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Mogranius grabbed Commander Alia, Ignited flames underneath his feet and flew in the hole with her. It wouldn't make any sense for someone else to lift her, with them liking each other and all.

Eric was already holding onto Stefan and with no intent of asking what his opinion is about this, he flew down again with Stefan in his arms. The whole team is going down there so hey, who is Stefan to step out?

"Well what about me?" Spoke Woldemir to himself, feeling a bit sad that no one lifted him up. But at the same time it wouldn't be the best idea if anyone but Eric lifts him up.

So he murmured to himself further, "Well I can handle myself I guess."

He took a few steps forward and calmly jumped down the hole, with a form as if he was still standing above ground. As if he wasn't falling down a damn hole of which he didn't know how deep it is at all, he remained with a casual look on his face.

Is this how all Grand Masters behave? It isn't certain, but fear of heights doesn't take place in his agenda.

After he felt like the bottom was closer, he pulled out two small daggers and forcefully stabbed them on the sides of the cave.

His suicidal speed downwards the hole slowed down thanks to the daggers and he ended up dangling on what seemed to be the bottom of the hole, perfect timing when you look at it in the short term.

Well to be fair it wasn't exactly the bottom of the hole, it was more like the end of the hole. Underneath that hole stands a wide cave and to the bottom of that cave, there is water. About 30 feet from where Woldemir is dangling to be more exact.

Feeling that the water is deep enough, he proceeds to pull out the daggers out of the dirt he bashed in earlier and jumped down the pool of water at the bottom of the cave.

This Water is certainly be deep enough to slow down a fall without fatal circumstances, he proved his theory correct once making impact with the pool.

But as he dived in deep because of the gained momentum, he felt something swimming underneath his feet. He could feel the speeding animal drag his body a little bit because of that speed it has, admirable from afar but for Woldemir here this started to become terrifying.

Shortly after he felt something restricting his leg and pulling him underneath the water even further, the worst part is that this isn't any type of fish!

It is a snake, a large snake. Thankfully the snake didn't bite Woldemir or otherwise it would have been very fatal. The snake just used part of its body to start strangling him, to pull him down.

Everyone heard the splash and those who could fly, arrived at the scene without wasting a second with the sole intent to help the struggling Woldemir as they were flying above the Water.

"Where is he?" Eric asked with Stefan still on his hands.

"I should go down and look." Mogranius pitched the idea, and removed his Wizard hat so he doesn't lose it.

They suddenly saw rocks falling down from the ceiling of the cave, it is indeed an earthquake but Eric and Mogranius weren't able to feel it because they are in midair.

Shortly after they saw Woldemir rise from the water with his 2 meter long sword on his hand breaking out of the water first, before he started using the sword as a little paddle to swim better.

This Earthquake is explainable now, he has used the handle of his enchanted Sword to hit the snake, no animal is strong enough to handle that shaking blow.

Seeing the two Ignites fly above him, Woldemir shouted. "Don't just fly there. Get me out of this god forsaken water."

Both Eric and Mogranius flew towards Woldemir and grabbed him from the water without wasting a blink of an eye. It was a wise choice to do so, because the snake didn't yet give up regardless of that strong blow earlier.

The moment Woldemir escaped that pool of water, a snake's head as big as a full grown sheep arose from the water and missed the guys by a foot, almost biting them.

"By the 8 sources of magic and what's good and right. That's a TitanoBoa." Mogranius shouted, instantly noticing the creature solely because of its size.

"What in hell is a Titanoboa?" Yelled Eric in mid air, his sound deafened a bit because of the accelerating speed.

Trying to cut this Biology lesson short, Mogranius shouted back. "It's a Snake, a big one. Before we become its meal we should reach that door we found."

"Yeah no kidding." Eric murmured amongst himself.

As they flew towards the door they claim they found, they spotted Commander Alia and Stefan waving their hands, gesturing them to fly faster so they can shove the thick stone door to close.

In that door there are strange writings as much as Eric could spot in a few seconds earlier before swiftly returning to get Woldemir. These writings are likely before the first era at least since writing although writing evolved slowly over the 6,000 years, it still has no relation to these markings.

It could be old or it could be worse than that, these markings don't look like anything a Snow Ignite would write so it could be something before the Ice Age or differently milestoned as before the First Era.

The door itself is out of hard stone, on that stone there is a mix of red and black markings, giving the demonic vibe. What could there possibly be behind that door?

The architecture here is the least of their concerns right now with a snake looking about 9 meters long chasing them, slithering above the waters. At least that of course was the part of it they can see. there is likely more of the snake submerged in water.

The Titanoboa is bashing against the water in astonishing speeds, the team weren't able at all to fly a good distance away from the snake.

Taking a glance at the dangers, Stefan and Commander Alia started pushing the very heavy stone door in hopes of closing it a bit before the snake manages to reach the door.

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