Electus 2

War Messenger

Eric and his group plus the 10 Guards have spent quite a few weeks to put their task into motion and now they are close to Gaster Kingdom.

To their luck, they've met with a piece of flatland that no other Kingdom is close too which inevitably provided a blind spot for a good few days.

Given the opportunity, they walked through that clear land which cut off at least 3 days of their travelling time.

That piece of land wasn't used because it is obviously too near the big forest. Farmers can't risk planting crops there because wild animals will rush in the scene and eat portions of the farm bit by bit everyday until the farm runs out of business.

So the Gang traveled through that clear land for 4 days until they met a branch of the large forest again, forcing them to punish their feet across harsher but yet covered lands.

But that branch didn't consume much of their time, they went through it in 2 days. It would on average take longer but they were hyped that they almost reached the Kingdom so they had the motivation to walk faster.

By the time they were no less than 100 yards away from Gaster Kingdom, Alama was already halfway to Pameres Kingdom after striking a deal with King Michael.

What happened though, is something they did not expect. Once spotting the potential enemies, noticing the unusual, King Michael sent a messenger towards the Gang.

The Guards of Gaster Kingdom, after seeing large men from a distance, instantly contacted Michael for an order of attack or basically any order at all.

They're shocked by the sight, It is not an everyday thing to see 10 foot tall men, otherwise they wouldn't ask for the King's assistance.

The messenger arrived towards Eric and the Gang, fearing the 10 foot tall men behind the normal Humans, shaking while he spoke. "My King requires to know what is your business here in Gaster Kingdom?"

In war, when a messenger is sent, the enemy isn't allowed to kill the messenger. It would be a war crime punishable by death or 10,000 Gold Coins and the party who committed the crime has no choice but to pay or execute that one person who did the crime.

"I'm the Electus, I came here to free this town from your kind. You aren't to enslave Ignites any longer!" Hollered Eric in a rough tone while everyone else was giving the messenger a murderous eye.

Racist at best but the demand and intent has been made transparent.

Shocked and confused, the messenger answered. "Slavery? There is no slavery in Gaster Kingdom!"

Not wanting to debate about this, Eric yet again yelled. "Of course there isn't. Am I supposed to believe that? Tell your King to surrender or else I will burn all of you into dust!"

Understanding how stubborn this child is, the messenger murmured. "Understood!"

And ran his way back to Gaster Kingdom. He got so relieved to leave the scene alive that he ran 100 yards in about 15 seconds.


Running towards the group is an Ignite this time. He seemed to have ran here with so much joy and enthusiasm that he was even faster than the illustratio who ran away.

As he reached Eric he bent the knee right away and shed light, "I'm King Michael, it is an honour to Welcome you here sir Electus."

"You are the King? But you are an Ignite!" Shouted Commander Alia in confusion.

Standing up and giving a long look at Alia's face, Michael weighed in. "I remember you, Amesa! A lot has changed since your last visit. I claimed the Throne and slavery is not to be spoken off, the illustratian alliance has no word here."

"You can't be telling the truth. If Xakro found out that you have been treating Ignites equally, he would burn everything to the ground." Pointed out Eric, raising his hand for Michael to keep his distance.

Confident with his own words, Michael started conflicting the Gang's feelings with vital facts. "I assure you Xakro knows and I assure you he didn't do anything but sending down a few empty warnings. Gaster Kingdom is a place he wouldn't waste soldiers on!"

Pointing at Gaster Kingdom, Michael offered. "Please join me."

"I do not trust you. You could just be a paid fool." Holleted Mogranius and had the dignity to tease, "Right Amesa?"

Wanting to kick the man, but obviously not appropriate in front of the enemy, she gave a loud whisper. "Shut up. I didn't need to tell my actual name."

Michael released fire out of his hand, not to shoot at anyone but just to prove a point.

He started playing with the fire, such as forming it into a circular form and deforming it into a wilder one, changing forms over and over as he is speaking. "I have control over this Kingdom, I even disposed of a few rapists a few days before your arrival."

Striking them silent, King Michael feels confident to add. "I do not intend to threaten one of my kind but I am willing to fight for my Kingdom if it is under attack. But before you choose to attack or not, why don't you join me and see everything for yourself."

With entitlement common in between this group who wants to attack, Michael used it to tame the tides. "I'm sure that an Electus wouldn't hurt the innocent! And I'm sure all of you can handle 100 Guards if you are to be attacked!"

Feeling a bit guilty, sick in the stomach actually. Woldemir encouraged a different point of view, "Let's see what this Kingdom has to offer!"

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