Dolour a book of Poetry


At the end of the tunnel,  
There's always a light,  
Sometimes soft, at times bright,

The greater the darkness, the brighter it is,
Coursing through the night inside in it,

Exhausted is Life,
Sorrows, and regrets,
Greed of people, inside a hive,

Starting from Birth,
A torture it seems,
Seems like a curse,
Reeks of hearse,
A world without dreams,

Leisure is a way,
How idle it may be,
Indolence is Cray,
A life unto thee,

Horrible nightmares,
Terrible desires,
Fluctuation adheres,
Culpable attire,

A journey with meaning,
Filled with feelings,
Incomprehensible yet appealing,
It is a life,
A life so reeling,

We all make mistakes,
Dell of dolour
Rend so apace,

Because we are still lucent,
In the dark amusement,
We 're still Alive,
In this hell of Life,

As long as it goes, and we shall know,
The brighter the hope, the longer we hold,
The beauty of Life, shall never be sold,
A dream of Silver will never be Gold,


Edited: 13.10.2020

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