Electus 2

Fire Bunny

A good hour passed since Mogranius woke up, thankfully they haven't been attacked by any Demons, it's a good break.

If worry is overwhelming you, Becky is okay. She wasn't killed through that abnormal Demonic wave, even feasted on the Whale Bear's remains actually.

As for what happened down there when she was dragged by the enemy, it remains a blur and Mogranius doesn't really want to know how a Swordfish overpowered a whole God Damn Whale.

However, with the time of freedom given, father and son grasped the opportunity to catch up. They've talked about memories a tad bit, or at least what they can remember. It's rather difficult to connect emotionally after 300 years.

Noticing that recalling memories together isn't working to the greatest extent, the two family members here started sharing their own histories instead.

The overpowered geezer for example, explains how he learned to super toss rocks with a bone.

Quite obviously, it is a skill developed out of desperation. Getting close to Demons and their bone breaking claws is a bad idea so of course a ranged attack is the solution.

With no common weaponry here, the old man had to get creative, pointing that desperation enhances creativity.

Over the years he became excessively skilled with this ranged combat art, earlier you could notice how he struck Demons on the head each time. Well, that's decades of practice.

Mogranius revealed a few journeys of his own before he teleported 200 years into the future. Perhaps his father knows of Mogranius' past here and there, considering the ability to stalk him all across Ignis but it's always better to hear the favoured ones.

A lot of stories ranged around Akareas, the previous Electus. She has been there for half of his life although it can't be said that they didn't have disagreements, some even emotionally traumatizing.

Mogranius did explain to his father how Akareas was the most emotionally unstable person he ever met, now at least we can blame the Inner Demons about that.

Yet again he can't connect some behaviours to the Inner Demons, although he has thought about them for a few weeks now.

Instead, Mogranius sticks to the fact that he emotionally shattered the girl although he had no such intent.

He can't say more about it, since even himself he has trouble analysing the situation. Perhaps when he figures out how the past Electus' brain worked, he can become more open about this topic.

Talks raging from one end to the other, some funny stories even, mostly from his father's side. A topic that both might have evaded, emerged. "Son, how did your mother fare after I was dragged in this Destiny? She wasn't well before I left."

"Mom... well I can't say that I saw anything different. You know, she didn't talk much and as you said she rarely smiled." This topic is getting tad heavy, but who else would he talk about this with? Henceforth continuing, "I sensed pain in her eyes when I returned years after for a visit, but to this day I can't figure out what damaged her."

Noticing that his father is listening, Mogranius uses the opportunity to express more about it. "I escaped home at an early age and I'm still sad that I left mom behind like that, I visited her countless times after my 20s but I couldn't heal her soul. She was sad, no motivation, no sense of life. Worked, earned gold and all that but she was never happy."

Pitching a good base of a theory, most believable one yet. The old man explains, "You know, I married your mother through an arranged marriage. Sometimes I think that's what broke her, you know? She didn't know who I am yet she was sent all the way from Dragon's Flame Kingdom to marry me."

In one way trying to not make his father feel guilty but on the other way speaking with fact too, Mogranius contradicts. "It can't be that, regardless you were still good to her, good to everyone. I remember how many fish bones became bloody because you sticked them up your nose, trying to make her laugh."

Not knowing what to think, but at least glad that the lady found peace in the other world, Heaven is the appropriate name. The geezer adds, "She found peace, but I'm sad that I couldn't fix her broken soul."

With peace in topic, Mogranius can't evade to add. "Yes well at least she is happy up there, in Heaven and such. I remember going to her funeral, I was 27 years old... It wasn't easy on me, I felt like a failure."

Unwilling to let his son think like that, having an urge to smack him even, the geezer insists. "You're not a failure son, look at this destiny that's following you! You've been blessed with a burden equal to one of an Electus, I heard you curse your luck countless times but that's not bad luck, it's just destiny carving its path."

Not allowing his son to speak, since destiny planted another thought in his mind, the crazy old man adds. "Speaking of destiny, a special little Fire Bunny told me that there is another Kastarian amongst you."

Evading the fact that a Kastarian has been mentioned, Mogranius focuses on. "Fire Bunny?"

Perhaps lifting the morale in this Cave enough to reach the sea's surface, the old timer reveals some staggering information. "Yes... she is some kind of... how the mother Demon describes these beings, mutated creatures. Whatever she ate, Fire Bubbles burst out of her ass upon will."

Having it hard to hold in laughter and in no way hesitant to holler, after the good followed giggle Mogranius asks. "Okay, and what did the Fire farter tell you about the Kastarian?"

Casually, his father explains while chewing on a bit of Whale meat. "Nothing, I just used her vision a few times and noticed that King Michael doesn't have ears."

Pissed at the thought, Mogranius' laughter turns into a holler of anger as he cites. "King Michael is a Kastarian? That motherfucker! Why didn't he tell us? He's dangerous ha? I knew it all along!"

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