Electus 2

A Fisherman never let's go of the rope.

3 Days after staying in Gaster Kingdom, Eric and the gang had a bit to explore. Well the exploration ended in 3 hours but it was a good exploration for most at least.

The gang was spread in five, and each of the group had 2 Calidum Lutum Guards keeping them safe from any potential danger.

It is not certain if King Michael is telling the truth or not, that is why they don't dare to walk alone.

Each member of the group is battle strong individually (except Stefan) but here if they actually were to be attacked one by one, they would meet a terrible fate.

While Eric was walking around the domain to explore, he wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings as his soul was and is burdened with what the Demon lady said about the Sources.

If that same Demon lady who took part in giving people Powers doesn't know how to find the Sources, how to protect them or how to stop her Demon kind then how will Eric do any of the above?

He can barely protect a town, not to mention the whole Continent or the entire World.

But what Eric did see on his walk, were illustratios and Ignites talking to each other without aims to offend one another or without weapons drawn to stab and slice because of differences.

They were just having normal conversations, such as bragging about fish.

But of course like most places, Gaster Kingdom too has bad people. Horrible, like those cannibalistic rapists.

But there are good, hard working men and women as well like what Eric saw.

Spotting that many illustratios and Ignites are married to each other even and they didn't give birth to abominations either, don't worry. The spawns would be either an illustratio or an Ignite.

Their system of work seems to be all well distributed in Eric's eye, he has been observing for hours and racial differences don't really affect anything working hours.

Men did the fishing and after a long day, they were given company by their wives or children to bring the fish home if the load was too big to carry alone.

Where at home the wives would cut and cook the fish, while the husband delivers half of the load to the Castle according to Gaster Kingdom's law.

Such system keeps everyone fed and the husband would return home to further help his wife prepare the fish!

King Michael distributes the fish to the Guards and to those who aren't able to fish, so we can't say that he is hogging the loot.

It is an unbreakable system and the ocean has plenty of fish to offer, millions possibly since it's size is far bigger than the eye can comprehend.

The Fishermen and or Spearfishermen manage to put in enough work for each house of people to consume 2 meals a day, even considering the fact that half of what they catch goes to the Castle.

Food isn't a problem on this side of the Continent, we can point out that the lack of greed helped attain such a goal although monetary opportunities limited.

Such scenes of cooperation shed hope to the young Electus and some of the burden melted away from his heart as he further understood that this place has long started defying the illas ways.

The fact that Zar questioned the Grand King's authority and kicked the illas out head before toes, gives Eric hope as well because things are working out the way he wants them to even though he did nothing about it. 

Success regardless, these days or month come to think of it, the young Electus has been feeling low. There is so much he has to do and he doesn't feel like he is able to do it all, feeling weak, overpowered.

He is fighting against an entire Continent after all and apart from that, there is a psychopathic man who wants his heart.

Xakro illustratio lll is already stronger than a full powered Electus without that heart, the theory that Xakro had about Eric's heart was dead wrong.

The heart would destroy him but that still doesn't rule out the risk that Xakro the overpowered, wants Eric dead.


Mogranius on the other hand, wasn't walking around in the Kingdom these past few free days. 

He was on the beach, seeing fishermen do what they do. Some were using spears to fish and most were using hooks.

Some were just plain normal spears and some were spears with a rope as thin as a finger tied to it.

The rope is about 10 meters long and such fishing technique was used against fish who would drag a spear with them. Specifically anything above 10kg.

Fishing in such method could be a big risk if one doesn't know how to do it.

If a fisherman was to spear a striped Marlin, who often times grows up to 300kg and nearly 5 meters long, it would take 3-5 men to beach it.

If a fisherman was to take on a big catch like that alone, he would go for a swim in the ocean, permanently.

Simply because of the instinct, 'A fisherman never lets go of his rope.'

A true fisherman could drown before letting go of the rope so spearing a striped Marlin would be bad unless there are other fishermen in the scene.

But luckily the most often and considerably big fish going near the shore are fish called Barramundi.

In these medieval times, a full grown Barramundi is about 80kg in weight and 3 meters in length.

But considering that they prove as an easy meal, half of these fish don't live to grow that big as they are hunted down by sea predators mostly.

Another form of fishing on these shores was a method called fishing with an Iron hook. The fisherman would choose the size of the hook, ultimately choosing the sizes of fish he wants to beach which made everything easier and under more control.

The hook is tied with a very thin rope, yes even thinner than a finger. The rope is tied around a short stick that stretches as thick as 3 maybe 4 fingers.

The hook shines in the sea, making fish think it's something to eat, ultimately making them bite the hook. Then the fisherman would pull the fish out by tying the 3-5 meter long rope around that 4 finger thick stick.

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