Electus 2

312 years old

"How did you figure it out?" Asked the old man as he gazed at Stefan, blazed in confusion.

"Well we were talking about demons and his expressions don't show confusion or surprise." Pointed out Stefan, listing out what made him gain suspicion.

Curling his lips and gazing to his left swiftly, Michael teased. "I only had 312 years to learn acting so that's not fair!"

Their brains would be overloaded with thoughts if the King wouldn't give a further explanation, they wouldn't know which theory to believe first, would be amusing to see.

Scratching her head, Alia questioned what can set the first piece of the puzzle. "Hold on. You're an Ignite, right?"

"I would be considered one." Michael answered as fire gently arose from his palm while seated, forcing Stefan to spit his tea out.

"You can blast fire?!" Yelled Eric, his tone echoing amazement, feeling at a bliss to see another one of his kind.

He has only met one fire controller so far, and that was Mogranius. Considerably King Xakro illustratio lll as well and yet to see another one of his kind, it's just amazing.

Practically teasing people with his identity now, Michael continued. "I can yes but native fire blasters would be more rare in Kastaria, 1 in 100,000 as far as I recall, isn't that right Alia?"

King Michael also felt like he was revealing a bit too much information, but for the good of Gaster Kingdom and for the better of Ignis, he has to get the Electus on his side.

"How do you know about Kastaria?" Alia asked as she slammed the table with her palms, no outsider should know about that ex continent.

A bit surprised how these people didn't catch up, Michael reminded. "Didn't you figure it out already, I'm 312 years old."

"I thought you were joking about that, you look in your twenties."

Pointed out Woldemir, a rather sweet thing to say.

Speaking out slowly so this group can comprehend it, he cited. "My friends, I am a Kastarian."


"It can't be!"

"I already knew."

"You can't be serious."

The bundle of people started speaking all at once but at this point their confusion can be accepted, this wasn't a light situation.

Finally breaking the confusion amongst the little mass of people, the King explained. "Well technically I'm half a Kastarian. My mother came to Ignis 320 years ago, keeping her identity and Kastaria a secret. Afterwards she married an Ignite who was a fire blaster."

He took a quick breath after and added, "So it came to this, lifespan and body of a Kastarian, powers and heart of an Ignite."

"Heart of an Ignite? What do you mean?" Asked Woldemir to fulfill his own curiosity.

Half comfortable with sharing information no one else knew about, Michael explained once again. "I had an inner demon of rage to beat instead of an Inner demon of egoism, my heart was almost overwhelmed with rage before."

Carrying a heavier smile than before, Eric cited. "It's so nice to meet another one of my kind, I thought we were the sole survivors."

Wanting to plant one thought of opportunism in their minds, the Kastarian added. "Could be more of us around Ignis, I haven't met any but let's keep our hopes up."

Alluring his gaze towards Alia, he pointed out. "I noticed your identity ever since your first visit Alia, nice to see you again."

His sense of knowledge has been made a bit more clear but other thoughts have to be made transparent. "There are more Kastarian survivors spread around the world but it's unlikely for us to meet any of them in our lifetimes. Kastaria is gone and there is nothing we can do about it."

Understanding the lack of options throughout the conversation and seeing it as a grand problem, Woldemir questioned. "I hate to interrupt but why did you tell us all of this if we can barely help Ignis?"

Raising his forefinger to grab a bit more attention, Michael cited. "Look, I've been studying these peaceful demons ever since Kastaria broke down."

And then weighed in the heavier facts. "These demons are finally managing to teleport in our world. Their results are slow but considering that they managed to teleport here through realms, then what's to stop them from eventually teleporting here stronger?"

At this point superiorly observant Stefan was confused and therefore he had to question. "And we can do... what?"

Becoming rather extensive in explanation, Michael chirped. "You Eric, are currently the third most powerful fire blaster in Ignis. With your help, we can find and destroy these portals, that would take these enemies at least a few years to recover from. But yet again the recovery time is just a theory, these demons hide everything really well."

"I'd be glad to help out in any way I can but I do have a question." Eric pitched as one particular sentence stuck in his mind.

"Yes?" Michael spoke, curiously piqued.

Directly to the point, Eric questioned. "You said that the Electus is the third most powerful fire blaster in Ignis. I know Xakro is the first but who is the second?"

Staggered how bad these people are at puzzling things together, the Kastarian once more reminds. "Didn't you figure it out already? I'm 312 Years old, why do all of you keep forgetting that?"

Seeing a potential training partner, Eric asked. "So you are the second most powerful fire blaster? Which level did you reach so far?"

"I am the second yes, long reached level six. I can teach you things you never even imagined." Well that most definitely included what Eric wanted to hear.

"Hold on pal. I'm his mentor." Stated Mogranius in a bit of jealousy.

Breaking it down with a soft tone, the King yapped. "You are but there is still a lot I can teach both of you, I have more experience in fire blasting. He will be able to deal way more damage to the illustratian Alliance and the demons with my help."

Agreeing but tad suspicious, Mogranius decided to put it into word. "Sounds fair, okay you can teach the boy. But where were you over 200 years ago when I was teaching Akareas? Never heard of you before."

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