Electus 2

Kaleem the Witch

The throne room met an horrendous end because of the cumulative contributes to its destruction, but it is clear who landed the heaviest blow.

There was nothing left behind apart from dead bodies, be it man slaughtered or of those who weren't quick enough to run away.

The King didn't meet a fate similar to the guards unfortunately, that bastard ran and hid on the other side of the castle once the battle started.

And unlucky for him, the situation ended with the opposers raging victorious! So that will most definitely take root in his pride and grow into a public shame.

"Where the hell did you two come from? You saved our asses there!" Hollered Lia outside of the castle, trying to take in what just happened with the aid of a heavy breathe in.

"I am witch, I mean Saleem no I mean Kaleem! Kaleem the witch. No! Wizard!" The young man tried to form a sentence but became stunned heavily by Lia's beauty.

Who like her power, is extraordinary, leaving him struggling to form a full understandable sentence.

"Smooth!"Coughed Kaleem in the background.

"Kaleem the witch, thanks for saving my ass. Literally. I would be dead meat before execution if those guards arrested me." With a teasing tone but yet thankful intent, Lia expressed her gratitude, shaking the boy's hand too.

"You are beaut...I mean welcome!" With further embarrassment, Kaleem finally managed to form half a sentence.

Swooping in and saving his son from further embarrassment, Saleem pitches. "We're going to Pameres Kingdom, the crown there doesn't support the illas or the alliance, you can come with us."

And answering what Kaleem couldn't, the 6.4 foot tall illustratio cites. "We were going there to see how things go but heard that a witch is being attacked."

Staggered, Lia points out what most at this case would talk about. "Why did you save us though? Both of you are illustratios and this one is too shy to be that brave."

"I'm not shy!" Kaleem thundered but understood right after how big of a lie that was.

"Of course you aren't." Lia adds with a sigh, afterwards looks away.

Not wanting to drag the girl into his life history, Saleem answers the question. "Let's just say we don't like them."

"I hate to interrupt but trouble is here." Poked Jim, carefully observing everything in the background instead of speaking.

As they focus on Jim, noticing a big crowd in front of the man became inevitable. 

They are mostly illustratios with some Ignites here and there, all booing at the group of 4. Disgraceful to see, most definitely brain washed.

Lia's family walked out of the crowd but they didn't bother to run. Acting like spoiled brats from a higher financial standard, they kept their heads so high that they would trip over anything easily.

Her stepfather is the one leading the family of 5, following him out of the crowd, in hopes of reaching Lia.

"Lia, did you cause all this trouble?"

Asked her stepfather, yelled actually.

After Lia's father died of a fate led by the illustratios, Lia's mother re married to this man, or merely a man.

He married Lia's mother to obtain the fortune her husband left behind and no doubt spend it all where no man is supposed to.

That's why Lia is financially supporting the family and why this "man" didn't disappear yet, because he thinks there is more money to drain.

Avoiding the question, the young lady thunders. "Why are you here? To call me a demon?"

Lia doesn't get along with her stepfather, for obvious reasons. And the older she grew, becoming less depended of him or anyone else in particular became possible.

"Witches come from the depths of hell, the illas have told us. And these two kind spearfishermen have told the town the truth." Cites her stepfather in aims to put her below his feet.

He especially started targeting Lia more when she cut off the man's financial income and started managing the gold coins herself.

"Lia is that true? Do you work with demons?" Asked her mother in concern and with her three older brothers looking down on her.

"Of course not! I have no idea how this happened but I never saw any Demons." Lia can't believe that her own mother also thinks something so horrible. Her marrying an illustratio was nothing but trouble.

"You survived the attack without a scratch. What the hell is going on?" Yelled one of her older brothers in the background.

"Are you really listening to what this maniac has to say? The illustratios killed our father, why the hell are you taking their side?" Hearing what Lia just pointed out, her brother went into slight sadness when the father was mentioned and didn't let out a word after.

"Alright, I'm going to make this situation very simple." Interrupted Saleem as he walked and stood in front of the lady's family, leaving Lia behind.

And later deciphers what we can easily call a threat. "You can either stand for or against your daughter, your family. Either choice would satisfy me so pick wisely."

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