Electus 2

Eat, Sleep and Train!

Taking light breaks wasn't a waste of time if well organized of course.
After that meal, 4 more hours of continuous  lighter exercise followed which were mandatory to developing every muscle needed when it comes to wielding a Sword.
Through these exercises, none will be handling a sword.

They would exercise, such as carrying boulders for 100 yards back and forth with a short break in between.
Push ups had to be done as well of course. Under an hour each Guard had to finish doing 200 Push ups. They can choose how to manage time through this exercise but if one fails to do it, he or she is held responsible for the failure and the last meal would be automatically skipped and to make it worse, the one who failed will need to do push ups while the others eat.
They were baby step exercises but mandatory.

Another meal and a 20 minute break followed after those numerous sets of exercises and finished up with 2 more hours of exercise gradually becoming easier too doo.
Woldemir doesn't expect them to be at top efficiency after such a long day.
Basically they exercise 11 hours a day with in between breaks lasting an hour long when all combined, it sure is a hell lot ot exercises.

Woldemir wanted to make Sword Grand Masters out of them indeed.
Imagine a troop of 55 ten foot men and women who are all Sword Grand Masters, marching down a Kingdom. Even an army of 500 can't face them with hopes of winning.

Isabel Progressed tremendously and is half way there to being a master. She was very interested into any exercise and technique Woldemir offered ever since he started training them.
Paying the biggest attention to every little detail each technique or training had to offer. she didn't just go an extra mile to learn more, she went 10.

But the other 9 Guards Eric has chosen to aid for the battle of Gaster Kingdom reached great progress as well.
Through Woldemir's order and discipline they managed to work as one.
They knew each other's weaknesses and advantages, using that in battle and knowing what to defend in battle.
They helped each other progress faster no doubt. Woldemir noticed and pointed out that they indeed learned almost twice as fast as the rest of the Guards.
It is different when a team as a whole aims towards progress.

The Black Smith managed to make full body armor for 7 people through these days. It is not easy to make full body armor for 55 Calidum Lutum. Especially considering that they are 10 feet tall. 
It's a task that a normal Black Smith would take several months too doo. Yet he managed to make 7 already in just 10 days.
In two months or less he will be able to make all of them.

The armor is so well forged that it would take several arrow shots at one specific spot to just break through the armour.
And considering that it is quite difficult to hit a moving target at the same spot over and over, the armor offers great protection from arrows.

But of course if one Guard was to face Over 20 archers who would take a bit of effort to reach, it would end up badly. Especially if the Archers are of an elite team.
Elite team consists of archers above the expert level(4), so it is quite a task to just take one down. They are trained to stay as far away from a target as possible.

The body armor like the Calidum Lutum themselves, was pitch black.
But a hint of pure iron spreading down like veins was to be seen on the armor.
Light and not overly spread, but it was there representing their lava like veins.
The Blacksmith could have used Gold instead of iron, but that of course isn't affordable.
If the armor where to get stolen, they would be all the more valuable.

The armor looked quite good on the men and women. Considering they were all in to an abnormally good shape, the armor on them looked even better.
When Woldemir saw Isabel in full body armor, his heart skipped a beat.
Her Armor brought up her feminine side, which was hard to focus on before from a Women slashing a sword ground trembling hard.

That made Woldemir skip another beat.
He has already been admiring Isabel ever since he saw how well she can fight.
Her beauty was indeed overwhelming as well.
She was of the Calidum Lutum race but her face had Ignite features making her beauty unique and different.
After such grief from losing his wife 15 years ago, he managed to see brighter days thanks to Isabel without her actually doing anything.

Woldemir would love to know her story. What her past is. How to help her. But Isabel isn't agreeing to such plans. She remains silent and all she cares about is the way of the Sword. Perhaps her past was traumatic. Perhaps it still haunts her.
Hard to tell but she is living between people who accept her as who she is and adore her capabilities.

"What do you say Woldemir.
Are my Guards battle ready?"
Asked Commander Alia.
She joined the training shortly after she arrived.

"They certainly have made great progress. With full body armour they will be almost unstoppable."

"On my last visit at Gaster Kingdom, there were roughly 100 Guards. I'm not aware of bigger changes but they don't have the capability to get a larger amount of Guards in even a long period of time without the assistance from a bigger Kingdom.
If they got more Guards, it should be 20 or less."

"Considering the damages Eric caused on Crutal Kingdom, they won't be getting assistance anytime soon."


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