Electus 2

Are you certain of what you saw?

Bursting in the throne room, seeking King Zar and spotting him. Seer explained, "Sire. The bargainer we sent to Gaster Kingdom has returned and it looks like she has good news!"

Happy although tad puzzled, Zar expressed. "She returned rather quickly? It hasn't even been 2 weeks yet!"

Not understanding why the King is thinking about this right now, Seer debates. "I suppose she was in a rush to spread the good news once striking the deal."

Spotting that Seer has been awaiting for some kind of permission, Zar blurted. "send her in."

Alama walked in, following the King's assistant and bent the knee the second she reached an appropriate distance from the King.

With formalities aside, Zar stressed. "What news do you bring me, Alama?"

A bit under breath, rushing through her sentences even, Alama proclaims. "I managed to make the deal, King Michael was very reasonable and agreed in a heartbeat. But…"

Fearing the worst, but not sure what to expect, Zar stretches. "But?"

Slower with her explanation this time after a quick breath, she weighed in. "I saw a group of Soldiers heading towards Gaster Kingdom while I was on the road back here."

His calm tone shifting into a yelling one, Zar bit his lip. "How many Soldiers were there? They could be attacking Pameres Kingdom too! Why would they go for such a poor place?"

Rushing with her wordplay again since the King is panicking, Alama muttered. "I am sure they were going towards Gaster Kingdom. They went in that upper branch of the large forest, the one near to the Kingdom. I think they were about 20 Soldiers!"

Hearing out these facts, shunning down panic and using logic. Zar divulged what could be a firm fact, "Then what's to worry about? Such a small number of Soldiers is surely sent to make a deal or at least pass down a command. Chances are those were just Guards."

Understanding why the King thinks this way, Alama contradicted. "You don't understand Sire. A group of those Soldiers were probably 10 feet tall and dark in colour! This is why I arrived early."

Jumping from his throne, a sweat broke off the King's forehead as he hollered. "10 foot tall men! Are you sure about that?"

Feeling a bit small now, Alama felt an itch to reassure. "How can I be mistaken about such a sight Sire? I thought I was seeing demons. I promise you, I'm not crazy!"

Not sure what to think, Seer asked for a second view. "Could this be another race sire?"

"I don't know, it could be another one of my father's experiments!" The King released a long sigh, rubbed his temples and added. "But I think Gaster Kingdom can stand strong until help arrives."

Having the closest look on the Soldiers, Alama demurred. "With all due respect my King, even Grand Masters in any close combat skill can't hold off even one of those tall men."

Not wanting to debate thoughts, Zar cut it short. "Whatever the case might be, King Michael could use assistance!"

Pausing for a bit, thinking of a proper solution to this and finally adding. "Seer. Assign one of the Guard Commanders to lead a Platoon [100 Guards] to Gaster Kingdom. Tell them to observe the situation first before attacking."

"But Sire what if any other Kingdom attacks ours? Would it be wise to weaken our defences?" Contradicted Seer, not meaning to question the King's decision but just considering safety.

Trying to portray his tone welcoming, Seer repeated his order. "Seer please do as I say, we will still have 200 Guards to fight for us."

"As you wish Sire." Seer quickly carried out the order and vanished from the King's sight. But Alama remained in the room with him.

Trying to break the awkward silence, Zar assured. "Seer will be busy for a while but you will get your payment once he is free, don't worry."

Shifting the topic before Alama could speak, Zar asked. "I assume you can clearly read and write?"

A thought popping in her head right away, she reached her arm out and handed. "Of course Sire. Speaking of that, here is the paper you required for King Michael to sign."

Having a lot in his mind, Zar expressed it all in one breath. "Perfect, give that to me and grab a quill and some parchments. I need you to write down a recruitment letter. Once you finish writing it, you are to find Seer and give it to him and he will do the rest."

Wanting to help, but itching to ask a question so she can try and include it in her business a bit, she counted. "Of course my King but one question. If you are aiming to strike deals with minor domains, how can you afford having 300 Soldiers? Even if you pay them 100 Gold Coins each per month, it still costs 30,000 Gold Coins."

Smirking, revealing a grand method, he specified. "It's simple, I don't pay them but offer them food and shelter instead."

Although soft in expression, inside the King thinks. "They all are immigrants, this is paradise to them considering their origin."

And by verbal one to one, he reveals softer intentions. "But that's why I'm expanding my domain, I aim to pay them soon. They have done so much for this Kingdom."

With a big piece added on the puzzle, Alama switched strictly professional. "Thank you for not misunderstanding my question Sire. In Crutal Kingdom they had different rules, that's why I asked.

But please speak your plans so I can write them."

Cutting to the case right away so he doesn't forget, Zar murmured. "We do need Blacksmiths and Hunters as soon as possible!"

Offering a Grand piece of advice, Alama cited. "You will need to offer better salaries or you won't get good results."

Understanding that fact, the King shared the same thought. "Hunting can be dangerous even if they mostly set traps. I've been thinking about the payment."

Letting silence stretch a while, thinking it through. He also added. "Write that any Blacksmith with over 5 years of experience, shall earn 350 Gold Coins per month with a 100 Gold Coins bonus every six months, but it's not a permanent increase. They have to be under 55 Years old as well."

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