Electus 2

Use the demonic, to beat the demonic.

Since the topic about demons started to bloom more than necessary, Eric became confident to use it to his disposition although not having anything useful to say.

Looking at the man but then avoiding eye contact, Eric questioned. "So how do we stop the demons? Shooting all of them down might not be the best idea."

Towards such a question, Mogranius interrupted instead with an answer. "Michael, you should have an idea about it. My father said that you know a lot about demons."

Although still uncertain how this old man's father has been spying, Michael was quick to answer. "I do know a lot about them, yes."

And then synced into a deeper explanation. "I need a demonite gem to fulfill part of my plan. Going and pulling it out from a source is a bad idea so we need to find one that isn't fused with any demon."

Breaking in what everyone wanted to hear although not so transparent, the King also added. "If we will be able to get our hands on one, we will have the upper hand against this war."

What King Michael just described got everyone goosebumps except for Mogranius who now is technically no stranger around demonite.

But he still was curious enough to ask a question while the rest seemed to have several questions in mind but unable to form a proper sentence, therefore they remained quiet for a bit. "Is it possible to even get demonite? The demons themselves are teleporting here naked, I doubt that they can bring demonite with them."

"I have reasons to believe that the only usable demonite gem we will be able to find, is in the possession of the snow Ignites." Revealed King Michael, building up tension through everyone and most definitely causing a few head scratches. 

Pointing out what's faulty in this theory after analysing the whole talk deeper, Stefan chirped. "How could the snow Ignites even get that? There are barely any snow Ignites alive. Not to mention, this gem isn't even supposed to be here in Ignis. How by the eight sources did the snow Ignites get demonite?"

For him to get his hands on such a priceless artifact would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that would treasure forever. Apart from all of that, he would love to research the demonite. He wanted to be an author for a long time but insisted on writing something worth the time.

Those facts aside, the point he made was rather firm. Getting demonite from a dead source is nearly impossible, especially since a whole continent collapsing, could have destroyed the demonite if the source was hidden below the surface.

Not expecting such a question at all, Michael let silence stretch for a bit as his eyes failed to blink thanks to constant thought.

But finally he answered with the base theory. "If it wasn't for something powerful like semonite, they wouldn't of been able to reclaim the capital of Septemtrionis Ignis."

Knowing how militaries in general work, Woldemir finally decided to add a thought of his own. "They led Meridionali Ignis to a military shortage. The King is probably forcing jobless civilians or hired workers to be part of the army."

And revealing why he pointed out such an out of topic theory, Woldemir continued. "The snow Ignites wouldn't have achieved that result with a simple army of their kind, numbers aren't on their side."

"The question is, are the snow Ignites friends or foes? Over 200 Years ago they didn't have great relations with us Ignites. If war didn't happen, it is because Akareas prevented them from attacking any country in Ignis." Pointed out Mogranius, stating a view that the rest inevitably overlooked.

He researched a lot about snow Ignites and the advanced discoveries in magic they have made, that race was surely one of a kind.

A lot of spells that Mogranius knows, can be based on what he discovered in ancient ruins. 

Snow Ignites had built structures that were long abandoned before the first era, before the last ice age met an end.

Ending the perplexity of relation between the two factions, Eric cited. "They're fighting the illustratian alliance so they are friends, maybe. But I doubt that they would hand over the tool that helped them revolt. We might have to get it by force." 

"It is not their right to possess that gem, I have reasons to believe that the snow Ignites destroyed Kastaria!" Laid out Michael a thought that got most of them to startle from their wooden chairs.

Fairly enraged, Alia thundered with a tone that signified sudden motivation as a tag along emotion. "I will kill them one by one if they destroyed Kastaria!"

Calmer since he had outraged about this weeks ago once creating the theory, Michael expressed. "They might have, we don't know for now."

Catching up to the obvious, Eric questioned with an eyebrow raised in dim curiosity. "So you want me to go to Maleemia and get that Demonite?"

Indirectly answering that question, the 312 year old man recited. "I can try to study the demonite and learn how we can use it to dismantle the portals with it, that will be tricky but it's better than waiting here for Ignis to be destroyed."

"How could you possibly know how to do that? This smells fishy." Added Stefan pointing out what everyone else seemed to have overlooked due to the impactful information.

Sick of having to dumb everything down for everyone, he sighed and answered. "I have been researching the demons for 200 years. Putting my nose here and there eventually led to this firmish theory of which I told you just a moment ago."

Feeling guilty about all of this, Eric pointed it out with a question. "Is it smart for us to sacrifice what's left of the snow Ignites so we can beat the peaceful demons? Their revolution is all based on demonite, they will crumble without it."

Putting all emotion aside and using reason, Michael firmly declared. "If we don't get that demonite, I don't think that any other technology would be able to help us stop these portals. We must use demonic power to beat demonic powers."

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