Electus 2

A short overview of the Religions in this fictional world.

Basically, Most Ignites for example, Worship the Source of Fire even though most don't even know what the Source of Fire is.
All they know is a religion filled with theories, personal thoughts and maybe yes maybe not thoughts.
It is the same for the other races. Kastarians Worship the Source of Teleportation, Zamerians Worship the Source of Healing, Lerazians Worship the Source of Mind Control and so on and so on.
illustratios/illustratians(Both terms acceptable) Worship "Xakro illustratio l" as a God.
They believe that he became a god once he conquered all of Ignis and died after.
Last but not least, there are some individuals who believe that there is a God with a Status above the 8 Sources who can wipe out each source if that God pleases.


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