Electus 2

Fresh Experiments

Glad that this child is cooperating, she started blabbing without giving anyone else a turn to speak. "To learn Mind control you need to beat all of the 5 previously mentioned Inner Demons. Self control, rage, patience, egoism and self doubt."

Listing what the Electus should be aware of, she cited. "Fail to beat 1, your target goes insane. Fail to beat 2, you go insane. Fail to beat all 5, people you didn't even intend to mind control go insane along with you and your target."

Adding a little spoiler that has been confusing the whole Gang so far, the Demon lady weighed in. "That's how Grand King Xakro illustratio l made the war happen, he made the Kings in his motherland go insane and therefore every domain synced under his complete control."

Adding more and more burden to the Electus' shoulders, she continued. "On top of all of that, you will need a decade of work to just cross 1 level. Even for an Electus, it is the only power you can't progress through extraordinarily fast. Cute isn't it?"

Taking one final lap around the Fire Shield and sitting on her throne again and explained. "To learn Mind control, you will need to travel all the way to the edge of the world. In the Continent of Leraz."

"It's hard to call the place a Continent, it's just a small island. At least that's how Akareas described it, a dull place at best." Got Mogranius the chance to speak, again forgetting that he is holding up a Fire Shield.

Adding something that managed to shake everyone's bones, she ranted. "Yes, I'm aware. My little paranormal friends have been watching everything but I choose not not intervene. You all are putting up quite a show though, I give you that."

"P-P-P-Paranormal? Isn't this P-Paranormal enough already. I don't need another phobia!" Shook Stefan, still using Alia as a shield.

Actually aiming to help him calm down, the Demon lady asserted. "Don't worry, they don't bite. They just possess you and make you go insane and kill your loved ones. But as long as you don't bug them, they are sweet as bunnies, just like me."

Afterwards, a psychopathic laugh broke out of the Demon's mouth and the stone walls around them started deflating and inflating, as if this place is breathing.

"We should leave before we get killed!" Hollered Eric, pinching Mogranius to walk backwards.

"Son, let's hear her out." Encouraged Woldemir, trying to benefit from this brain scrambling trauma.

Glad that these Humans aren't hesitating, she again spoke about the topic she deemed worthy. "The Demon of Freezing powers, Gazei. To beat the Inner Demon she brings, you need to get rid of lust. An odd combination I know, but lust clouds your judgment and darkens your heart."

Proving her connection with the paranormal firm, the Demon lady cited. "Just take the farmers on the outer lands for example, they don't have their dicks anymore. Nice job girl."

"You did what!" Shouted Stefan, seeing this as completely brutal but at the same time liking it. "Uhhh... good job I guess."

Tad pissed that her guests aren't paying attention, she cracked another human skull she grabbed and bellowed. "Moving on to the 8th and last power, flying. To beat the Inner Demon of flying that Paramertezin too had to deal with, you need to let go of burden."

She paused for a little while, stood up from her throne again and said something with a dead serious tone. "Beat these 8 Inner Demons and your heart will be as pure as a newborn baby. Do not let the Inner Demons consume you or you might end up ruling by Xakro's side."

After she stood up, she approached the Gang. The Fire Shield disappeared as she blinked her eyes, leaving everyone staggered of her capabilities.

Out of a sudden, neither of the Gang could speak as if their mouths are tied shut although no one's touching them. "Listen up closely, my kind caused these failed Experiments. Powers came from us 10,000 years before the first Era but they were a mistake."

Unleashing information about the biggest threat, the Demon lady added. "After all these thousands of years, the Demons from my dimension want to start fresh."

Surprisingly knowing more about the Demonic plans, she continued. "They want to start fresh, to remove the Demonite Gems out of the 8 Demons who hold the 8 prime Continents together."

Unleashing another burdening dilemma, she added. "The Sources can't fight back because of a backfiring Experiment, they got turned into stone, fusing themselves with the Continents and of course providing a Source for humans to draw power from."

As she took joy out of these people's panic, she slowly explained. "If the Demonite gets removed here, the Continent collapses. I have no idea where the Sources are and I have no idea how the Demons from my dimension are finding them. Even my Paranormal friends can't."

Yes this is getting horse shit bad, but it became a bit lighter when she cited. "What I do know, once these Demons enter this world, they are vulnerable to death. So when you see them, kill them."

Giving her goodbye's, she allowed them to speak again and gave them the ability to move as well before she said. A great journey is ahead of you, I wish you luck, Electus."

As she finished her numerous sentences, the Gang disappeared in mid air and reappeared on the surface.

Where they spooked the 10 Calidum Lutum Guards who didn't join them on this insane trip.

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