Dog Bites


She was standing in the big collider in front of two men who were staring at her while she wasn't even aware of them, she was thinking about what's going on inside.

Rita remained there waiting in silence until the two girls who were inside came her way and another woman was with them.
They were wearing tight clothes, one had red hair and the other one a blonde, the third was wearing some kind of tight black legging and a crop top and she seemed so familiar. 
Rita kept on looking at her and then she remembered who she was.

Rita: You? Jasmin?

Jasmin: I see you recognized me huh? I didn't think I'll actually see you again but well you exceeded my expectations.

Rita: So you were a spy after all? Pretending to be a housekeeper, no wonder you unchained the dogs at that time...

Jasmin: well I got scolded because of you from the hot young leader and the boss as well, you fucking bitch.

Rita: (offended because if the "hot" word) really? Happy to know so.

The red-haired woman: Hey there, you know that you're not somewhere you can get comfy in right? Don't get all confident just because you're his girlfriend, he'll end up here again and you'll end up either dead or thrown somewhere.

Rita: Ms red head em really scared see? My face turned pale.

Jasmin: his what?

Rita: She said his G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D...mmm Hearing problems?

Jasmin: You bitch.

Rita: any dogs to unchain? Or maybe this time unchaining those people around since you can do nothing on your own?

Jasmin was clearly angry and with Rita making fun of her she couldn't take it neither the other two with her and she stepped forward to slap her while Rita is still smiling from how easy irritating her was and she was ready to stop her but before they go further Kano was out and right in front of Rita looking at Jasmin.

Kano: more even than a girlfriend Ms housekeeper.

Jasmin got embarrassed and didn't know what to say so she just backed down, while Rita was looking at him.

Rita: Can you make some sounds when you come out or something? Every time sneaking in like a snake 😑

Kano: keep on ruining the moments 😑

Rita: Sorry xD

Kano: Let's get going rockhead.

They were about to get out but two men arrived toward them, clearly were in a hurry. One of them was shorter than Kano, had blue eyes and dark black hair, wearing a grey hoodie and black sporty pants and the other was a bit taller wearing a blue suit. The moment Kano saw them he smiled and waited for them.
The guy with the suit hugged him while Kano was still smiling.

Kano: you won't stop this kind of moves no matter what right? Not even after 9 years huh?

The guy with the suit: And you don't hug your friend after 9 long years.

Kano: It's been a long time John.

Then he looked at the other guy who got his right hand out of his pocket and pointed his fist forward.

Kano: (smiling more and brofisting him) Arso the intro.

Arso: Glad you're still in one piece mate.

Kano: me too.

John: You could've called us or contacted us you know, we're your childhood friends.

Arso+Kano+Rita: 😑😑😑

Arso: You stupid? 😑

Kano: Maybe I should've just came here and surrendered after all 🤷‍♀️.

Arso looked at Rita for a second then at Kano then put his hand in his pocket again.

Arso: Not bad.

Kano: at all.

Arso: Good for you, don't be stupid.

Kano: No worries.

John: what is the not bad? We got better women in here 🤔

Rita: Even I got what he means but you didn't 🤦‍♀️ (looked at Kano) how is he still alive till now in "your world"?

Kano and Arso laughed while John blushed and smiled.

Kano: we'll be taking our leave now, you take care guys.

John: But where are you going man.

Kano: (looked At Rita then smiled) Home, for now this is my number since there is no need to hide it anymore (he gave them a card).

John: (hugged him lightly again) well then be careful too.

Arso: (while going away) Stay alive man.

Kano nodded then held Rita's hand and went out. She was looking at him, the way he held her hand and the way he was talking, there is something wrong with him or that's what she thought. She couldn't ask him about what he talked about with his father but she was so worried about it.

They were in the car and he started driving while she was still worrying about what happened or what will happen.

Kano squeezed her hand suddenly when she was spacing out, she looked at him and he smiled.

Kano: Everything is alright, don't worry!

Rita: (surprised) stop reading my mind every time 😑

Kano: It's not like I need to read it, I can tell just looking at your face.

Rita: (blushed then continued) and I can tell just hearing how you're talking or acting, don't try to fool me now.

Kano: I'm not trying to fool you, I said everything is okay and you know that it is so if I say it!

Rita: Well I do but...

Kano: what was that again? Dying with me is happiness itself huh?

Rita: You motherfucking...don't tease me like that, you can go die I don't care.

Kano: With whom you will die then? I can't do that 🤷‍♂️

Rita: Oh wow 😑

He kept on driving for a while but it wasn't the same way they came from, Rita thought he was taking another way that's why she didn't ask and he was looking at his phone every now and then till it rang suddenly, he answered, didn't say anything at first but his facial expressions changed, became kind of intense.

Kano: Now? Okay but be on time. Yeah, you better do so. Once for all Bogdan, once for all and remember the deal.

He put his phone away and kept on driving, knowing Rita's face was full of worries without looking at her he extended his arm waiting for her to hold his hand and she did, she squeezed it and he squeezed hers even more and it was so reassuring.

Kano: You trust me right?

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