Electus 2

An Armless Army

King Michael showed great trust towards these threatening bundle already.

He came towards them empty handed, unarmed. Turning his back on them as they followed him to the Domain, completely letting his Guard down to threatening strangers.

Entering Gaster Kingdom they first found Guards standing above the walls, with arrows pulled back and aiming at the group too.

Plus many Guards standing in front of the door with weapons pulled out, and a lot are waiting for an order behind the walls.

A few of these Guards are Ignites and the rest are illustratios, working all together. Just that alone proves King Michael's points but these Guards of course could be slaves.

Spotting the smug look on the group's face, Michael turned to the Guards and ordered. "Everyone bring down your weapons, these are not our enemies. The Electus and his allies have blessed us with a visit."

And so countless mumbles broke within the crowd of Guards, most being doubtful or confused.

"The Electus?"

"Could it be?"

"How did he survive the massacres?"


"He is just a child!"

"He can't have my house."

"He is probably just masquerading."

Although doubting, they can't just ignore the King's orders as that would be disgraceful.

Everyone proceeded with a plan to drop down their weapons and considering expenses, a line formed for the bows and swords to be passed down outside of the comforts of the walls.

They couldn't throw the bows from the wall because they could quite possibly break them, bows ain't cheap to replace.

King Michael was serious when he ordered to bring down the Weapons, he ordered a complete disarming in between the Platoon, not weapon sheathing.

Considering he advised the idea of giving this Kingdom a chance, Woldemir has to take extra precautions.

Turning to Commander Alia and requesting, "Assign 3 of the Calidum Lutum to Guard the weaponry, tell them to terminate anyone who has funny ideas. The rest of us will enter the Kingdom."

As they made their way in, Mogranius turned to the Gaster Guards and pitched. "Don't bother the Giants over there, they haven't had a good meal for days and could turn you into one."

With that sentence said, at least a dozen Guards swallowed their spit, taking a few steps back even as their eyes and eyebrows jerked out of their normal orientation.

Following King Michael, they witnessed what the Kingdom has to offer after a long walk.

The entire Kingdom had around 200 houses and 100 of them are abandoned.

If this place was well developed, those 200 houses can offer a profit of 6000 Gold Coins per month even if the tax was as low as 30 Gold coins per house. 

"This place looks so abandoned, do you have any income at all?" Asked Woldemir, this scene is depressing. It's a miracle how these people are still alive.

Although not aiming for anyone to petty, the King can't avoid facts either and therefore stating. "No profit at all for now, we pay Guards with fish."

"You said for now, do you have any plans?" Quizzed Eric, carefully analyzing his words.

Getting in great detail in aims of showing trust to the Electus who can contribute large on the Arsenal, Michael articulated. "A bargainer from Pameres Kingdom just left a few days ago, the King himself wants to use our port. He offered 10% of the Income of all transactions made through the port."

The profit for now is not certain but I was told that the King has plans for expansion and he is constantly recruiting, this could be a life changing investment for all my 400 Subjects." Talking about the future, Michael reduced his own stress through it.

[The deal Alama brought is groundbreaking. My people don't even need to lend a hand in work, it will all be covered by Zar's people.] That's what Michael is thinking right now, although not expressing this portion.

"Why would an illustratio make deals with you to begin with? They have other options." Continued Eric with a question. He is doing everything he can to squeeze out any lie from Michael, rude but necessary.

Happy to be the first of informing the Electus of these prime news, Michael weighed in. "Zar, the King of Pameres Kingdom, has left the illustratian alliance and banned any Xakro illustratio l worshipping Chapel goers too, the illas to be exact."

Stating why this idea is stupid and a good lie, Eric mouthed. "That has to be a lie, Pameres Kingdom would become poor that way."

Now stating what can be labelled as completely unbelievable, Michael shed light news of the same patch. "Zar claims that he has had enough with Xakro's ways of life and wants equality for all races. Be it Ignite or illustratio."

His feelings conflicted, wanting to attack these people but fearing that he could be killing innocent people too.

Eric cited what's going to happen today, "I can't kill you, you're an Ignite. It would go far against my views as, much of us are gone already."

With any possible battle almost ruled out, to kill Michael's smile Eric added before anyone else could speak. "But I don't trust you either, you are working with illustratios. We will stand here for a while and see how things go, I'd like to believe that your people won't be dumb enough to attack."

Seeing this as a new developing bond, Michael offered. "Please join me to my Castle!"

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