Electus 2

Inner Demons(2)

Having a point to state here, tightening his grip around his Sword, Woldemir cited. "I have been noticing rage in my son, ever since that day in the woods. Before we cleared some things out he was cold but not rageful."

Complementing, although not wanting too, she needled. Hmmm... then you are ahead of the people who knew nothing about this. At least men were 8 foot tall, 10,000 years before the first Era began. What a joy it was to kidnap them, now all of you look disappointing."

"So you experimented on humans 10,000 years ago before the First Era started? How old are you?" Asked Eric, his rage became short lasting and got replaced with curiosity once he managed to put everything together.

Eager to explain, although not everything. The Demonic lady stated, "Child I'm 412,873 years old. I'm not alive but I'm not dead either. It is hard to explain what I am."

"I'm not sure why we should trust you with all of this, you're crazy." Bashed Alia, her perception defining her judgment.

And she saw a lot she doesn't like about this lady. For example, her dressing is a bit too exposing.

Her way of talking is tempting even though she is literally speaking how Demons fed the people of this earth, their blood. Not to forget that she gives that psychopathic vibe.

Getting into further detail although she has no business convincing a handful of humans, she asserted. "Don't get me wrong, there are Demons who punish wrongdoers. There are many dimensions of hell for that. The badder you are, the rougher the hell."

Her body started duplicating, surrounding the Fire Shield from 4 sides and looking everyone in the eye.

Keeping everyone's mouth shut she continued to explain. "My people however, come from a Peaceful Dimension. We are visionaries, academics, geniuses. We don't waste our time punishing madmen. If anything, we tried to help your kind."

Her duplicates slowing their movements and eventually disappearing, she articulated. "But enough of that, a greater threat is coming. So as you progress to new powers you must know about all about the Inner Demons."

"What is this great threat you keep mentioning? Enough with the suspense already." Mildly shouted Eric, pissed about that little illusion.

Refusing to answer his question, the Demon lady breathed. "You didn't beat the first Inner Demon yet, you skipped to the second one."

Bashing a fact on her face, he crossed his arms and sased with his whole face. "I'm sorry. I couldn't find Lava when a black Wolf was about to eat my face off."

"Nice Sarcasm kid." Added Mogranius with a short laugh.

Throwing a threat, she gazed upon the Electus' eyes and spoke without moving her lips. "Sarcasm won't get you far child, I can claim Ignis if I wanted too."

Everyone swallowed their spit out of fear after that sentence, it just sounded so... Demonic.

Teasing them with anticipation as a little bit of a psychological revenge, she rambled. "With super speed comes….. drum roll..... the Demon of patience, coming from Lartem."

"But isn't patience, rage control and self control basically the same thing?" Added Stefan, his curiosity forcing anxiety and urging him to use the shit shack.

Asking even though he is hiding behind Commander Alia, this is better than a trip to a big library for him.

Eager to answer a wise question for once, she went on. "They are similar but if each one isn't approached with caution, the Demons will consume you. Permanently."

Well educated, wanting to unleash such knowledge on people for thousands of years, she yapped. "Take Xakro's bloodline for example, I've been studying their curse for two centuries. The curse doesn't just pass down the wounds but the 8 inner Demons as well who completely corrupt the heart and there is nothing anyone who carries those cursed powers can do about it!"

"So Xakro illustratio lll can't help the way he is? Sad, he didn't choose to have those powers." Added Woldemir showing grief even though Xakro is trying to kill his son.

Ignoring Woldemir's sympathy, moving to a topic she started earlier. "The Demon of Teleportation, Talzejj. The Source there disappeared somehow, I'm not sure how..."

Still complaining surprisingly, Eric added. "Yes yes, keep giving us more Burden. As if we don't have enough already.

Joking about an absolute 400k death count, the Demon lady ranted. "The bright side is, you don't have to worry about the Inner Demon of Egoism."

"I suppose I can't be offended by that since I didn't have powers to begin with…." Chipped in Commander Alia, misinterpreting the joke.

Still primarily sticking to the topics she wants to talk about, disappearing in mid air every 5 or so seconds, she rambled. "The Demon of Healing Powers, Aresmqaal. To beat the Inner Demon of Healing Powers, you need to get rid of self doubt. Healing requires full confidence of your work."

Instantly putting 2 and 2 together, Stefan asked yet another wise question. "Is that why Xakro didn't attack Eric yet? He is crazed with self doubt?"

Revealing the overall goal of Xakro's plan, the Demon lady snitched. "No. Well yes. But no. His plans are greater. Long story short, imagine how powerful he will get if he had level 12 powers."

"He would be able to conquer Continents single handedly." Added Eric because he felt like a target, swallowing his spit.

Not the biggest fan of Xakro herself, she expressed another flaw of his plans. "Exactly. But he didn't consider that he will go completely mentally insane, the Inner Demons would double their Work."

Moving on to the next Inner Demon, she cited. "The Demon of Mind Control, Zeb. This is a delicate art that could make you or your target go insane, even a Grand Master has complications."

Still willing to help the Electus although he has been nothing but a pain in the ass, she prated. "To spank Zeb's Inner Demon you need to succeed over the previous five. Teleportation is no longer a problem, but you need to get rid of your ego little man."

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