Electus 2

Atomic Fire

The first round of Demons were nothing compared to the second round, the attack might not be systematic but it's still a pain all up in the ass.

Through the first round, Mogranius burned them out of existence with ease without risking a scratch, having enough space to move around proved as a Grand advantage.

But now, It feels like the enemy amounts have gone beyond triple. This is a wave which can overwhelm, shred them into bits.

Either that or cause Mogranius to deplete all of his stamina with hours of recovery as an aftermath unless he used the Stamina wisely. It seems like over 200 Demons are in the scene!

"Where are these Bastards coming from?" Hollered Mogranius as he sliced several demons in two with pure fire concentrated in a horizontally thin form, differently called the Slicer.

With his hands joined together and with a movement which started off above his right shoulder, hands waving against the air to reach his left hip.

The power move struck so powerful that it seemed like it split through the air along with the Demons.

Gazing at his son terminate a bundle of 10 Demons, his father shouts. "I don't know. But there are many of them. Brace yourself."

In the meantime, the crazy old geezer knocked out 7 Demons under 4 seconds with just an old bone.

Demon bone actually, so it's a "Use the Demon to beat the Demon" move his father brought in the battle here today.

With more Demons joining in the blood and gore, aiding to pile up bodies, Mogranius takes a few steps back and shouts from the top of his lungs. "Wherever the hell they are coming from, fall back! I'm about to unleash some heat!"

His father ran back, with no aim to go against a hot head's word at such a situation, standing about 10 feet away from Mogranius.

But of course he isn't standing and enjoying the show.

Finding fist like rocks, he places them neatly on the ground and with the demonic bone started hitting rocks one by one.

Striking Demons against the head without missing a shot as if this isn't the first time he tried this.

The Demons were knocked out one by one without doubt. They had no way to prepare against this attack no matter how advanced they are with technology.

Glaring at all these dead bodies is no easy task, their horns covered with blood and their rough claws stood too close to his feet far too often.

Mogranius however, is putting up a scene that would make anyone believe that he is the Source of Fire. 

To buy himself some time before unleashing his final blow against these raging masses, he started blowing fire both out of his hands and mouth.

Powerful indeed, knocked his feet off the ground's grip and started pushing him behind, almost tipping over even but let us say that just once in his life he became lucky.

A good portion of the masses tamed, a good few seconds bought, he hollers while actually putting a power move into motion. "Now I'm going to show you bastards what real hell is."

With his right hand set above his left, separated by a foot apart. He was about to attempt a spell that could quite possibly bring the cave down!

Wildfire started bursting out of both his hands, his mouth and nose giving in contribute as well.

All this heavily blown fire has one target, one place to go at although their journeys different. 

Forming it all into a small ball for the sake of compression, floating in the middle of his hands. 

He kept the process going for almost 10 seconds before he stopped releasing fire.

There's no more time to waste, no more seconds to spare so the Fire Blaster bent down and slapped his fists against the ground.

The compressed little sphere of fire, zig zagged itself towards the Demons with the ground trembling, the dirt and rocks in front of it flying off of the ground once pushed by the fire, penetrating through worse than lava.

Sunk a few inches below the ground's surface, it burst through dirt and rock for 5 meters before that small ball of suppressed fire broke out of his former boundaries.

When it arose from the ground, the explosion became so lethal that it vaporized the front line of Demons from existence entirely.

Melted off ⅘ of bodies through the second line and cut in half the ones on the third line.

What Demons weren't melted, were tossed against the cave walls where they met an inevitable end due to the intense impact against hard surfaces which shook the entire cave, almost causing a mass collapse.

The explosion guaranteed no safety, so Mogranius had to unleash a Fire Shield in order to save himself and his father from being melted to death.

That shield was almost immediately broken but apart from being knocked down, they didn't receive any other injuries.

"You weren't exaggerating about the heat. Did you even try that move before?" Said his father while trying to extinguish his own beard with his bare hands. 

"I discovered that move actually, I call it 'Atomic Fire'." It is a pride itself to discover a power move but every good thing has a flaw and Mogranius does not shy away to express it. "We have our arms, that's good. I tried that spell only twice before and it was worse each time."

"Well it did the job. I see no Demons and most importantly, Becky is not injured." Said his father while hugging the 1500kg Swordfish.

But unfortunately his joy ended up being short lasting as Becky was grabbed by the tail and dragged underwater!

Jumping back, getting a good vision of what's underneath, the Geezer cites. "Oh wait, this is not good. No not at all. Run son!"

Shocked, pulling his father by the shoulder Mogranius shouts. "By the eight Sources, what the hell could pull Becky underwater?"

As Mogranius finished his sentence, he was after left speechless as an abomination arose from the water.

Apart from its size reaching over 8 meters tall, at least that's what they could see above Water, the creature's size wasn't the most eye catching feature.

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