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Zar's Revolution

"So the all mighty Xakro illustratio lll requires my assistance. My sources tell me that nothing but a child Wizard almost wiped Crutal Kingdom out. Is it true?" Asked King Zar, first son of Xakro illustratio lll. Sitting on his throne room while Chan was in front of him, about to listen to the orders of which Xakro made.

King Zar is a rather interesting person, he failed to carry the Bloodline's power which in another way is a good thing because he didn't receive the wounds and burn marks that come along with the curse.

The bad thing about not carrying these powers, is that he can never be the Grand King of Ignis regardless of attempt. In fact he is lucky enough to not dissapear like his other four siblings who as well failed to carry the Bloodline's curse.

"If it wasn't true, I wouldn't make a 3 week journey to reach this place on the edge of the Continent." Said Guard Commander Chan with clear egoism on his tone which is based with irritation towards the King's words.

He feels like he is above Zar even though Zar is literally a King and Chan is just a Guard Commander from the middle of the Continent.
He feels he is in a higher position as Zar is just a person disowned by his own father and Chan is running personal errands for the King.

"Your attitude isn't appreciated here you weedhead. If you weren't sent by my father you would lose your head in a blink of an eye." King Zar threatened, and actually serious about beheading him or having someone else behead him. Stereotypical for a King really.

"Strange of you to call me a weedhead. You are 27 years old and you don't have any weed on your head. And strange of you to call King Xakro your father when he clearly disowned you." Chan's word play to the average person would feel like Daggers on one's neck, but it barely bothers King Zar. He has overcome this specific truth long ago.

He doesn't mind it, but this is his Domain. "Silence!" Yelled Zar with a deep cold tone, murderous in some aspects.

Now of course, Chan was intimidated by Zar right away the moment he yelled. Imagine a 6 foot tall, abnormally physically fit, bald, green guy in full body armor with a longsword on his side, yelling at you. Only Chan would get in such a position, if only he could control his mouth.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to lend your Kingdom a hand in this predicament." King Zar broke it to him, but considering how this conversation went is it even a surprise?

But of course afterwards he shed more light behind his words before Chan could say anything stupid. "I'm aiming to expand my Kingdom. I'm aiming for a better future for my kind. I'm aiming to build residence outside the Kingdom's walls. I'll build the second wall too."

But of course, Chan can't understand progress here, he is just understanding one thing. "You dare to not fulfill the King's request? You do know that he can put an end to your entire Kingdom alone."

But of course King Zar can out compete anyone as dumb as Chan, be it with a Sword or with his word play. "Your Grand King, didn't manage to pass down his powers to any child yet, he is too afraid to attack and he is becoming insane locked behind those castle walls."

Chan wanted to speak, but he couldn't really think of a proper comback against these facts, he looked like a fool enough today. So King Zar continued to state more and more facts, "Over 900 of his people were killed in a moment and all he did was hide in his castle. I'm not rewarding such cowardness with precious workers."

And to finish it off with a rather irreversible blow from both aspects come to think of it, King Zar added in a mocking mysterious tone
"If he wasn't scared, a pest like you wouldn't be running errands for him. I hear your trip to Lan Zhe was quite a "blast". What bullshit is he up to now?"

"None of your concern. What should concern you is that according to illustratian law, if you fail to fulfill a task a Grand King gave upon you, as a King you lose all relations with the illustratian alliance. Meaning you will be exposed to attacks from any member of the illustratian alliance if they choose too attack one day and the rest of the alliance including the Grand King, won't help or defend you." Lucky for Chan he read a book about the illustratian alliance. So in this conversation, he sounded well knowledgeable for once although he is as dumb as a board.

Confident, with a smirk across his face even though he is practically pushing the odds with his head, he added. "I'm aware of that. And I say, bring it on. Today I will declare independce from the illustratian alliance in front of my people.
I do not stand with the views and agendas of the illustratian alliance.
All of you are hungry for power, even if it means killing or raping families. You don't care how many lives you destroy."

He paused for a bit, trying to collect his thoughts and added. "Your alliance call Ignites "Demons" who came from the depths of hell, but your alliance is worse than that."

Asking once more, because he doesn't want to go back empty handed. "Are you absolutely certain that you do not wish to assist the Grand King? There is no going back from this. You will be kicked out of the alliance permanently!"

"Fuck you and his god damned Alliance, I wish to not be part of such brutal ways of life." Finally snapping, he let out his warning. "By the name of God who granted us the sources keeping this continent in tact, I will end the ways of the illustratian alliance, starting from my own Kingdom. Now be gone, anyone of the illustratian alliance is no longer welcome in Pameres Kingdom."

"My people. I come to you with good news." Declared Zar, speaking in the center of the town. Being considerate enough to come out and inform his people in person.

"I declare independence from the illustratian alliance, such way of life is no longer welcomed here. No longer will we kill the innocent for the Alliances personal profit." A "boo" on the crowd was heard.

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