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Forests don't move

Shortly after King Michael finished his sentence, a guard rushed into the dining room and was quite out of breath.

Taking a deeper breath and finally breaching confusion, the guard deciphered. "Sire, I apologize for interrupting but there is trouble!"

His heart sinking, the King queried with a tone thundering in speed but yet projected almost powerless. "What happened?"

Rushing through his sentences after further refreshing his lungs with another breath, the guard chirped. "A lot of soldiers are approaching Gaster Kingdom. We can't count from afar but they are at least 80, many torches are shining."

"Are you sure it isn't a forest fire? It isn't too far away from the main road." Asked Mogranius who was no stranger to forest exploration.

"Forests don't move sir. If it was a forest fire it would eventually get bigger, these are bits of light set in a long line moving towards us." Perhaps not the best way to build a reply, but how else would he describe this?

These patterns aren't so kind towards logic, so King Michael pushed positive thinking away and accepted the upcoming danger. But yet his nervousness was cut in half once recalling the arsenal in this room alone. 

Fixing his attention towards the guard, a sentence broke through his teeth. "Get the platoon ready, if they want war then they will get war. Nobody takes my home without a fight!"

Understanding that this situation is becoming too hazardous for them to hold any pointless suspicion towards each other, Eric broke the ice between the two sides and offered. "If they are here for trouble, they will find it. We have a deal King Michael, let's protect our home."

Eric finally felt home in Gaster Kingdom, not because of the location but the emotional warmth illuminating here.

He lived for 15 years in that farmhouse but it never felt like home without his mother around, no matter how much Woldemir tried to fill her spot it just didn't work.

Woldemir was a man that everyone should use as a father figure, not once did he yell at Eric and not to mention trying to educate him through force which was rather common in medieval times.

Mogranius was born here and this was his home. The abandoned house he usd to live in, was destroyed long ago by time so a new one could be constructed.

But Gaster Kingdom is his home which resulted into him having the most willpower to protect this place.

And of course Stefan being the brain of the group, he can't risk for Gaster Kingdom to be invaded which inevitably would lead to King Michael being beheaded, would take his vast knowledge along with him.

Stefan can at least grab a bow and pull back an arrow as far as anyone is concerned, Michael has to be drained for knowledge.

These interjected rays of emotions amongst the people in between these four walls inevitably portrayed a grand motive to stand up and fight for this place!

And so, King Michael motivated them with a holler. "Let's go!"


As they reached the Kingdom walls, with their weapons drawn, the group instantly noticed that one soldier separated from the approaching group, was hurrying forward to reach the domain first.

The enemy group was positioned around 100 yards away from Gaster Kingdom, stopped on their spot and awaiting to take further procedures.

This can only mean one thing, the man of which separated from the enemy platoon, was a messenger.

This at least proved less hostility from the enemy's side and portrays that negotiations are an option, that of which can pull out the root of a possible bloody battle before it grows.

"State the message you have brought!" Yelled Michael from the comfort of the walls he was standing over.

Surprising everyone, the messenger hollered. "We are the army of Zar, the ruler of Pameres Kingdom. An invasion was reported and we got here as fast as we could to aid your highness in battle!"

Looking at his own platoon behind the walls who were waiting to attack, he raised a hand and hollered. "False alarm."

Turning his attention back to the messenger a second after, Michael explained. "You misunderstood our new allies as invaders, there is no trouble here."

This messenger isn't a new face, he has met King Michael before and can most definitely recognize his face and tone.

Eric assured the ruler's word with a shout. "That's right, I'm the King of Lan Zhe and we have reached an agreement with King Michael."

Sceptic once hearing out how young Eric sounded, but yet knowing that the ruler here was safe the messenger assured. "I will go inform the guard commander about this!"

Breaking all suspicion, Michael echoed an offer. "Tell the commander that I'm inviting all of you to spend the night in my Kingdom, we have plenty of houses to spare. Tomorrow morning all of you can return back to Pameres Kingdom."

To break all bits of ice between them, Michael right after questioned. "Can you remember all of that sir Messenger?"

"Yes your highness, I will deliver the message shortly." He assured and put the said plan into motion, a noticeable spring enchanted his dash.

Fixing his attention back to the Gaster platoon, Michael ordered. "Lead Zar's men to the abandoned houses, they are allies so make them feel welcome, tomorrow they will depart so send them food tonight as well."

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