake yet talking this much .. not like you at all.

Clary: check his forehead, please.

She put her hand and removed it at the same second.

Rita: he is burning!! that makes sense 🤦 hurry up! 

Kano: shut it both of you .

They kept silent for some minutes then he started talking while breathing heavily.

Kano: since you're supposed to hear the rest .. of the story .. I'll tell it to you. 

Rita: no nee..

Kano: shut it .. in Switzerland I participated in the underworld battles and for every win I got money ..then we started a company. Mother was a fan of clothing and good at making special ones.. after a year we created our own brand and after succeeding there we established some companies around the world including this one.. we earned a lot, thanks to that.. however they didn't stop searching for us. They have people everywhere but we managed to hide thanks to the .. fake identities. 

Rita: you can tell me the rest tomorrow you kn..

Kano: shut it  ..ah.. already.

Rita: okay sorry.

Kano : the old man didn't lose hope to get me again but he tried something else as well.. he got in a relationship with an artist there, a simple woman who was making Russian dolls known as Matryoshkas but didn't know they are using it to smuggle drugs through it.. , he hoped to get another son to be the next head of his group later but he got a girl instead ..

Rita : (surprised) L.. Lilly?

Kano: yes,. then he left her alone without protection.. when she figured out what's going on she was already followed by his enemies. Then she contacted my mother through one of Clary's men there begging her to help her about Lilly.. mother asked me to get them .. I went with Clary but we were too late for Lilly's mother.. their house was found .. even though it was surrounded by people and houses. no one would interfere to help .. she was killed in front of Lilly who was hiding in the closet looking from a small hole, and she didn't leave it until I found her after a day crying, shaking, terrified... no one went into the house, even the police didn't come.. somehow I managed to get her out of there and we went back .

Rita: that's .. that's ...

Kano: Clary will continue later .. I talked a lot already. 

Clary: we're home!

They got in the villa, she helped him get into his room and sit in bed,  it was the first time she sees it, it was painted in blue and has black curtains.

On the wall was a big picture of a beautiful lady smiling who looks a bit like him especially the eyes.

Clary: that's Ms. Lidea.

Rita: yeah I figured out.

Kano: would you mind? I need to change.

Rita: but...

Kano: wanna help me change my pants or what?

Rita: Rude! -_- (went out with Clary)

Clary: I'll go get dinner.

Rita: before that tell me the rest of the story.

Clary: it already ended. when we were back with Lilly we found Ms. Lidea in the hospital, Bogdan's enemies found her and she was shot, miraculously she didn't die but she is in a coma since then. and we moved to London for a year then we were found again. and here we are now. Ms. Lidea is here in the room next to Kano's.

Rita: show me the bathroom I need to wash my hands.

He did show her then went out, she was washing her hands which were still covered with blood and thinking " what was all of that? mafia, guns, drugs.. most of all .. that man whom I insulted more than once and judged since the first day .. got shot in my place .. and I took his expressionless face for a cold heart.. while he went through all of that .. (sigh) and here I was thinking that I'm having a miserable life.."

She finished washing then walked back to the room while thinking, she stopped in front of the room.

Kano: come in.

Rita : (surprised) " how did he know em here I said nothing yet".

she got in, he was laying and asked her to sit with his eyes, she did.

Kano : (after a while of silence) I am sorry about what happened today.

Rita : (shocked) you .. are sorry? 

Kano: I didn't intend to get you involved in this. all I thought about is that Lilly will get better having around and I'll be able to take care of the rest .. what happened today was on me .. and I had to apologize.

Rita : (more shocked) i .. I a

Kano : (looked at her) you lost your voice??

Rita: no noo!!

Kano: anyway, just to make it fair I should also admit that I didn't think you wouldn't give her to them to save your life .. I don't know whether you're brave or stupid (Rita 😑) but thanks to you I was able to make it in time.  you're free to quit .. forget about the contract and go back to your normal life. I'll also get you a good and safe jo

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