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As the Group of five made their way towards the hallway after they closed the door, escaping the Titanoboa.

They continue to see strange markings around them in the 28 foot wide and 19 foot tall hallway the deeper they went.

The hallway has an exquisite design without a single doubt, far too much quality to be called just a cave. The red markings mixed up with the astonishing stone design, makes the place look like a hell like structure.

Moss is growing on those hallway walls, and even though the quality is good, cracks on the stonework are to be seen often.

But the whole hallway looks quite stable, declaring that whatever made this cave, did so a very long time ago. Perhaps even far before the first Era poked its battle glory head.

It is a surprise that the Titanoboa splashing on the water itself didn't cause for this hallway to collapse. That's how old this place portrays itself.

The first Era in general was started by the Ignites. Once the Ice Age ended, Snow Ignites returned to their motherland, leaving everything they worked on behind.

Ignites declared a peace treaty after hundreds of years of war for land with the illustratios, settling for all the land the Snow Ignites left behind.

Snow Ignites owned most of the Continent throughout the time when the Ice Age was the most active. 

illustratios and Ignites had barely any land and the Calidum Lutum settled for one town [Lan Zhe] avoiding the war for land, isolating themselves.

Yes the History before the first Era and even before the whole ice age started is pretty messed up but of course it will remain only as History or fiction too as some facts remain unproven.

They walked and walked, slapping their feet against stone felt a bit satisfying too as they've ventured deeper in this hallway seemingly endless hallway.

Only strange markings are to be seen. No one, including Mogranius or Stefan did recognize what these markings say.

If it was written in the Ignite or illustratian language, it would be recognizable even if it was before the second Era.

Writing and reading advanced a lot in the second Era especially but a few letters remained the same.

So if the markings were written in illustratian or Ignite, they would be able to recognize it.

Calidum Lutum letters barely changed ever since they disappeared when the first war for land started. Since this hidden civilisation doesn't favour education, it explains the slow changes.

A key fact in this tunnel however is that the architectural value and overall Stonemasonry is a bit ahead of its time.

The stones are just cut to well, nothing before the first Era could top this.

After they walked for what felt like forever, they reached a bigger opening. The opening included what seemed to be a throne room.

The Throne Room is quite empty, it has nothing but the Throne in here. Everything else has been noticeably ruined by time.

Behind the Throne there's a bigger opening, leading to what looks like some sort of town, a big one. Could this bee a Blue Goblin domain?

Out of a sudden, a creature who can walk on her 2s appeared on the throne, seated.

Gems spread all around the cave lit up, illuminated every inch just by the aid of a clap.

These don't look like Ignite Gems though. In fact don't fit any descriptions as Gems from this Continent.

When the Gems spread out the red light they possess, making everything visible, out of a self defensive instinct Mogranius formed a Fire Shield in a heartbeat, surrounding everyone.

Unleashing a Fire Shield for a beginner could take much longer, but Mogranius having it done hundreds of times in his life, is trained enough to unleash one almost instantly.

"What is that thing?" Asked Eric, having an urge to shoot but curiosity overcoming that urge.

"xbxjxkxkxlxkx" Said the strange creature that's sitting on the throne.

"Demon!" Yelled Mogranius, granting another inch to his Fire shield to be on the safe side.

"Zezezezezezezezezezezezeze" Hollered the labelled Demon, thankfully not standing up from its Throne.

 Woldemir shouted with his 2 meter long Sword pointed forward and craving flesh. "What is it trying to say?"

Continuing, the creature still spoke gibberish. "Maz'p graza!"

"Wait that's in the Calidum Lutum Language." Pointed out Commander Alia, taking a step back since this is getting bizarre.

"What did it say? I'm about to urinate because of this shit." Asked Stefan, trembling in fear.

"It's specifically telling us to not leave." Explained Commander Alia with her short Sword up.

"This is worse than the Titanoboa and I was face to face with that Bastard." Yelled Woldemir holding the Rumbler up.

"Thank you for your patience, I hope it didn't take me too long to recognize your language." Said the creature who sounded like a she.

Her tone is so gentle now and no one's forced to bless their pants anymore just because of the tone.

Taking the liberty and courage to ask questions, Mogranius tightened his teeth against each other and asked. "Who are you. What the hell are you doing underground in this abandoned place."

Direct, but making it all sound like fiction, the strange lady described. "I'm the last of the Earth Demons. A branch of the most intelligent Demons hell had to offer. Well at least before Magic was a thing in this World."

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