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Tad hesitant to explain about his Magic to a stranger at these times of practiced slaughter amongst people with Magic, simply tried to change the topic. "I'm Michael, what brings you here?"

Noticing how he inevitably ignored her question, Alama kept her tone casual as she cited. "King Zar sent me here. He wants to strike a deal with Gaster Kingdom to use the Port!"

Struck staggered, one question came to his mind and he did not fail to ask it out loud. "Why use the port of Gaster Kingdom when he can use many ports through the main river?"

A bit confused at first how this man hasn't yet heard of the news, Alama slowly but surely deciphered. "I guess the word of mouth is slow here. Zar left the illustratian alliance, banned the illas and took down their Chapel too!

Seeing that Michael doesn't really appear convinced, Alama added. "Zar declared that illustratos and ignites will live equally. Quoting, "Status shall be declared by work experience and not by the colour on one's skin."

Still sceptical, Michael queried. "Interesting, but is it a good idea to trust a illustratio? This could be just another scheme to gain more power!"

Considering that part too before, but using logic to her aid, Alama counted. "No one would risk going against an entire Continent for a small fortune. He is even building new houses and giving them away for free in exchange of a 40 Gold Coin tax."

Not wanting to believe this for a while, or at least taking time to get used to, Michael offered. "I need to check this myself soon but please, let me escort you to the Castle. This place is not safe for anyone anymore."

Seeing that the man is very well mannered and he literally just saved her life even though he could have joined the rapists, Alama decided to follow Michael.

He's walking in front leading the way while Alama is on the back with her hand on her battle axe handle just in case any other guy has any funny ideas.

She will not make the mistake of having her Guard down again in this disaster of a domain.

But when she couldn't be focused on her surroundings for a second or two, it was because of Michael's hair. 

It is unusual for her to see a man with such beautiful hair. They appear so thick and filled with life, it gives a strong hint that this man washes them everyday.

For people here or even in Crutal Kingdom, one is considered clean if they took a swim down a river or ocean once in 2 to 3 weeks. Yet this man's aroma is a blessing from above, from the divines. No stench is to be breathed in coming from this fine man.

His manners are something even the rich and royal have trouble competing against. What is he doing in this crap hole?

After what seemed to be an eternity, they've reached the Castle in the middle of the Kingdom. They didn't exactly walk far but the Kingdom's appearance in general is too unsettling, making it feel similar to a long walk. As if time slowed down.

Arriving, Alama pointed out. "Oh you don't have to go in there with me Sir Michael, I can handle it from here."

With no aims to leave, Michael explained. "Oh trust me, I have to be here at the moment."

Jerking her left eyebrow up, Alama asked. "Do you work in the Castle?"

Trying to break it down slowly, not a fan of fancy titles, Michael weighed in. "Not exactly but I do work for Gaster Kingdom."

As they walked in, the King's Throne room is visible across their grasp of view. Or King's hallway, both terms acceptable. 

They walked towards what seems to be an empty Throne at the other side of the room, pointing that the King isn't here. Perhaps eating lunch?

Basing it on the overall acts Michael had, Alama itched to know. "So what do you work exactly? I'm thinking that you are the King's assistant!"

"Well you are close but not exactly." Slowly spoke Michael as he sat on the Throne and continued. "Now tell me, what deal does King Zar have for me?"

Staggered, Alama couldn't help hollering. "You are the King? But how!? Ignites can't be Kings!"

Since stereotypical pieces of work are syncing in as a topic, Michael butchered. "Need I remind you that we were kicked out from the illustratian alliance long ago."

A smirk across his face arose as Michael also weighed in, "It doesn't just prevent us from getting support from the illustratian alliance, it also makes us independent."

"Meaning their rules don't apply here." Alama became vigilant to catch on, no doubt. But also asked. "What about the illas? Do they have influence here?"

Cocky a tad bit since the illas failed a semi-foul fate on this side of the Continent at least. He slowly described the blissful disaster, "No no, they departed long ago. I didn't even have to force them out as they've got deprived of financial support from the people they used to kiss boots of."

Adding another key fact that came along with the alliance's abandonment, Michael mouthed. "Without their influence, illustratios and Ignites are able to coexist better now."

"Yes, I did notice that half of the rapists were Ignites. This place is a hellhole. No offense to you of course, your highness!" She giggled with a followed bow, sarcastic obviously.

Enjoying her giggle no doubt, he went an extra mile to defend the domain he rules. "We met an economical collapse, many people left to Pameres Kingdom for a better life. All that are left here are low lives, bandits, and people under extreme poverty."

Spotting that the conversation stands serious, Alama offered. "Look. I'm here for business but apart from that, this is just one job the King sent me too doo. I'm free to come here and help you form your Kingdom to its former glory. If not anything I can bring bickering skills to the table."

Flinching his eyebrow, unfavourable towards the situation, King Michael confuted. "That offer is most generous miss Alama but I can't afford to pay you. The Kingdom has no financial income at all, even the Guards are only paid with free fish."

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